TitanMen – Donnie Dean & Jesse Jackman

Donnie Dean & Jesse Jackman at Titan Men


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

Pacific Coast: Donnie Dean, Jesse Jackman
As he puts away tools in a trunk by the garage, Jesse Jackman can’t keep his eyes off Donnie Dean—indulging in an outdoor shower as water cascades down his smooth muscles. Their eyes meet; Jesse walks over for a kiss, his massive body getting soaked. He sucks Donnie’s hot rod, spit falling down. Donnie flashes his killer smile, the two kissing and grinding on each other before he swallows Jesse’s big, curvy cock. Jesse grunts as he gets deep throated, Donnie’s lips wrapped tight around his shaft. The sucker strokes his own boner, snapping it up on his abs. Donnie offers his ass, grabbing Jesse’s huge pec as he gets fucked—and slapping his boner on the top’s stomach (“Pound my ass!”). Jesse spits in the bottom’s hand, Donnie using it as lube as he strokes. Jesse then bends over, his muscle ass getting pounded as his eyes roll up in his head. On his back, Jesse growls some more before the top coats his bod and pubes with cum.

NextDoorWorld – Brandon Moore & Markie More

Brandon Moore & Markie More at Next Door World


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

Buddies Audition: Brandon Moore, Markie More

Waiting anxiously on the couch is Brandon Moore, a self-professed cock pig who likes it rough and dirty. Markie’s excitement is palpable, as well, as he gives Brandon a mouthful of his stiff meat, sliding it all the way to the back of Brandon’s throat, as he chokes it down, gags, and dives back in for more. Markie then throws Brandon down on the futon and fills him up from behind, pumping him hard as Brandon closes his eyes and takes every inch. He flips over and Markie goes even harder, Brandon’s cock swelling as it bounces against his stomach. Markie throws his new boy-toy on the ground and pile drives Brandon from above, as Brandon stares up at Markie’s ripped abs and shoulders, jerking his cock as Markie continues to pound away, losing his load all over himself as Markie pulls out and nuts all over his face. This one’s not to be missed!

MormonBoyz – Belders Berry, Titov & Bishop Angus, Bishop Interview, Bareback

Belders Berry, Titov & Bishop Angus, Bishop Interview at Mormon Boyz


Data Released: Mar 2, 2015

Two young Mormon boys are interviewed and molested by the bishop. Elder Berry and Elder Titov went through hell together — abducted, bound, stripped naked, and used, but the traumatic experience served to deepen the intimacy between the two elders. Elder Berry was hardly a virgin at the time, and he knew that what innocent Elder Titov needed to feel safe was not just emotional intimacy, but a little physical affection too. Their first night back, the two missionaries crawled into bed together and Elder Titov quickly learned how wonderful it is to fool around with another guy. Since then, Elder Titov has blossomed. …

HighPerformanceMen – Morgan Shades & Bryan Cole

Morgan Shades & Bryan Cole in Bottom Boss at High Performance Men


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

Bottom Boss: Morgan Shades, Bryan Cole

Morgan is in the bar bathroom checking his hair out when Bryan comes up to use the urinal he begins to check his ass out and Bryan notices that he’s blatantly staring at him. Bryan asks Morgan what he is starting at while he’s’ taking a piss and Morgan is just in awe staring at his sexy ass. Bryan is over the staring and forces Morgan down to his knees and he starts to face fuck his mouth. Morgan loves to get nasty in bar bathrooms and Bryan is going to fuck him up against the stall before he lets Morgan fuck him. Bryan pounds his blonde ass deep and hard until he’s ready to be bent over for his turn to be pounded. Morgan is happy to oblige and fucks Bryan up against the stall as well and eventually they both end up on the bathroom floor with Bryan riding that surfer boys cock balls deep until they both explode and rush out of the bathroom before they get caught.

ClubJasonSparks – Dallas Jaxson & Zach Lockhart, Bareback

Dallas Jaxson & Zach Lockhart at Club Jason Sparks


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

Dallas Jaxson & Zach Lockhart BAREBACK in Tampa
Dark haired Dallas Jaxson is the latest find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model search. His porn debut is really hot and he and Zach were so into each other that our usual pre-fuck interview got pushed out to the end. Their chemistry lights up the screen and the two guys cum together to further illustrate just how intense this fuck is for …

ChaosMen – Lorenzo & Noah Riley: Serviced

Lorenzo & Noah Riley at Chaos Men


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

I am so excited to be working with Lorenzo. His solo was awesome, and his energy for this video is real and electric! Of course, it helps a lot that not only is there genuine chemistry between him and Noah, but also that Noah also has got some great energy and skills too. From the moment they start kissing you know the sparks are going to fly! Lorenzo has a bossy vibe that Noah responds to with enthusiasm. He has Noah worshiping his cock in no time. But he is also eager to please his boy, and sucks and rims Noah till pre-cum is dripping out of his cock like a faucet. His cock sucking skills are in the elite category! …

Str8Hell – Borek Sokol, Ivan Mraz & Petr Zuska, RAW

Borek Sokol, Ivan Mraz & Petr Zuska at Str8 Hell


Data Released: Feb 27, 2015

Borek, Ivan and Petr RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY
Ivan Mraz is embroiled in some problems in Airport Security. In this Dream Set, he is brought in to see Borek Sokol, by Petr Zuska. It seems that his passport has been lost, and there is some confusion as to how it happened. Petr goes off for coffee and leaves Borek to do paper work. But Borek decides on more that paper work, cuffing Ivan and bending him over the table. Petr returns, and quickly joins in, threatening some anal inspection. He pulls down Ivan’s pants and underwear, exposing his ass, and spanking it. As Borek holds Ivan down Petr spreads the naked ass and checks the hole. Borek drips some lube onto the hole and then takes a nightstick, pushing it up against the hole. He really pushes that stick, until Ivan moans as it probes his ass. …

Staxus – Roman Smid & Yuri Adamov, Bareback

Roman Smid & Yuri Adamov at Staxus


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

Yuri Adamov Takes A Face-Load Of Piss – Then Takes His Mate’s Thick Dick For A Raw Ride!

LatinBoyz – Blade & Ajay, Flip-Flop Bareback

Blade & Ajay at Latin Boyz


Data Released: Mar 3, 2015

One of the first decisions that has to be made when producing gay Latin sex videos is, “Who’s going to fuck and who’s going to get fucked?:” When both models have huge Latino cock like Blade and Ajay it’s even harder to decide. Blade and Ajay had already fucked around together before the shoot and have both bottomed for the other so it was decided to be a flip flop. …

ButchDixon – Luke Tyler & Michel Rudin

Luke Tyler & Michel Rudin at Butch Dixon


Data Released: Mar 3, 2015

Stunning new comer – Luke Tyler wanted a hairy, big-dick daddy for his first shoot – ” the hairier the better” and with Michel Rudin in the most ripped, muscular shape of his porn career, this one seemed like kismet. Michel’s been studying massage and shows off his skills. Both guys are filling their bulging Andrew Christian pants to perfection with magnificent, uncut cocks, straining against the material. Luke lets his lips wander, Michel’s dark dick, grows in his mouth, as he strokes Luke’s pale, firm, smooth arse cheeks then turns him around and bury’s his face in Luke’s tender hole, getting it good and spit lubed before he pushes the head of his cock against Luke’s arse. …


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