BelAmiOnline: Vadim Farrell, Paul Mekas

BelAmiOnline - Vadim Farrell & Paul Mekas

Today is a day for those of you who like your guys masculine, buff and hung. Vadim Farrel is not often a bottom, but for this encounter with Paul Mekas we convinced him to bend over and really enjoy Paul the best way possible: deep inside.

BelAmiOnline: Manuel Rios, Phillipe Gaudin (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline - Manuel Rios & Phillipe Gaudin, Bareback

We were not sure wether to present this as a sex scene initially or a bull fight. Our Canadian duo filmed this scene for BelAmiOnline during one of our trips to Capetown. Manuel and Philippe are enjoying a trip to the Green Street Market to pick up a souvenir of their trip to Cape Town. They discover 2 animal horns with carvings in them. What a cool reminder of their day together. They leave the Market and run down the beach by the Beach House ? chasing each other like a bull with big horns. They arrive exhausted in the living room of the Beach house. Manuel discovers an interesting use for the bull horns that Philippe will probably never forget.

BelAmiOnline: Marc Vidal, Liam Phoenix, Keith Johansson

BelAmiOnline - Marc Vidal, Liam Phoenix & Keith Johansson

Today’s unreleased BelAmi archive scene feaures 2 of the best bottoms we had in this particular generation, Liam Phoenis and Kieth Johansson taking it from one of the most consistant and athletic tops, Marc Vidal. I am not sure where George keeps finding these clips, but where-ever it is I hope there are more.

EricVideos: Loaded By An Army Guy With Full Balls (Bareback)

EricVideos - Loaded By An Army Guy With Full Balls, Bareback

Eric back in front of the camera? One night in NYC, he met Kurt, a guy in the military with a set of really full balls; he took him home for a real hot fuck….

EricVideos: Yo Takes Two Huge Calibers And Two Loads (Bareback)

EricVideos - Yo Takes Two Huge Calibers And Two Loads, Bareback

Together with the XXL machofucker, Yo was cruising guys on the street from his window. He asked Peto Coast to come and wanted to get his ass filled up. He got what he wished for and the two stallions plowed and filled him up.

EricVideos – Yo Gets Filled Up By Two Xtra Hung Guys, Bareback

EricVideos - Yo Gets Filled Up By Two Xtra Hung Guys, Bareback

Yo was on the hunt for some action, by chance he met The Arab and the XXL Fucker. the two studs grabbed him to fuck him good, but he’s one hungry slut and he’s not easily scared. After getting plowed, he took the two massive loads from the horny studs.

EricVideos: Yo Followed And Plowed By 3 Thugs (Bareback)

EricVideos - Yo Followed And Plowed By 3 Thugs, Bareback

Yo was on his way home when he met three thugs who followed him from the train station. He tried to escape but they found him in his hiding place et had their way with him! Poor Yo was brutally fucked and got his holes plowed and filled up by the three horny thugs. He swallowed all the cum!

EricVideos: Thomas Gets Plowed And Filled Up By Honza (Bareback)

EricVideos - Thomas Gets Plowed And Filled Up By Honza, Bareback

One night, the handsome Honza met a guy on his way home; after some mutual glances, the two guys went in for a fuck. Thomas got plowed hard and his hole filled up by the stud’s 8in.

EricVideos: Steven Gets Plowed And Filled Up By Richard (Bareback)

EricVideos - Steven Gets Plowed And Filled Up By Richard, Bareback

On his way home, Richard cruised Steven, a guy in his 40s, on the street. He brought him home to plow his ass and fill him up real good. The 40yo loved it and came like crazy too, with a massive load!

EricVideos: Ricky Gets Plowed And Filled Up By David’s 9,4in Dick (Bareback)

EricVideos - Ricky Gets Plowed And Filled Up By David's 9,4in Dick, Bareback

David is bi and he’s got a huge dick. Little Ricky got some and more, in his mouth and his ass, and got all the cum.


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