EricVideos – David Andrzej Gets Filled Up By Darko, Bareback


The handsome David Andrzej was dreaming secretly to have Darko ride his ass with his huge dick and that’s just what happened. While in Paris, the beautiful male asked to meet us to get his ass broken. And he yelled and moaned like a rutting beast, before getting generously filled up and crammed by Darko who has not cum this much and tried an ass so stretchable in a long time.

EricVideos – An Arabic Guy Filled Up And Crammed By Thom Barron, Bareback


The legendary porn star Thom Barron cruised an arabic guy in the street. The 2 hunks had lots of fun and the handsome Tarek got an assful of the famous huge dick of Thom who broke his ass before loading him up real good.

CorbinFisher – CFSelect – Jacob Tops Brayden, Bareback


Data Released: Feb 8, 2014

You may have seen the bonus update video we put on CF Select yesterday – Jacob’s original solo. You may have seen Jacob in some super hot action over at the CF membership site. You may have been chatting with Jacob at recently. Whether you’ve done any or all of the above, you know this young man is a stud! That southern charm, that incredible body, his sexual enthusiasm and great attitude make him quite the catch, and he’s settled in to Corbin Fisher and among his fellow CF studs quite well. Despite Jacob’s being so young, he continues to surprise me with how much he gets in to the action with the other guys and how much fun he’s clearly having. He’s a natural, and here he’s showing off his skills as he fucks Brayden!

CorbinFisher – Brayden Swallows Connor’s Load, Bareback


Data Released: Feb 6, 2014

Are you even reading this description, or did you begin to frantically download the video the instant you saw it had Connor? I could probably write anything here, since I suspect most everyone immediately started downloading this video and doesn’t care what’s written here – it has Connor! Connor fucking Brayden! Just in case you are reading this, though – this video has Connor! Connor fucking Brayden! Connor! Fucking Brayden! It has certainly been quite some time since we’ve seen Connor in action, but I think you’ll find the wait has been worth it! …

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Saturday Night Fever, Bareback


Data Released: Issue #13: February 2014

with Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta
Hard dicks is hard work. You would think that filming a scene with the original four Kinky Angels would be simplicity. And you’d be wrong. In this case three of the boys arrived in Lake Balaton to shoot this long-postponed scene only to find Jack absent due to illness. So we had two options, either wait or shoot as is.
P.S. For those of you who wish to register complaints about being forced to see more than two sexy bodies on screen at a time, we offer the following suggestions; …

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Miraculous Medicine, Bareback


Data Released: Issue #13: February 2014

with Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta

There are some “doctors” that still make house-calls. Hearing of Jack’s grave illness the boys visit the sickly Angel, recuperating at our Budapest studio, to administer their own unique brand of “Touch Therapy”. Jack’s body soon responds to their ministrations as the boys take special care in “massaging” Jack’s prostate. Soon, their laying on of hands, and lips, and tongues and dicks produces a miracle and Jack is cured! Either that or he was perfectly healthy to begin with.

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Love Me Tender


Data Released: Issue #13: February 2014

with Kevin Warhol, Jacob Salinger

Mozart, Picasso and Lovecraft: three men of mystery – mastering their crafts at ages so young as to make one believe in divine inspiration. Now we have porn-prodigy Jacob Salinger. Is it hyperbolic to compare Jacob to these great artists? Of course! But a beauty like Jacob invites hyperbole. While he may not be divinely inspired, he is certainly divine. As you observe Jacob kissing Kevin with abandon, deep-throating like a pro and bouncing on Kevin’s cock with apparent ease, you will find it hard to believe that this is only his second scene; his second time with a boy; and that his first scene and first time with a boy (Scott Reeves) was only days earlier. Hard-core fans might recognize the whirlpool. This scene was shot with condoms because we were so anxious to shoot with Jacob that we couldn’t wait for the test results to come in. Can you blame us?

BelAmiOnline – Colin Hewitt & Claude Sorel, Primetime


Data Released: Feb 4, 2014

Since we are starting to run a little low on scenes filmed with condoms, we continue with the remained under the label ‘condom archive’ on our update page. There will be quite a few of you happy to find out that todays condom archive scene features old favorite Colin Hewitt along with newer favorite, Claude Sorel. The scene was filmed in South Africa 2 years ago.

CorbinFisher – Kellan Fills Up Quinn, Bareback


Data Released: Feb 3, 2014

We’ve gone on some amazing trips with the guys over the last couple of years and visited some pretty remarkable places; our Scandalous in Scandinavia collection was just released on CFSelect and you can see some insanely hot scenes that came from that fun trip! But when it comes to scenic vistas and great vacation destinations, we have one not far from Vegas at all – Tahoe! Coming from the desert of Las Vegas, Tahoe couldn’t be any different – cool weather, mountain peaks, trees everywhere. We’ve been in Vegas a couple years now but had yet to make it up there to check it out and figured doing just that was the perfect opportunity to get some of the guys together for a little state-side journey! …

CorbinFisher – CFSelect – Harper Creampies Tanner, Bareback


Data Released: Feb 1, 2014

I’m pretty sure Harper’s cock is the biggest we’ve ever seen it in this video. Is that even possible?! I suppose we could ask Tanner if it is, because he’d certainly know after what Harper does to his ass here. Certainly, both Harper and Tanner are pretty versatile – they can give and take. But Harper really seems to shine when he’s using that cock of his on another guy’s ass, and Tanner seems to love bottoming more and more each time he does it. Harper really goes to work on Tanner’s ass, fucking him with a non- stop, steady rhythm that Tanner clearly enjoys. …


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