CorbinFisher – CFSelect – Jacob & Quinn After Hours, Bareback


Data Released: Jun 28, 2014

CF is known for being a pioneer of the entire “straight guy” genre – all-guy adult material featuring straight guys trying out new things and experiencing sex with other men for the first time. What I think has always set us apart from others filming similar material, though, is it’s never been enough for us to just film these guys in action with other men. We’ve always sought to bring real passion and intensity out of our guys, show them thoroughly and truly enjoying what they’re doing, and making it obvious they genuinely are having fun and feeling good. …

BulldogPIT – Rich Kelly & Nathan Gear


Data Released: Jun 28, 2014

Arriving suited, smart and horny as hell, bearded client Rich Kelly ascends the stairs to his waiting boy. Chained to the bed, leathered up and rock hard, Rich has got exactly what he wants. Slowing ripping off his suit, hairy man Rich exposes himself, already harnessed, decked in leather and gets working on his boy immediately. …

WilliamHiggins – Peter Filo & Radan Flex: RAW


Data Released: Jun 28, 2014

Peter and Radan RAW – FULL CONTACT

RubHim – Anal Massage Business Is Booming!


Data Released: Jun 28, 2014

When looking for new customers it helps to hit the streets for a little face to face promotions and when it comes to massage therapy it helps to give out a few free massages. That’s exactly what we have here. We went out and about, gave a few freebies and increased our business. We filmed one of our sessions for your viewing pleasure.

Staxus – Louis Blakeson & Paul Walker, Bareback


Data Released: Jun 27, 2014

Young Tennis Wannabe Proves Himself An Ace When It Cums To Taking Cock Up The Ass!

Not wishing to sound harsh, but we’ve a sneaking suspicion that Louis Blakeson is gonna need a whole legion of tennis coaches to get him up to Grand Slam quality. Indeed, on the evidence of the opening few moments of this scene it’s unlikely that Andy Murray or Rafael Nadal have much to worry about! But what the youngster lacks in ball skills on court, he more than makes up for in ball skills between the sheets – as the ever horny Paul Walker discovers when he invites his sporting charge to…

MenOfMontreal – Alec Leduc & Kyle Champagne


Data Released: Jun 27, 2014

Behind Closed Doors: Alec Leduc, Kyle Champagne.

Alec Leduc entered the hotel room that Marko Lebeau had told him to meet him at. But Marko was nowhere to be found. On the other hand the shower was running and Alec peeked through the opening in the bathroom doors to see who was there. Behold, it was Kyle Champagne showering and playing with that big dick of his. Suddenly, Kyle’s cock peers through the opening and Alec, needing no prodding, gets on his knees and begins a masterful cock sucking job on his new friend behind the closed doors. Alec carries on like this for a few minutes, attempting to deep throat that hefty downward bent dick. Tired of the limited action, Kyle, in all of his glorious nakedness, opens the doors shows us his impressive tool as the guys start to kiss and jack each other off. …

DominicFord – Hans Berlin & Brandon Moore


Data Released: Jun 27, 2014

Fire Island: Staff House is a new series by Dominic Ford, and a followup to last year’s wildly successful series Fire Island: Meatrack. Staff House follows two young men (Brandon Moore and James Key) who work on Fire Island all summer (they really do). They live in a staff house that is used to house the other workers on the island: bartenders, go-go dancers, etc. New people come in and out of the Staff House every weekend, and Brandon and James decided to make a video blog of their exploits throughout the summer in the house. Watch throughout the summer as these boys fuck their way through Fire Island.

BrokeStraightBoys – Kaden Alexander & Tyler, RAW


Data Released: Jun 27, 2014

Kaden is full of energy today and he’s dubbed Tyler as his protégé, ready to teach him all the ins and outs of the porn industry. Tyler seems fine with being under Kaden…literally and figuratively! Once these two boys start playing, Kaden keeps that energy going, sucking on Tyler’s dick with gusto and letting him face fuck him hard while he slobbers all over his cock! Tyler’s a little more tame when get gives Kaden some oral action, but it doesn’t mean it’s not as good, and Kaden isn’t afraid to give him some pointers as he works that cock with his hot mouth! …

HardKinks – Aday Traun & Fabio Testino


Data Released: Jun 27, 2014

Using The Employee: Aday Traun, Fabio Testino

Fabio would do anything to be hired, so he decides to go to an interview without knowing exactly what will be his role as an assistant. There he’ll discover that his task is to be the chief’s sex slave.

GayCastings – Darek Sky


Data Released: Jun 27, 2014


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