ChaosMen – Bay & Troi, G:hOle RAW


Data Released: Mar 21, 2014

Troi has a rather significant cock, and it has been hard finding dudes to take it. Bay has taken Vander’s cock, so I knew he would be fine with Troi. Vander is a great top and bottom, so it is super easy to match him up. Troi is a bit more reluctant to taking a cock, and I think he shines when he his having his cock worshiped. Bay starts by filming himself take a piss. Troi joins in but alas, gets a little pee shy, and both guys cocks start to stand at attention to piss some more anyway. Troi starts by sucking Bay, who films a minute or so of this with his phone. …

BrokeStraightBoys – Romeo James & Vadim Black, Flip-Fuck , Bareback


Data Released: Mar 21, 2014

Our little Russian hottie, Vadim, gets his ass-cherry popped by Romeo before seeing what it feels like to be the top…lots of hot bareback action in this scene!

BiaggiVideos – Mormon Travis


Data Released: Mar 21, 2014

BarebackThatHole – Nick Andrews & Gio Ryder


Data Released: Mar 21, 2014

Gio’s handsome face is buried in Nick’s furry crotch showing us once again why he adores uncut meat so much. Gio works his oral magic on Nick’s loose foreskin swirling the tip of his tongue around the rim of his thick fat cock head. Standing at attention, Gio is spun around to expose his beautiful round ass cheeks, Nick returns the favor as buries his face into Gio’s crack and devours his pink puckering hole. Needing to fuck, and to fuck now…Nick slides his cock deep into Gio’s eager butt with nothing more than some spit and sweat. …

CockSureMen – Billy Santoro & Seth Treston, Bareback


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Stud Billy Santoro and sexy Seth Treston make out in the gym locker room. The clothes come off fast as Billy assures Seth they are all alone. The two hunks take turns blowing each other. Seth struggles to deep throat Billy’s hard cock, gagging frequently. Billy takes on Seth’s cock with ease, even licking his balls. Seth leans against a stall so Billy can eat his ass. Billy eats like a pig, sloppily pounding Seth’s hole with his tongue. He gets Seth’s ass wet and pounds his raw hole bareback. Billy pulls out and bends over the locker bench so Seth can eat him out, too. Seth munches on Billy’s ass while milking Billy’s cock. They flip flop and Seth fills Billy’s hole with his hard raw pole. …

TimTales – Rogan Richards & Veles


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

The Clash of the Titans. Our two biggest Muscle guys in a freestyle match. Rogan Richards, dominant Aussie Top crashes into Veles, our east european Hercules. Rogan starts surprisingly tender, but keeps on increasing the power until he rocks all the weight of Muscle Giant Veles. Our beefiest scene so far!

MenAtPlay – Paco & Billy Santoro


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Indecent Behaviour: Paco, Billy Santoro

Billy Santoro is all suited up and ready to get very wet and filthy this week on Menatplay, as he breaks in Paco for his first hardcore scene… and boy does he break him in. Intent of getting some information out of Paco, Billy blindfolds and ties him to a chair, slaps him around a bit, spits on him and when that doesn’t work he takes out his dick to piss all over him and get his shiny grey suit completely soaked through and ruined. But clearly Billy has underestimated Paco as he barely even flinches, intact Paco just takes it in his mouth and gets off on the abuse. So Billy is forced to turn his sexual torture games up a notch and what follows is a no holds barred ass-breaking session. Warning extreme hardcore sleaze action!

CzechHunter – 133, Bareback


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

And once again, I’m out here, hunting down my next toy. I’ve tried my luck with young Alex, I had a great feeling but then he turned me down. As you already know, I never give up and I kept trying. I was walking for almost 3 hours, when I spotted a boy with the hoodie on, waiting for a tram. As I approached him I just knew – THAT’S HIM, jackpot! Cute 19yo hulk and he had it all. Simpleminded, no job, lack of funds, girlfriend who was too busy and…. a naughty mind! After he realized how much money I have on me, a blow job was just a matter of a few minutes. OMG, this lad from Moravia was a real deal. I tapped his amazingly tight ass and he actually deserved more!

HotDadsHotLads – Nick Capra & Sebastian Torres


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Hot muscle daddy Nick Capra makes out with lad Sebastian Torres on the bed. They stroke each others massive cocks and kiss. Nick plays with Sebastian’s thick foreskin before deep throating his cock. Sebastian squirms with excitement as Nick pleasures him. He goes down on Nick’s muscle dick and fills his mouth with cock. Nick flexes his muscles and fingers the lad as he gets sucked. He rims Sebastian’s hairy ass and milks the lad’s cock, preparing him for penetration. Nick slides his pole into Sebastian’s sweet hole. He pounds the lad hard and deep. Sebastian climbs on top and rides Nick’s pecker. Nick slams him hard from the bottom. Sebastian lays on his back and Nick rhythmically drill his hole. Nick Capra pulls out and shoots a thick load on the lad’s face and across his hard body. Sebastian Torres fills his muscle daddy’s mouth with hot cum before exchanging a wet kiss.

TimFuck – Ross, Jack & Sean, Bareback


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Max’s Audition Series: Ross, Jack & Sean

n the third installment of “So You Wanna Be a Cumdump,” former mainstream porn star Ross Vincent is eager to demonstrate what a huge cumdump he has turned into. TIM Exclusive Jack Allen and sexy Sean Parker put him to the test as they take turns ramming the formidable hole. Rising to the challenge, Ross begs to take every last drop of their spooge. A Max Sohl scene.


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