BrokeStraightBoys – Vadim Black & Ricky Evans

Vadim Black & Ricky Evans at Broke Straight Boys


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

Vadim Black Pounds Ricky Evans Tight Ass.

Ricky Evans doesn’t like wasting time with small talk, he knows exactly why he’s here and he likes to get right to it, and it doesn’t seem like Vadim Black minds that! They kiss, locking lips for a bit before losing their clothes and taking a seat back on the couch as they continue their make out session, grabbing each other’s dicks as they kiss. Ricky is the first one to give head, going down on Vadim and working that cock with his mouth until it’s good and hard, and then Vadim returns the oral, deepthroating Ricky’s sweet cock. But Ricky isn’t done with Vadim’s dick, he blows him again, licking his balls and drooling on that juicy prick until Vadim can’t hold back any more and bends Ricky over to claim that tight ass! …

SeanCody – Timmy

Timmy at Sean Cody


Data Released: Mar 5, 2015

NakedSword – Adam Ramzi & Brandon Moore

Adam Ramzi & Brandon Moore at Naked Sword


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

#Workout, Scene 1, Gym-tastic Loads: Adam Ramzi, Brandon Moore

Adam Ramzi and Brandon Moore have been watching each other #Workout in the Steamworks’ gym for a while. When Adam offers to spot Brandon it’s no surprise that his cock pops out of his shorts and down Brandon’s throat. Adam slams his huge cock into Brandon’s enormous round ass and they fuck all over the gym equipment. Brandon blows first then Adam pulls out and shoots his load into his #Workout buddy’s mouth.

MenPOV – Brenner Bolton & Caleb Troy

Brenner Bolton & Caleb Troy at Men POV


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

Dicked Deep: Brenner Bolton, Caleb Troy

SweetAndRaw – Ruslanchik, Maxim & Nikita

Ruslanchik, Maxim & Nikita at Sweet And Raw


Data Released: Mar 3, 2015

Ruslanchik is a sexy little fucker. The twink is smooth and well built with dark hair, a tight butt and washboard abs. With Maxim and Nikita’s help, Ruslanchik is naked, sucking on Maxim’s huge, curved, and uncut cock while Nikita spits, fingers, then eats out his hole. Ruslanchik soon finds himself on his back, legs spread while Maxim fingers his hole and Nikita sits on his face and sucks his cock in a 69 position. Then, as Ruslanchik rims Nikita, Maxim spreads the horny twink’s sweet raw hole and pumps him full of young meat. The twinks switch it up repeatedly, with Ruslanchik and Nikita taking turns in a spit-roast before Maxim can’t take it anymore and lets go with a load that both, Nikita and Ruslanchik, take on the face, then share in a kiss.

CzechHunter 183, Bareback

Czech Hunter 183


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

For a long time I didn’t hunt in the central train station area. In the past it was always a huge success. I have been a bit lazy so I went for the sure thing. But for quite a long period of time there was nobody suitable for my special project. All desperate I’ve stopped the first young dude who has been passing by. Within a minute he told me to go f*ck myself and left. Took me another 20 minutes until I found one who looked quite promising. Usual chat led into conversation about the length of his dick. Soon after I’ve shown him money and it worked exactly as it is suppose to. Like the best sex trap ever. Only problem was that he was meeting his dad, but vision of fast and easy money helped him to make an excuse.

BelAmiOnline – Gaelan Binoche & Rick Lautner

Gaelan Binoche & Rick Lautner at Bel Ami Online


Data Released: Mar 3, 2015

On the forum there has been quite an active discussion going on about Rick and it seems you all missed him a little more than we thought you would, so today we decided to give another of his scenes an airing, this time with Gaelan Binoche. When Rick first started with us he did have a little bit of a skin problem, but as you will see by now he is as smooth skinned as all the rest of the boys, maybe it was the result of the skin treatments he has been getting like the one Gaelan gives him at the end of this clip.

NakedSword – A Wicked Game

Rikk York, Jarec Wentworth, Ryan Rose, Duncan Black, Valentin Petrov, Ty Royal, and James Hamilton in “A Wicked Game” at Naked Sword


Data Released: 2015

Lost in a sea of romance, newlyweds Ryan Rose and Duncan Black find true love in each others arms, but all the while danger is knocking at their door. While honeymooning in Fort Lauderdale a beautiful day making love at sea ends in tragedy when the young lovers fall victim to a home invasion. Bound, gagged, and at the mercy of a sadistic stranger, they are forced to fulfill his twisted sexual fantasies. Will the love they have for each other see them through this nightmare or will it be their fatal undoing? This shocking thriller stars Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose like you’ve never seen him before! As the gorgeous lover of Duncan Black, Ryan appears to be the perfect soul mate but as the plot unfolds you’ll begin to wonder. A Wicked Game also stars James Hamilton as the sex-crazed intruder, exclusive Jarec Wenworth as the sexy detective, Rikk York, Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal. Shot entirely on location in gorgeous Fort Lauderdale and directed by mr. Pam, A Wicked Game proves how easy it is to be blinded by lust and betrayed by love.

MEN – Str8 to Gay – My Brother In Law, Part 5: Cameron Foster & Luke Adams

Cameron Foster & Luke Adams in “My Brother In Law” at Str8 to Gay


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

Cameron Foster is being bitched at by his cunty wife because he hasn’t got a job. He has had enough of her shitty attitude and decides to get back at her by fucking a dude. Unknowingly, the guy he agrees to drill his cock into is actually his wife’s cute bro, Luke Adams. Luke is all over Cameron’s hot cock and Cameron rewards his brother in law’s horny ass by pounding him like no tomorrow.

WilliamHiggins – Wank Party 2015 #02, Part 1 RAW

Kail Kopec, Laco Meido, Matej Borzik, Petr Zuska & Tom Vojak in Wank Party at William HigginsXXXX


Data Released: Mar 4, 2015

Wank Party 2015 #02, Part 1 RAW – WANK PARTY
Models: Kail Kopec, Laco Meido, Matej Borzik, Petr Zuska & Tom Vojak


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