MEN – Drill My Hole – Men Of Anarchy, Part 2: Bennett Anthony & Johnny Hazzard


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

The Prospect saves Paddy O`Brian’s life twice but is then taken captive by The Jackals. Do they save The Prospect or do they sort their deal with the Irish? Paddy wants to focus on the Irish but Johnny Hazzard is convinced they need to stick together and accuses Paddy of breaking up the group and making bad decisions. Johnny tells Bennett Anthony that he is counting on his vote to go get the Prospect back. Johnny seduces Bennett and the two have passionate sex, making Bennett agree to support him. Then the team vote against Paddy and they go to get The Prospect back.

MenOver30 – Isaac Hardy & Justin Beal


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Light Of The Tree: Isaac Hardy, Justin Beal

It’s their first Christmas together and they just finished decorating the tree and now it’s time for some champagne to celebrate. Isaac and Justin spent hours decorating the tree and now it’s time to relax and have some drinks. They begin to make out passionately and the intimacy between the two is felt throughout the scene. Slow and steady they kiss and touch each other taking their time exploring their bodies. Pants are now off and it’s time for cock dipping into the champagne glasses and they both clean all the champagne off their dicks till the very last drop. After a few more dips its time for Isaac to fuck Justin deep but slow and very intimately. The connection between them shows just how much they enjoy each other’s company and how well they can please one another. Once Justin is laid on his back they both cover his chest in warm cum and end with a sultry make out.

FalconStudios – Topher DiMaggio & Sean Zevran


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Naughty Pines 2: Topher DiMaggio, Sean Zevran

Topher DiMaggio strips, and a hawk circles as his magnificent body comes into view, one discarded item of clothing at a time. He slides into the hot tub. Sean Zevran got a hawk’s-eye look at Topher too, and it’s got him turned on in all the best ways. You feel the lust when Sean and Topher make eye contact. Sean steps into his tent fully clothed only to emerge fully nude seconds later. Sean poses, cock twitching, for Topher to drink in the view. Then he enters the tub. …

CollegeDudes – Dillon Anderson, Owen Michaels & Stefan Nash


Data Released: Dec 18, 2014

Owen Michaels takes the lead when we bring two new guys into the studio for a threesome: Stefan Nash and Dillon Anderson. He lets them introduce themselves before he suggests that they start making out and take their shirts off, and they don`t seem to mind being told what to do! Owen sits back on the bed and rubs his dick as he watches these two newbies put on a show, with Dillon making his way down to Stefan`s cock and then taking that huge dick in his mouth. Owen decides to get in on the action and shoves his cock into Dillon`s face, demanding some oral as Dillon tries to please both dudes at once. …

CodyCummings – Cody Cummings & Daniel Ross


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Call Boy – Cody Cummings, Daniel Ross
When Cody Cummings travels, he likes to absorb the local flavors. In today’s case, that means reaching out in order to find a hot, young boy to play with. Based on a referral from a reliable source, Cody requests a boy named Daniel Ross be sent over to suck his massive cock. A short while after calling, Daniel shows up, seeming a bit nervous. Daniel is familiar with Cody’s work, and can’t believe he even in the same room with such an icon. Cody senses this and tries to put the boy at ease before inserting his behemoth dick into Daniel’s sweet and tender mouth. But Daniel doesn’t really let his guard down until the two are first stroking their boners together, sitting on separate items of furniture. …

ChaosMen – Noah Riley & Pax: RAW


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

I forget how small-framed Noah Riley is. I also forgot just how hung Pax is! I should known better, given he was featured in Monster Cock week. Duh! Noah takes pride in his ability to swallow a horse-hung guy, but I think once he realized he was sitting on Pax’s cock, it became a new mountain for him to climb. I wanted to start Pax off slow, despite him having had his cocked sucked and fucking a guy in his private life. I really got the vibe it was very down low, and he did not reciprocate at all. He just sat back and imagined he was fucking a girl. But Noah went in and got some kissing out of him straight away! Kissing is usually hard for the new guys. Noah kisses down his body, and then works his cock with his mouth until it is bone hard! …

BareTwinks – Colby Klein & Jamie Sanders


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Jamie Gets A Load In His Hole: Colby Klein, Jamie Sanders

Fit twink Colby loves to take control, but although the spanking is painful Colby seems more turned on with every slap. Within moments their cocks are out and the boys are gobbling on each others delicious boners, with some excellent 69 action getting their cum loads building. It’s the bareback twink fucking that really has them on the edge, with Colby banging his friends butt all over the couch and making Jamie cum a hot load over his chest – something he just has to taste. With fresh semen on his tongue Colby pumps round after round of his own load into his friends ass, leaving us watching Jamie’s pucker oozing juice!

PeterFever – Christmas – No Peeking


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

It was the night before Christmas. I could tell that Coda was anxious to open his presents. I needed to teach this sexy boy a little lesson in being patient, so I hid his presents, but then I caught him peeking at his gifts. If there was one thing Coda loves more than opening presents, it`s my dick. Watch Rico teach Coda a lesson in patience and how to be a good boy for Christmas in this episode of The Asiancy S8E11 “Christmas – No Peeking”.

CorbinFisher – Kent Creampies Cain, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

After Cain complements Kent’s ass during his squat workout, Kent tells Cain he wants a piece of his ass. The two muscle studs head to the bedroom and Cain rides Kent’s big dick. Cain takes every inch – and after he shoots his load, Kent shoots his – right on Cain’s tight hole! Kent shoves his cock – and his cum – back into Cain, finishing up his workout with a creampie dessert!

CockSureMen – Luke & Jake Dante, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Luke and Jake Dante are groping and kissing when we first see them. Jakes is a young, small, lean man with a cute face and great ass. Luke is a ripped, muscle stud with chiseled abs and massive biceps. The two studs jerk each other’s cocks and get hard. Jake gets on his knees and sucks on Luke’s massive member. Luke takes his turn soon after. Luke then eats Jake’s sizzling ass, getting it moist and ready for his raw cock. Luke towers over Jake and shoves his meat stick in and out bareback, fucking him doggy-style. …


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