EricVideos: Italo Is Getting Loaded By Rocco XXL And Olivio (Bareback)

EricVideos - Italo Is Getting Loaded By Rocco XXL And Olivio, Bareback

Rocco XXL is back, cruising around, stumbling upon two guys fucking. The Sicilian stallion joins in and a hot party ensue ! The beautiful and sexy Italo gets his ass and mouth plowed mercilessly by the two studs Rocco and Olivio, who end up loading him up copiously!

BelAmiOnline: Yves Carradine, Brandon Manilow

BelAmiOnline - Yves Carradine & Brandon Manilow

Todays flashback is with 2 of BelAmiOnlines all time favorites, Brandon Manilow and Yves Carradine. This scene was filmed by Marty during the filming of Greek Holiday on Mykonos and then has lain forgotten until now

BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol, Todd Rosset (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline - Kevin Warhol & Todd Rosset, Bareback

Today we continue the adventure with Kevin and Todd. Oicking up where the guys left off yesterday, Todd continues his tuition of his new pupil.

BelAmiOnline: Dario Dolce, Marco Bill (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline - Dario Dolce & Marco Bill, Bareback

Marco Bill and Dario Dolce have a very odd idea of what it is to be soldiers as our cameraman Marty finds out in todays epidode, Marco’s first command to Dario is to kiss his butt. Of course this is exactly what Dario wants and we soon progress to Marco pounding Dario’s butt. This is one wild scene!

EricVideos: Drew Gets Loaded In The Heat Of NYC (Bareback)

EricVideos - Drew Gets Loaded In The Heat Of NYC, Bareback

NYC afternoon in the heat, Scott was hanging out. Greg was walking by him, the two sexy guys went to start in the stairwell before finishing at home. Greg has been loaded with lots of juice in the hole that day.

BelAmiOnline: Jacques Briere, Troy Allen

BelAmiOnline - Jacques Briere & Troy Allen

Todays rediscovered episode was filmed by Johan and Sebatian during one of our trips to Africa. This was a very pleasant find as we thought we had run out of unsees scenes for both of these guys.

BelAmiOnline: Alex Waters, Julien Hussey

BelAmiOnline - Alex Waters & Julien Hussey

We’re back at the pool today for this sexy encounter between American Alex Waters and BelAmi exclusive Julien Hussey. The scene was shot by Luke when Alex visited us in Budapest at the end of last summer.

BelAmiOnline: Roger Lambert, Luke Hamill (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline - Roger Lambert & Luke Hamill, Bareback

Everyone has been asking for more Roger, so today we bring him back in a scene filmed in Africa by Lukas Ridgeston. Luke Hamill is his partner for today’s adventure.

BelAmiOnline: Benjamin Bloom, Davy Paxton, Ricky Martinez

BelAmiOnline - Benjamin Bloom, Davy Paxton & Ricky Martinez

Ricky Martinez is the lucky guy here to be sandwiched between Benjamin Bloom and Davy Paxon in this scene filmed by Marty on location in rural Slovakia. We had actually lost this scene until a few weeks ago when Josh Elliot found an extra set of tapes in the archive for us.

EricVideos: David Gets Loaded In A Public Parking Place (Bareback)

EricVideos - David Gets Loaded In A Public Parking Place, Bareback

End of the day, on his way home, David walked by Khalid who was hanging out. He liked the thug and gave him a sign to follow him. The 2 hots guys had a real hot session in a public parking place. David got his hole completely filled!


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