LucioSaints – City Boys 08: The End

City Boys 08: The End at Lucio Saints


Data Released: Mar 1, 2015

The Robbie Rojo´s killer is arrested and Allen King decides to leave the city to start all over in a new place, while Erick Ventura and Abraham Montenegro have a high- voltage meeting. Erick takes Abraham´s thick cock so deep, Abraham pounds Erick´s tigh hole so hard and giving him a powerful facial.

LucasEntertainment – Jimmie Slater & Draven Torres, Flip-Fuck Bareback

Jimmie Slater & Draven Torres at Lucas Entertainment


Data Released: Mar 9, 2015

Jimmie Slater And Draven Torres Flip Fuck Bareback.

I’ve been a fan of Jimmie Slater ever since his first scene: this kid’s body is ripped, he has an amazing cock, and most importantly he knows how to use it. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Here he and Draven Torres hook up after a work out, and you really get to see Jimmie and Draven at their best: fucking ass bareback until they blow their loads!

GayHoopla – Cole Money & Tyler Hanson

Cole Money & Tyler Hanson at Gay Hoopla


Data Released: Mar 9, 2015

Off-Set Sex: Cole And Tyler

Cole Money & Tyler Hanson have sex the night before their shoot. I could hear some sex type noises as I was cleaning up the kitchen from a weekend of filming. I rushed into the bedroom only to find Cole & Tyler practicing for their scene tomorrow. I asked what was going on and could I film. Tyler basically wanted to prep with Cole’s donkey-sized dick so tomorrow’s shoot would go smooth. See the pre-intercourse.

CockVirgins – Dillon Anderson & Andres Moreno

Dillon Anderson & Andres Moreno at Cock Virgins


Data Released: Mar 9, 2015

The Good Kid: Dillon Anderson, Andres Moreno

Andres has been left at the party all by himself. His friend didn’t even bother to say goodbye and left with his girlfriend. He’s trying to stay positive and finish his beer when Dillon comes up and introduces himself. The two start to hit it off and Dillon invites him into the garage to check out a really cool motorcycle. Andres is very intrigued and loves the craftsmanship of the bike. Dillon on the other hand is checking Andres out and once Andres bends over the bike Dillon grabs his ass which shocks Andres. He turns around confused but Dillon tells him not to worry and he knows that he wants to explore with some male on male contact. …

BrokeStraightBoys – James Andrews & Ricky Evans

James Andrews & Ricky Evans at Broke Straight Boys


Data Released: Mar 8, 2015

James Andrews is still unsure about fucking a dude, but we’ve got to break him in somehow! So he’s here with Ricky Evans, helping him to get comfortable with sucking cock and fucking ass. James tries giving Ricky head, but it doesn’t go so well for this newbie, so Ricky shows him how it’s done, kneeling down and giving him oral so that he can learn first hand. Once Ricky has given him a good lesson, James tries again and does a little bit better, able to at least keep that dick in his mouth without gagging on it. But Ricky suggests something that James might be better at: fucking, and James agrees to give it a shot. …

Alphamales – Bruno Fox & Nick North

Bruno Fox & Nick North at Alphamales


Data Released: Mar 9, 2015

Jock Straps and Muscle: Bruno Fox, Nick North

Having has a shower after his post-workout jerk-off, smooth muscle man Nick North is about to get dressed just as hairy tattooed hunk Bruno Fox walks in. In his tight briefs, he’s obviously got the hots for Nick, as his famously thick dick bursts from under that cotton and into Nick’s mouth almost instantly! Devouring every inch, Nick’s throat is stretched wide to take it down, but that’s nothing compared to what his ass is about to endure! …

BareAdventures – Danny Montero & Julian Tomlinson

Danny Montero & Julian Tomlinson at Bare Adventures


Data Released: Mar 8, 2015

Fuck buddies Julian and Danny spend a hot afternoon together the way we love twinks to spend time!! Obviously really into each other, these lads quickly work their way into the bedroom from the kitchen, kissing as they fumble their way until they both collapse on the bed, eager to rip each other’s clothes off! Stripping off their trousers, their already solid dicks are standing proud and ready for a hard sucking; Julian in particularly hungry for hot Latino Danny’s dick!! After some really passionate oral action, Danny gets his juicy tongue into Julian’s tight pink hot until it’s wet and ready for his well worked cock to slide in. Julian arches his back as Danny begins to thrust hard and fast, pulling his leg up to get a steady footing as his bare dick really works our curly haired fuck friend!! Going balls-deep over and over again, Julian is getting one hell of a fuck off his mate, it’s no wonder they are the best of fuck buddies!

BareAdventures – Damien Dreik & Peter Boow

Damien Dreik & Peter Boow at Bare Adventures


Data Released: Mar 1, 2015

Showing his favourite porn scene to his new found fuck mate, Damien Dreik gets both himself and handsome, slightly hairy chested Peter Boow sporting huge hard-ons in a matter of moments. Intense cock sucking quickly ensues all for the build-up of Peter turning Damien over and slamming his dick into him, up to the hilt, in one swift and smooth motion!! From a slow sucking we are taken to a fast fucking, with peter’s balls slapping against Damien’s butt so fast they turn into a blur!! With a fuck like that, who wouldn’t want one in return? Not Peter! …

MormonBoyz – Elders Foster, Miller & Bishop Angus – Induction, Part 1, Bareback

Elders Foster, Miller & Bishop Angus in Induction at Mormon Boyz


Data Released: Mar 8, 2015

Elder Miller has seen Elder Foster naked, tasted his leaky cock, and had him fuck the cum out of him. He knows that this good-looking Mormon boy is gay. If Elder Miller is only attracted to men, he’ll be a great candidate for the higher order of the priesthood. On his recommendation, Bishop Angus calls the two boys in for an interview, and a thorough inspection. Elder Foster is nervous and excited. Elder Miller has prepared him by explaining that joining the order is a great privilege extended only to the hottest Mormon boys, and by telling him not to masturbate for a few days before the interview so that he’ll have a nice big load of cum for the bishop. …

ActiveDuty – Niko & Sawyer, Flip-Flop

Niko & Sawyer at Active Duty


Data Released: Mar 8, 2015

Niko and Sawyer show no mercy on each other as they go to town on every inch of each other’s muscular forms. They start with their lips, sucking face and getting each other’s nips all perked up. Niko’s roaming mouth goes south to Sawyer’s throbbing hard-on that’s just waiting to be teased. Sawyer’s a cock-hungry hunk himself and it isn’t long before he wants a boner of his own to suck on. It’s an endless battle for dominance as they switch back and forth, each one wanting what the other’s packing. ‘Let me see that ass, baby’ Niko moans, and gets Sawyer face-down rump-up for a sensuous tonguing, his fingers stretching Sawyer’s hole giving us a perfect view. With all the pumping Niko’s doing on his own dong, you’d think he’s priming himself to stick it in, but this flip-flop is just beginning! …


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