WilliamHiggins – Milan Beran & Roman Madlec, RAW


Data Released: Jul 5, 2014

Milan and Roman RAW – FULL CONTACT

MEN – Drill My Hole – Gay Of Thrones, Part 1: Abraham Al Malek & Toby Dutch


Data Released: Jul 4, 2014

DallasReeves – Vadim Black, Johnny Forza & Donny Forza, Tag-Team Bareback


Data Released: Jul 4, 2014

Vadim Black Threesome Bareback Experience with the Forza Brothers.

Earlier this year, DALLASREEVES released the hot video Johnny and Donny Forza tag-teamed Dalton Pierce. If you enjoyed that threesome, you are going to like this latest video. This time it’s the Dallas Reeves exclusive model Vadim Black who gets fucked by Johnny and Donny Forza.

OutInPublic – Hot Stud Gets Fucked On The Highway, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 4, 2014

Here we are on a road trip. We got very horny after driving for so long so we decided to look for a hot young hitchhiker to ride along with us and get fucked! Paul was so horny he was riding in the back with no pants on. We found Carl heading our way and took him with us. After some time we pulled off the road for a much needed break. Paul fucked his tight little ass real good and hard and then gave him a nice big facial.

BrokeStraightBoys – Adam Stripz & Damien Kyle


Data Released: Jul 4, 2014

Adam and Damien are back and hot as ever! Adam isn’t afraid to show off a little, including when he’s pounding Damien hard and deep!

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Stop Talking, Bareback


Data Released: Issue 18, Jul, 2014

with Gino Mosca, Kirk McCartney

Mia Maxima Culpa! My sincerest apologies! Last March we presented a scene with Kirk and Misha and erroneously presented it as Kirk’s first scene. Now that I’ve watched his scene with Gino I realized that this is actually his first scene and that his scene with Misha came afterwards. Please forgive! GD’s note: The introduction to this scene DeHanoia described to me as being ‘cheesy’, but then he added he was sure that you would all like it anyhow. I don’t understand why DeHanoia’s opinion about your tastes is so low, but in case you don’t like it you can write to him directly.

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Sex Education


Data Released: Issue 18, Jul, 2014

with Billy Montague, Bobby Larson

Bobby’s Kinky Angel sexual education continues with his first blowjob. Sadly, Bobby’s father has put a halt to his artistic ambitions at this time so this is the first and last material we have with him. Should we reach him again, we’ll continue his education. Those disappointed may take comfort in the fact that we’re working with his cousin who has already shot a full scene co-starring Kevin Warhol.

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Private Times, Bareback


Data Released: Issue 18, Jul, 2014

with Adam Archuleta, Misha Akunin

You might recall our April edition featured a scene in which a foursome, for reasons we’re not even sure of, split into two couples. Perhaps it is because Adam and Misha recognized that their sex and chemistry together was too good to share. Whatever the reason, we’re sure you’ll find the sizzling culmination of this two part scene well worth the three month wait. Try not to mind Lukas’ questionable location choice.

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Morning Erection, Bareback


Data Released: Issue 18, Jul, 2014

with Kevin Warhol, Billy Montague

Those that wish to see our lovely Kinky Angels in exotic locations should be happy with this early-morning scene filmed in Cape Town. GD’s note: Different directors have different sensibilities. The seduction technique used by Kevin is rougher than my personal experience with Kevin. However Luke, who directed this scene, has a different take. Either way, the two boys make for a very cute and compatible couple.

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Mexican Connection, Bareback


Data Released: Issue 18, Jul, 2014

with Claude Sorel, Ali Montero

Claude Sorel, our mono-dimpled cutie welcomes Ali Montero, a Mexican beauty to Prague as only a Kinky Angel can. As the two boys enjoy a sexual siesta, Ali discovers that Mexicans aren’t the only ones who like it hot and spicy.


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