BangBangBoys – Lorenzo & Ryan


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Lorenzo and Ryan are in the kitchen chowing down on each other’s cocks. This gets them hungry for more and they bang each other til they explode.

PeterFever – Lunch Time


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Last night was fucking amazing. I had the most mind-blowing sex ever with Evan, a guy I met at the club last night. We sweated up a storm. Then I woke up starving; I realized I slept through breakfast and it was already lunch time. I made a sandwich; but my hunger was getting to me so I pulled out some cheese and a tomato and they were so good. While eating, I was thinking about swallowing Evan’s meat last night. I got turned on I started feeling myself up like the way his hands moved over my body. Meet me for lunch in my new video “Lunch Time,” but don’t come too early.

FrenchDudes – Diego Arroyo & Georges Ballantinos


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Walkin’ The Dog: Diego Arroyo, Georges Ballantinos

If you’re into the older muscular hunks, you’re in luck! Georges Ballantinos is right up your alley and will have your cock hard in no time. And who’s the lucky guy to do this scene with Georges? None other than Diego Arroyo (the lucky bastard). Starting out on the couch with some kissing and then moving right to the crotch exploration. Georges goes down on his knees to service Diego’s cock before the two retire to the sofa with Georges still working Diego’s cock. Once Diego is brought to full measure, he slides on a condom and slides into Georges hairy ass. A beautiful contrast to Diego’s smooth bubble ass. …

FrenchLads – Hard Master & Gouffra Bites


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Skinhead Hard Master Abuses His Boycunt: Hard Master, Gouffra Bites

Extreme fisting and anal action in the woods as the perv Hard Master opens up Gouffra Bites’ hungry hole with his pumping hand, spreading him wide with a gooey speculum inspection and flooding his guts with cream. All the mess makes for a good, loud, sloppy fuck.

MEN – Big Dicks At School – Medical Malpractice: Hayden Richards & Tory Mason


Data Released: Mar 24, 2014

SeanCody – Joey & Cameron, Bareback


Data Released: Mar 24, 2014

CorbinFisher – Costa Rica: Tom Takes It From Kennedy, Bareback


Data Released: Mar 24, 2014

Clearly there’s been something in the air as of late at CF. A number of our more experienced guys come to mind when thinking of which studs have been showing off a whole new level of energy once we get them in to action, and Tom is one of them. As far as Kennedy is concerned, he was overflowing with sexual energy the instant he arrived at CF, but with this episode Tom proves himself able to draw even more out of the young Kennedy! Both Tom and Kennedy had tons of fun on our trip down to Costa Rica. They made the most of every day on the trip, and it was actually quite a lot of fun seeing them enjoy themselves exploring the jungle and flying around the canopies on zip lines. …

LucasEntertainment: Goran, Marco Rubi


Data Released: Mar 24, 2014

Gentlemen 10, Elite Class: Goran Has an Steamy After Hours Affair with Marco Rubi.

Goran and Marco Rubi are from rival business, but they run into one another in the bathroom and Marco makes it clearly known he wants to have sex with Goran, and Goran wants to have sex with Marco. Later that night Marco visits Goran in his hotel room and things get hot and heavy quickly. What Marco wasn’t expecting was how intense and rough Goran is in the sack, but he’s ready to handle the muscular hunk and take it. And when Goran is fucking, his bottom will be taking it long and taking it hard!

ButchDixon – Delta Kobra, Dolan Wolf & Sam Bishop


Data Released: Mar 24, 2014

Dolan is always on the prowl for more and Delta Korba is never satisfied. Add Sam Bishop into the equation and these two guys are in heaven. The two horn dogs don’t waste any time before they ravage Sam in any and all ways and angles. It’s near bedlam…and we LOVE it!

HotHouse – Tommy DeLuca & Alexander Gustavo


Data Released: Mar 24, 2014

My Doctor Rocks, Scene #04: Tommy DeLuca, Alexander Gustavo

The word is out about Dr. Santoro and his ‘special treatments.’ When horse-hung intern Tommy Deluca comes asking about the doctor, Alexander Gustavo tells him that he knows exactly what he needs. The handsome young cocksucker falls to his knees and swallows Deluca’s 10-incher to its balls. Gustavo makes a pig out of himself on the giant cock and balls – this kid really loves sucking dick! …


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