BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans, Mick Lovell, Colin Hewitt

BelAmiOnline - Kris Evans, Mick Lovell & Colin Hewitt, Primetime

Today’s scene is what I have been looking forward to all month. The 3way between Mick, Kris and Colin. All Three guys are hung and masculine and make a perfect combination together. Today it is Colin who gets his turn to be fucked by both Mick and Kris. On Saturday we have part 2, where it is Mick who revels in being taken by both the dark haired beauties. We know that the moaning is a bit over the top here, but it is really how Kris is like, and the other guys seemed to catch on to it this time as well… We’ll be trying to improve it over the next week or so and then will repost again for you. On Thursday you saw part 1 of the final in aour special of Summer of Mick Lovell and today, as a finale we have blond Mick being fucked by both our dark haired hunks, Kris and Colin. While Mick is great as a top, it is when he is on the bottom that he becomes really outstanding.

BelAmiOnline: Paul Valery, Thierry Aulin

BelAmiOnline - Paul Valery & Thierry Aulin, Bonus

Our AYOR bonus today features a couple of BelAmi regulars, Thierry and Paul.

BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Kevin Warhol

BelAmiOnline - Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert & Kevin Warhol, Original Programming

We gave our first 4 FleshJack boys a task when the products first arrived to tell us what they were like to use. It was a task that they approached with a lot of enthusiasm.

EricVideos: Leo Submitted and Filled by Darko in a Parking Place (Bareback)

EricVideos - Leo Submitted and Filled by Darko in a Parking Place

Leo, cumwhore, gets filled up by Darko’s huge dick in the middle of the night in an underground parking lot.

MaverickMen: How to Fuck a Muscle Beast! (Bareback)

MaverickMen - How to Fuck a Muscle Beast!

WARNING! Do not watch this video…unless you are ready, willing and able to jerk off on the spot! This is one of our most highly anticipated fuck scenes of the year! Recently, we’ve been filming the MaverickMen Directs series and you all seem to love them. One video in particular seemed to grab everyone’s eye, When Muscle Bears Attack – where we featured our boy Benny G getting nailed by two hot, hung, hairy, tat-covered muscle bears. Right after that went live, we got a ton of emails and messages begging us to have Benny G in a video with us fucking him. Your wish is our command! In this new nasty Muscle Fuckers video called, How to Fuck a Muscle Beast, you will see us ass-rape one of the hottest, hardest, biggest sexy man-beasts out there. This guy is so big that we decided to play it safe and cuff him to an iron rail and ball-gag him before we stuck it in. It was a lot of work getting him to hold still and let us get it in deep and hard – it was like riding a mechanical bull, lol! Leave some love notes for our boy Benny G under this post. I know he’ll appreciate them.

BelAmiOnline: Dario Dolce, Vadim Farrell (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline - Dario Dolce & Vadim Farrell, Bareback

Dario arrives to see his friend Vadim when he notices some stitches above his eye. Dario explains that he had a bad accident the day before. Just as well that Vadim is there to kiss it and make it all better. Based on a true story and filmed on location in Budapest by our Canadian team.

BelAmiOnline: Manuel Rios, Derek Raser

BelAmiOnline - Manuel Rios & Derek Raser

We first met Derek back in 2008 when he did his casting with us. He then went away until last year we were able to work with him for a photosession, and now we have his first man on man action with Manuel Rios.

BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell, Gaelan Binoche (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline - Mick Lovell & Gaelan Binoche, Bareback

It’s summer with Mick Lovell time again today and this time we have Mick paired up with Gaelan Binoche. Mick lves to get fucked by a big cock like Gaelan’s, so in these cases he is usually on the bottom.

BelAmiOnline: Josh Elliot, Kevin Elola

BelAmiOnline - Josh Elliot & Kevin Elola, Flashback

Josh Elliot and Kevin Elola -As the film archivist at BelAmiOnline, Josh Elliot has probably the most coveted job in their whole organization, and I probably covet it the most. So whenever they are doing the programming for BelAmiOnline Josh’s task is for him to locate all the material for them and schedule it. So it is in honor of Josh that we present this scene from their treasured archive. It’s a smoking hot blond on blond pairing with Kevin Elola with Josh in his favorite position as top man.

BelAmiOnline: Marco Bill, Erik Bouna (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline - Marco Bill & Erik Bouna, Bareback

Todd Rosset is the man behind the camera for this home video of Marco Bill and Erik Bouna. Marco is the top for this condon free pairing and it was filmed in our Bratislava studio.


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