UKHotJocks – JP Dubois & Wade Steel


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

The Initiation: JP Dubois, Wade Steel
In a city apartment a money laundering operation is nearing completion. Piles of cash litter the coffee table as two thugs count and check it. A third man, Wade Steel is in the kitchen making cups of tea, unaware of what is about to happen. The front door bursts open and Wade hears 4 loud shots and freezes in terror, the low roar of the kettle the only sound in the wake of the gun shots. After the deed is done JP walks in behind his two men to assess the situation and grabs himself a tidy profit. Curiosity gets the better of Wade and he heads to the living room to investigate. …

TheGuySite – Chance Fucks Colby


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

Colby tries some new things, blow jobs and getting fucked. Chance and he both have nice full bushes in this one and Colby takes Chance’s big uncut dick like a champ.

Str8Hell – Jason Lucius & Tono Milos, RAW


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

Jason and Tono RAW – RAUNCHY

Jason Lucius is a very hot newcomer, who has Tono Milos in his control. Tono is shackled and in just some revealing underwear. Jason is quick to take advantage, groping Tono’s crotch and kissing him. Working his way down Tono’s sexy body Jason licks the crotch and then goes back up to kiss some more. Pulling Tono’s underwear down Jason reveals a rock hard cock. He quickly takes it in his mouth and starts to suck. He sucks on the dick and then slaps it around a little too. Tono’s cock is big, but is easily managed by Jason’s eager mouth. …

TimTales – Flex & Gabriel Vanderloo


Data Released: Nov 6, 2014

Wonderful Flex is back and puts a smile on our faces with his perfection. He gets hardfucked by Gabriel Vanderloo whose extralong cock tested Flex´ endurance. But a real man isn´t complaining, he´s taking it! A great scene. Two perfect muscleguys in a sweaty match. Not to miss!

BelAmiOnline – Sascha Chaykin & Rick Lautner, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 4, 2014

Although this scene didn`t quite make it to our Saturday series this month `BelAmi Legends`, it does follow a similar formula: One of our older generation of stars together with one of our new models. Today we have Sascha Chaykin fucking Rick Lautner, the difference from the Saturday series is that both models are still active. Starting this Saturday you will see scenes with Dolph, Luke, Brandon and Mick.

AllRealBareback – Armin Philipps & Sergaij Romanov


Data Released: Nov 6, 2014

Sergaij. Always horny, always ready for a hard cock and a big load, we decided to go outdoor and have raw fun in the sun. Sergaij sucks Armins stiff rod, bend over his car offering his cock hungry butthole. Armin giving him rough stubble burns around his hot hole then stuffs it full of his hard thick throbber giving him the ride of his life.

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Perfect Assistant


Data Released: Issue #22, Nov 2014

with Kevin Warhol, Rocco Alfieri

Those blessed with memories as excellent as Bel Ami savant, Geoffrey, will recall the first part of this documentary. In it, Kevin was shooting his diaries and Rocco had earned the part of his assistant. These two attractive opposites, are funny and sexy together despite of (or perhaps because of) their differences. You`ll also get a peek at a few new boys. We can`t reveal details now, but they will be forthcoming at the appropriate time.

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Gets His Reward, Bareback


Data Released: Issue #22, Nov 2014

with Kevin Warhol, Rocco Alfieri

Even the most enthusiastic assistants expect to get paid. Kevin, who has a dual interest in satisfying both our bottom line and our bottoms, provides a form of payment other than paper currency.

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – The Benefits Of Flip-Flops, Bareback


Data Released: Issue #22, Nov 2014

with Gino Mosca, Tim Campbell

After all the electrical faults are sorted, the boys decide to make sparks fly in a different way…

BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Jacob’s Farewell, Bareback


Data Released: Issue #22, Nov 2014

with Jacob Salinger, Scott Bennet

This is the first scene filmed with Jacob Salinger. Sadly it will be the last shown. It was shot in our Bratislava studio just before his trip to Cape Town. There the bulk of his Kinky Angels material was shot. We know many of you love the lad, but asking us to bring him back is pointless. We believe he is gone for good this time.


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