MaverickMen: Two on Sean: Virgin Cherry Pop (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Two on Sean: Virgin Cherry Pop, Bareback

Two On Sean is one of the hottest videos we have done this year because this insatiable hot 20 year old boy is so so cute, with his Canadian accent, huge sparkling blue eyes, tight little body fat uncut cock and furry little round bubble VIRGIN ass (Hunter was in hog heaven). He is a ten in our book! He has been a fan for a while and had written to us many many times proclaiming his love and lust for us haha. He has been sexually active since he was 18 and has only done oral and topped some local boys and he never bottomed before us; and it showed. His ass was SOOO TIGHT! We definitely could tell his was truly a virgin ass. This is what he said in one message to us, “Hey Cole and Hunter, I am saving my virgin ass just for MaverickMan domination!” Needless to say, we were very flattered because as you all know, we love a nice ass but we do love it even more when a top lets us teach him how to bottom. We greatly appreciate it when a little hottie like Sean gives us the privilege of popping his butt cherry…

MaverickMen: Return of Caleb (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Return of Caleb, Bareback

YES! Caleb is back for more hot fucking! This jock puppy is so so hot and you guys liked him so much that we decided to have him back for more fun. He’s a local boy that just can’t seem to get enough MaverickMen love. He casually hit us up one afternoon to say hi and I knew what that meant; he wanted some more. I suggested that we do another vid and he was very eager to show off his gym-boy bod and freshly-shaved mohawk haircut. And he wore his new jock strap, complete with sweaty cup! Caleb is just too fucking sexy and cute for words. Hunter and I can’t stop eating him up! I loved teasing him as he checked out my basket; he turned bright red. It’s so so hot when a horny jock gets all shy. After our fun little photo shoot, we took him upstairs for some long over-do fucking. Hunter could not get over how good this boy smells – sweaty balls and jock scent is heaven on earth to us…

BelAmiOnline: Julian Armanis, Christian Bisset

BelAmiOnline - Julian Armanis & Christian Bisset, Flashback

Todays flashback feature 2 guys that either work or have worked in our office. Aired originally as part of Personal Trainers 6, experienced Julian puts Christian though his paces and making sure he knows all he needs to graduate.

BelAmiOnline: Axel Clark, Kevin Ateah (Bonus)

BelAmiOnline - Axel Clark & Kevin Ateah, Bonus

Today’s scene features a young man that we have just started working with (You met him last week in his casting). We have a couple scenes with Kevin Ateah and would like your feedback on what you think of him in action, so today’s bonus is an oral scene from Robert Boggs.

BelAmiOnline: Marco Bill, Steve Peyroux

BelAmiOnline - Marco Bill & Steve Peyroux, Primetime

Steve is one of our favorite bottoms and it is good to see him back with Marco Bill this time in a scene filmed in Budapest by Marty Stevens.

EricVideos: Dog Rayan Loaded by 2 Thugs (Bareback)

EricVideos - Dog Rayan Loaded by 2 Thugs, Bareback

Dog Rayan was in Paris, and he was really horny. He was waiting at home doggy style for 2 hung thugs to come to fill him with man juice.

MaverickMen: International Relations (Bareback)

MaverickMen - International Relations, Bareback

Hope you are all ready for another hot slippery stroke session?! This vid is a fuck-filled, slippery pre-cum dripping, power house of man on man sex. It’s extra special because it’s our first REAL 100% Italian from Italy! His name is Vesuvio and he’s a sexy sweet mega fan that reached out to us last year to tell us he’d be taking a tour to the USA and wanted to meet us and make a video. Once we saw that round hard bubble ass and FAT uncut Italian sausages we were just as excited to do it as he was. But when he confessed that he was a true ASS VIRGIN and wanted us to take his cherry, our excitement erupted like a volcano. Vesuvio has always been a top and likes to get aggressive in the sack. This was his first time being submissive and he said he LOVED it, but he still prefers topping over bottoming. So if any of you hot bottoms out there want a thick Italian sausage, then Vesu vio is the stud for you. If you love Italian man meat and want Vesuvio back, then please leave him some love under his video. I know he’ll be reading your messages with fat cock in hand. We love you guys! Thanks for always stroking with us! Cole and Hunter.

BelAmiOnline: Paul Mekas, Jack Harrer, Roger Lambert (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline - Paul Mekas, Jack Harrer & Roger Lambert, Bareback

Paul and Jack fuck Roger. It’s a good thing that Roger Lambert likes to get fucked because he is in the middle of Paul Mekas and Jack Harrer in this condom free update today. Both guys are very well hung and this just seems to increase the pleasure for Roger as the fuck him, first Paul and the Jack.

MaverickMen: Hard Love: A Teenage Tail (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Hard Love - A Teenage Tail, Bareback

Hard Love, a teenage tail, is by far one of the hottest videos we have ever made. We had such a hot time with our boy Gio last year in his first video with us, Training Gio, that we had to see him again. Gio is undeniably hot and he’s as sweet as they come. He’s got a deep masculine voice and a polite manner and you’d never guess that he is a skilled man in the sheets. He has beautiful lips and a sweet cock but Hunter and I have fallen in love with his big BOOTY, lol. His amazing ass is prime beef! Honestly, words can’t describe his butt must be experienced to be believed. Round and bubble-licious, it jiggles just enough and can take a thick cock HARD AND FAST without mercy. I am afraid we have created a monster with Gio. He loves man sex, but it has to be aggressive and dirty or he does not get off. He is driven wild by sweaty man smell and jock straps (a boy after our own hearts). He retained the yes- sir-no-sir mentality that we taught him the first time. It is now his way of life. After our first video together, I asked him what he liked most about fucking with us and he immediately responded, “I love it when you guys take control of me and make me your boy”. Be warned; this video has a lot of verbal commands and hard mean looking sex, but it was all at Gio’s request. If you want to see more aggressive and hard sex like this, leave some comments here and let us know. Gio, when you read this I hope you have a big fat boner! We love you, sexy boy. Be a good boy and come see us in Boston real soon. XO Cole and Hunter.

BelAmiOnline: Noah Aniston, Elijah Keilor, Tim Hamilton

BelAmiOnline - Noah Aniston, Elijah Keilor & Tim Hamilton, Flashback

Today is the first of our Flashback clips that we have been promising to give your for a long time. This series of clips will come once a week up until Christmas and are a selection of original programming presented under DRM and now reprepared for you here. Please enjoy Noah, Elijah and Tim in todays flashback sex scene.


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