CockSureMen – Alex Bach & Sean Robson, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 6, 2014

Alex Bach is looking at his favorite porn web site, Cocksure Men (of course), when co-worker Sean Robson walks in. Sean sees what’s on the MacBook and lets Alex know it’s his favorite site, too (of course). The two young studs grope and kiss in the office, feeling each other’s hard bodies through their clothes. Sean unbuttons Alex’ shirt revealing his muscular, hairy chest. Alex takes off Sean’s shirt revealing his muscular, smooth chest. They kiss and grab each other’s bulges. Sean kneels, pulls down Alex’ briefs, and sucks on his big, uncut dick, licking his balls along the way. …

NextDoorBuddies – Alexander Gustavo, Brock Avery, Jason Maddox & Joey Rico


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

Spark Plugged: Alexander Gustavo, Brock Avery, Jason Maddox, Joey Rico

So the big game has turned out to be predictably unexciting, but during a timeout, a truck commercial reminds Alexander of his biggest current headache: his piece of shit ride. Damn truck is just a money pit, so when Joey offers to take a look at it, Alexander is more than appreciative, and he shows his approval as he presses Joey up against his driver’s side door, pulling off his pants and shoving his cock into his mouth. Back in front of the TV, Jason and Brock are wondering what’s taking so long, and so they head out to the garage to investigate, only to find Alexander on his knees with Joey’s hard cock gagging him. …

GayCastings – Remi Mint


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

RagingStallion – Shawn Wolfe & Mike De Marko


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

Filthy Fucks: Shawn Wolfe, Mike De Marko

Shawn Wolfe and Mike De Marko are two scruffy otters, drawn together by an intense magnetism. Mike immediately starts sucking Shawn’s hard cock. There’s a rip in the crotch of Mike’s jeans, and his thick dick pushes straight through the hole. Spotting Mike’s cock throbbing in the air, Shawn swoops down and swallows it. Mike’s cock is so large and fat that Shawn has to rip open those jeans even more so that everything is fully exposed, including Mike’s balls. But it’s Mike’s hole that Shawn really wants to get to. …

FalconStudios – Colt Rivers & Nikko Russo


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

Easy Inn: Colt Rivers, Nikko Russo

You’d think Easy Inn would be a great place to relax, but it’s difficult to rest when there are so many hot guys to fuck. Colt Rivers is chilling out on the couch with his e-book when Nikko Russo strolls by. Their attraction is instantaneous, magnetic: lips touch, tanks tear off, and Nikko’s hefty dick slaps across Colt’s face for sucking. As he services Nikko’s fat cock, Colt undulates his hips, which gets Nikko even more excited. He slaps Colt’s ass, spits in the crack, and dives in tongue-first. When Nikko is ready to fuck, he pulls Colt’s ass closer to mount it doggy style. Colt’s moans fill the room, mixing with the slaps of their muscled bodies colliding. Nikko’s shoulders bulge and his abs ripple as he pounds Colt into orgasm. Cum flies in all directions, Colt eats every drop he can scoop up, and Nikko delivers his load right into Colt’s mouth.

ManRoyale – Sebastian Kross & Casey Everett


Data Released: Nov 6, 2014

My Room Mate’s Fleshlight: Sebastian Kross, Casey Everett

CollegeDudes – Ty Royal & Tyson Pierce


Data Released: Nov 6, 2014

Ty Royal and Tyson Pierce both just finished an intense workout, and they`re ready to relax and finish their day off with a good fuck. They can`t keep their hands off of each other to begin with, and once they`re done with the small talk, they get right to it! These two boys make out, kissing and undressing piece by piece until they`re both naked and hornier than ever. Ty gets on his knees and starts rimming Tyson, burying his face in Tyson`s little ass before he sticks his dick in it instead! …

ChaosMen – Armani & Gavin Sevin: RAW


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

Gavin Sevin is back for a few videos and I knew just who to put him with first! You guys seem to really love Armani, and I can see why. He seems to throw himself into every shoot. He loves to suck dick, and of course, loves getting fucked. Armani is a gym guy, so putting him with another muscle dude really amps up his enthusiasm. Gavin has gotten back into wrestling, and is even MMA fighting. He has to get down to about 150pds for his weight class, which I think is nuts, but I think after years of wrestling, shedding last minute weight doesn’t seem so insurmountable. It just doesn’t sounds like a healthy thing to do. Gavin brings his ‘A’ game, and Armani gives it right back! The dude really loves riding a cock!

BiLatinMen – Chueco & Pee Wee, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 6, 2014

Chueco agreed to fuck Latin bottom boy Pee Wee on film for money. As you can see in this gay porn video, Chueco loves kissing and even more than that, he loves eating out smooth tight Latin boy ass. Chueco was so horny that he came twice in this video. His crooked Latin cock digs deep and hard BAREBACK in Pee Wee’s ass.

BarebackThatHole – Tommy Deluca, Nick Tiano & Nick Andrews


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

Nick Andrews and Nick Tiano are back for more and this time they`re partnered up with massively hung Tommy Deluca in this scorching bareback threesome. It all starts as both Nicks are face buried in Tommy`s crotch as they suck and slurp on his mega thick pole. They both share his gigantic shaft as one licks his balls while the other gobbles up his fat head. Tommy is amazed by how talented each of them is and by how deep both mouths are. It`s not long before both Nicks are begging for his raw cock but Tommy wants to taste the asses he`s going to be fucking first. They are rimmed, eaten, and licked inside and out by Tommy`s talented tongue. It`s not long before the raw heat and animal instincts emerge as the threesome moves into a higher gear. Sweaty Cock pumping and Deep ass fucking prevail as loads are shot in this awesome sex scene that ends with blasts of hot cum and three exhausted studs sharing their sloppy juices.


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