UKHotJocks – Sam Barclay & Jace Tyler


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Team WS: Sam Barclay, Jace Tyler
Sam and Jace Square up to each other on top of the play tyres. They size each other up, explore their muscular bodies and grab hold of the gear. Looking like pristine jock boys they can`t wait to messy up their kit and get piss dirty with each other! They release their hard dicks and have a meaty sword fight before Sam decides he wants it in his mouth. Licking around his low hanging balls and enjoying the lot. Jace reciprocates, sucking sam off like he wants what`s inside… And I don`t just mean cum! …

MenAtPlay – Ronnie Bonanova & Malek Tobias


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Thug: Ronnie Bonanova, Malek Tobias

HotDadsHotLads – Ben Venido & Derek Scott


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Ben Venido is getting a tan, he gets hungry and orders a Meat-Lover’s pizza. Derek Scott, the delivery boy, comes to the back yard and delivers the pizza. To his surprise Ben starts to feel out his cock. Ben tells him to pull his dick out just a bit so it peaks out of his pants. Ben notices Derek’s cock is still somewhat soft, and takes the lads cock straight into his warm mouth. Ben’s got a big tool, too, and Derek takes a turn sucking and licking his cock. They both lay sideways on the lounge chair and Derek gets fucked by the hairy, muscle daddy. …

HardKinks – Aday Traun, Hugo Arias & Sergio Mutty


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Alpha Males: Aday Traun, Hugo Arias, Sergio Mutty
After visiting Shower Bar, Hugo knows what’s the real meaning of humiliation thanks to two alpha males who submit him to all kinds of degrading practices, transforming the young executive into a total bitch.

DebtDandy 66, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Another friday morning, and I feel so horny. Not that I don’t have enough regular sex during the week, but of course sex recorded on my cam means more excitement. In the end that’s the main reason why I do it. This cutie lived in a nice and cozy flat with his girlfriend. It seems to me that to have a girlfriend is equivalent to have debts here in Czech republic. After we summed up his or better say their debts I gave him my offer, straight and clear stating what I want from him. This time took me a lot of energy to convince him especially cause he got scared in the middle cause his girlfriend called him that she will be at home soon. I don’t understand why he didn’t just tell her, that he is trying to solve their fucked up situation. I just wanted to pop his little cheery 🙂

DallasReeves – Oral Orgy


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

BrokeStraightBoys – Brody Lasko & Vadim Black, RAW


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Brody Lasko and Vadim Black get right to it in this steamy scene, swapping spit as they make out and undress each other, kissing and touching each other until Brody pulls his cock out and Vadim sucks on that sweet dick. Vadim rips Brody’s pants off and works Brody’s meat with his mouth until Brody throws him off and goes right for the fucking, sitting on Vadim’s hard prick and riding him. Vadim watches Brody’s huge cock bouncing in his face as they fuck raw, but Vadim wants to get deeper in that tight ass so he gets that sexy little bottom on his back and slides his bareback dick back inside. …

BarebackThatHole – Cam Christou & Jon Shield


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

What starts off as primal attraction between two pups turns into an explosive session of sweat, passion, and bareback sex. Jon is kneeling down servicing Cam’s throbbing cock as he grabs his ass cheeks, pulls him in deep, then swallows him whole. It’s all that Cam can do but collapse on the sofa with Jon’s head buried in his hairy crotch. Cam, eyeing his twitching butt perched up in the air, greases up Jon’s furry hole and slides into him raw…eager to fuck him and fuck him good. …

Str8Hell – Radan Flex & Petr Maslak, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Radan and Petr – RAUNCHY

Radan Flex and Petr Maslak are two very hot guys. We find them enjoying each other’s hot bodies, with Peter sitting astride Radan and kissing him. Then he pulls down Radan’s jeans and starts to suck on his cock. Radan lays back and enjoys it as Petr’s head bobs up and down on his cock. Petr then stands and removes his jeans, revealing his own stiff dick. He slides it into Radan’s eager mouth and holds his head as he sucks. That dick is so big and looks great as Radan’s tongue licks Petr’s balls, the dick resting on his face. Then it is back to sucking on the beautiful cock some more. Petr goes back to Radan’s cock to suck it some more, before turning around so that they can 69. …

MilitaryClassified – Bobby & Thaluis: Anal


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Today is a special day because I’ve managed to pull Bobby back in for a round of fucking that left me speechless. I teamed him up with Thalius, who the opposite of Bobby, was reserved while Bobby took control and led the pack in a fuck session that left Rob unable to walk for a couple of days after. Watch these two straight Marine demonstrate how a str8 guy fucks a piece of ass and ruins it! Cheers guys!


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