IconMale: Late Night at the Office (Billy Santoro, Zack Grayson)


Data Released: May 18, 2017 (IconMale: Late Night at the Office: Billy Santoro, Zack Grayson)

Zack Grayson is working for Billy Santoro at his home office. Billy is a nice guy but he somehow makes Zack a little uncomfortable. As he’s working at his desk Billy massages his tense neck and tells him to relax. Even though he feels a little uncomfortable he kind of enjoys it. One thing leads to another and Billy is now not only massaging his shoulders. They suck each other dicks, engage in ass licking and fucking. When you’re a hard worker at the office, it surely does pay off!

HotHouse: Blindfolded (Johnny V, Skyy Knox)


Data Released: May 18, 2017 (HotHouse: Blindfolded: Johnny V, Skyy Knox)

Skyy Knox and Johnny V make out passionately until Skyy takes control and throws Johnny in a sling with a blindfold on. Johnny hoists his legs in the straps with the help from Skyy giving him easy access to Johnny’s awaiting hole. …

HelixStudios: Streets Of Desire (Tyler Hill, Cole Turner)


Data Released: May 18, 2017 (HelixStudios: Streets Of Desire: Tyler Hill, Cole Turner)

Beautiful boys Tyler Hill and Cole Turner smolder on the San Diego streets posing for an electrifyingly erotic photo shoot. The shirtless sex bombs get close for the photographer, making love to the camera. The boys decide to bring that magic back to the bedroom to see if the photo chemistry gels for real…. it DOES, and then some! …

HardKinks: No Limits (Dany Romeo, David Luca)


Data Released: May 11, 2017 (HardKinks: No Limits: Dany Romeo, David Luca)

Danny got our package, a slave he can do anything to. He is a slutty pup with no limits. Get ready for a hardcore session between truly pigs that no one has seen before on Hardkinks.

HardBritLads: Oliver James Fucks Troy Haydon


Data Released: May 16, 2017 (HardBritLads: Oliver James Fucks Troy Haydon)

Heavily tattooed sexy muscle lads Oliver James and Troy Haydon start off with some passionate kissing and groping. Oliver sports a big stiffie and you can tell from his bulge what a thick meaty dick he’s got. Troy sizes him up, gripping it at the base. Oliver rubs his crotch to get him harder, and they pull off their tops. …

HairyAndRaw: Bearsilien, Zack Acland (Bareback)


Data Released: May 18, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Bearsilien, Zack Acland)

Zack Acland was in the mood to be treated like a complete and utter cockwhore. Naturally, there was only one man suited for the job and that was bearded scruffy Master, Bearsilien, who put the hairy beefy Zack through his paces. As the submissive in this scene, Zack does everything Bearsilien asks of him, begging for cock, to be used, to be treated like the bareback slut that he is. …

GuyBone: Ryan Powers Tops West Raw


Data Released: May 16, 2017 (GuyBone: Ryan Powers Tops West Raw)

We absolutely love Ryan Powers! He always brings his A game. And does he know how to pick perfect costars or what? Delighted and boned up from each of his choices, we were not only ecstatic that he’d chosen West to film a bareback scene with, but elated that it would be West’s first time bottoming on camera! Score! Big score! …

FrenchDudes: Cum In My Mouth (Yassine Rayan, Jerome James)


Data Released: May 18, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Cum In My Mouth: Yassine Rayan, Jerome James)

FalconStudios: Earthbound, Heaven To Hell 2 (Armond Rizzo, Andrew Stark)


Data Released: May 15, 2017 (FalconStudios: Earthbound, Heaven To Hell 2: Armond Rizzo, Andrew Stark)

Lord (Andrew Stark) is angered, and he sends his Henchman out to find some answers. Left to his own devices, Lord turns to his courtesan, Alleycat (Armond Rizzo), to relieve the tension. Stripping off Lord’s shirt, Alleycat leans in to teasingly lick Lord’s sensitive nipples. Lord wraps his big, strong hands around Alleycat’s tight, muscular ass, probing at the crack. …

CzechHunter 301 (Bareback)


Data Released: May 17, 2017 (CzechHunter 301)

I was chilling out and looking for a nice catch when I saw this guy. He was easy to spot. A tall and huge boy. And I mean huge! I used my blog about athletes excuse on him and he swallowed the bait easily. He definitely wanted to show off. …


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