MormonBoyz: Elder Garrett, The Covenant (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 13, 2017 (MormonBoyz: Elder Garrett, The Covenant)

Elder Garrett put his sacred temple robe back on, fidgeting with the string and draping fabric to cover his body. He had just been presented at the ceremonial veil to the Brethren by Bishop Angus. He was instructed to touch and service a substantial manhood jutting through the sacred cloth. …

LucasEntertainment: Bottom Boy Bitches (Andrey Vic, Ares Fly, James Castle) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 14, 2017 (LucasEntertainment: Bottom Boy Bitches: Andrey Vic, Ares Fly, James Castle)

Ares Fly is truly in his element when presented with two cocks to service. Andrey Vic and James Castle are both looking to get off, and that lands them in bed with Ares, who couldn’t be more excited to help them out. Since Ares Fly loves sucking dick as well as getting fucked in the butt bareback, both his holes are put to use. Andrey Vic is the first to loosen him up while James gets his dick sucked, and then they switch off. Note that fans of ass-to-mouth get an extra something special in this scene!

CocksureMen: Miky Bolton Barebacks Mike Lantic


Data Released: Aug 10, 2017 (CocksureMen: Miky Bolton Barebacks Mike Lantic)

Mike Lantic lays naked and hard, somewhat asleep, below an overpass. Miky Bolton sneaks up on him taking videos from his phone. He sucks Mike’s cock while still taking video. Mike wakes up incensed that he was being recorded. Mike forces Miky to suck him more and then Mike sucks Miky’s huge, thick rod. Mike is so mad at Miky that he sits on his raw cock and takes it on a bareback ride. …

CocksureMen: Joel Vargas Barebacks Petr Skala


Data Released: Aug 3, 2017 (CocksureMen: Joel Vargas Barebacks Petr Skala)

Petr Skala is quietly reading a novel when Joel Vargas walks into the bedroom with a different tale for Petr. Joel takes Petr’s book away and kisses him. From there one thing leads to another and they act out their own story.

ChaosMen: Easton, Kevin Reed: RAW


Data Released: Aug 14, 2017 (ChaosMen: Easton, Kevin Reed: RAW)

These two were made for each other; In height, weight, build, and looks! Easton loves to be a power Top, and though this is only the second time Kevin has taken a real cock, he really does love to get fucked. I have mentioned before he loves giant toys at home, challenging himself to take the biggest he can. Kevin is still a bit of a newbie at bottoming. …

BrokeStraightBoys: Brad Banks Fucks Sebastian Lee RAW


Data Released: Aug 13, 2017 (BrokeStraightBoys: Brad Banks Fucks Sebastian Lee RAW)

It’s Sebastian Lee’s first week with BSB, so he’s still getting used to things around here, but Brad Banks has been in the porn industry for a few years, so he’s got plenty to teach our newbie! These guys get warmed up with a few kisses while they strip down and Sebastian’s mouth finds its way to Brad’s fat dick, taking it between his lips and sucking it until he’s got that cock hard. …

BelAmiOnline: Dylan Maguire, Jon Kael (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 8, 2017 (BelAmiOnline: Dylan Maguire, Jon Kael)

Unusual for one of our night scenes, this pairing was not filmed in our Bratislava studio, but rather Marty made the short trip down to Budapest for a bit of a change of scenery. Right from the opening sequence you can see that we are dealing with two very passionate young guys in Jon Kael and Dylan Maguire. Both guys have a sexual hunger that is hard to completely satisfy coupled with a desire to cater for their partners every wish. Even with some cooler blue lighting this scene manages to be scorchingly hot.

CorbinFisher: Hot, Rpperd and Raw Vol.5


Data Released: 2017 (CorbinFisher: Hot, Rpperd and Raw Vol.5)

DirtyScout 95 (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 14, 2017 (DirtyScout 95)

This boy was from a city far north of Prague. A very poor and desolate place. Being born there doesn’t exactly give you a head start in life. Our boy was a prime example. He grew up in a family so poor he had to attend school that was in walking distance, only because his parents couldn’t afford public transportation. …

Alphamales: Daxton Ryker, Matt Stevens (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 14, 2017 (Alphamales: Daxton Ryker, Matt Stevens)

Filmed entirely on location in Fort Lauderdale, this scene with Matt Stevens and Daxton Ryker was smoking hot from the start. It helps that they were the perfect pair to add to our production. After picking them up and bringing them to our not-so-secret location, they could barely contain themselves. …


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