CollegeDudes: Dylan Drive Pounds Maxx Monroe Hard And Deep


Data Released: Oct 5, 2017 (CollegeDudes: Dylan Drive Pounds Maxx Monroe Hard And Deep)

Maxx Monroe and Dylan Drive push their lips and bodies together as they make out, getting a taste of each other before Dylan drops to his knees and gets a mouthful of Maxx’s huge fat cock. Dylan works that dick with his mouth, trying to deepthroat it as he shoves that massive prick deeper into his mouth. Dylan gets his cock sucked too before both guys climb onto the bed and 69, dicks in their mouths as they get each other hard as fuck. …

ColbyKnox: Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, Eli Lincoln


Data Released: Oct 6, 2017 (ColbyKnox: Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, Eli Lincoln)

We would like to take a moment to introduce the bubble butt attached to Eli Lincoln. Eli is a pretty cool cat himself but that ass he carries around all day has a personality of its own. Eli knows all too well that some boys just want to touch the hinny. Colby is no exception, when he first met Eli all he could do is touch his butt. …

CockyBoys: Alex Mecum, Cory Kane


Data Released: Oct 6, 2017 (CockyBoys: Alex Mecum, Cory Kane)

Alex Mecum returns to Montreal to have some fun with Cory Kane! After spending a pleasant day in the city they simply can’t wait to enjoy each other’s company in other ways. Some sexy banter is followed by passionate kissing and Alex letting Cory’s cock out. However Cory is much more interested in getting Alex’s shirt off, enjoying his beautiful body and sucking his cock. Alex is soon in under the erotic spell of Cory’s oral skills and almost reaches the point of no return as he face fucks him, but they slow down so Alex can get his taste of cock. …

ChaosMen: Jerome, Timmy: Edge RAW


Data Released: Oct 6, 2017 (ChaosMen: Jerome, Timmy: Edge RAW)

Love this Edge video! Lots of TRUE Edging! With Jerome always so close to cumming, and Timmy’s hand job and cock sucking skills, I knew we could keep Jerome at the edge of cumming. I think we get Jerome to cum 3 times. Once just from edging him, and another time Timmy is ramming him really hard and he has another orgasm. Finally, Timmy pulls a massive load out of him in the chair. But first Timmy fills Jerome up with his own seed!

ButchDixon: Teddy Torres, Zack Acland (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 24, 2017 (ButchDixon: Teddy Torres, Zack Acland)

Teddy Torres is back and he’s in the mood to cruise. Teddy’s dressed only in his rubber apron so you know he’s in the mood for some raunchy bareback sex at the local adult book store. He peeps into a booth and he gets a sexy surprise. Zack Acland is bound and gagged and wearing a leather jock. Before freeing his captive, Teddy gives him a good hard spanking and then works over his tender ass with a cat o’ nine tails. Zack then turns his attention to Teddy’s delectable furry ass and gives him a good ol’ ass munching. How could he resist?! The sexy, hairy boys then take turns blowing each other and Teddy slides his thick cock into Zack’s and fucks him raw.

Bromo: Bareback Inquisition, Part #1 (Buck Richards, Jaxton Wheeler) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 6, 2017 (Bromo: Bareback Inquisition, Part #1: Buck Richards, Jaxton Wheeler)

In the first installment of this boundary pushing series, prepare to see Jaxton Wheeler at his finest: as a chain rattling beast with uncontrollable sexual urges. Although Buck Richards & Jaxton are both held captive by the same mystery man, it’s clear who’ll be the bitch in this dungeon. Will Buck be ready when the beast breaks free from his cage? Watch as Jaxton bends Buck to his will…and boy does he bend!

BrokeStraightBoys: Hunter Lopez Crosses His Instincts To Fuck Drake Tyler RAW


Data Released: Oct 8, 2017 (BrokeStraightBoys: Hunter Lopez Crosses His Instincts To Fuck Drake Tyler RAW)

Drake Tyler doesn’t mind helping break in the new guys, so we’ve brought him in to help with one of our new guys, Hunter Lopez. And although Hunter is new, he’s not too nervous, which makes Drake’s job that much easier as he leans in for a kiss. They make out as they lose their clothes until eventually Hunter is naked on the bed and Drake’s mouth is wrapped around his cock, sucking that sweet dick. …

BrokeStraightBoys: Cage Kafig Is Back To Fuck Damien Nichols RAW


Data Released: Oct 6, 2017 (BrokeStraightBoys: Cage Kafig Is Back To Fuck Damien Nichols RAW)

Damien Nichols is in for a treat today since he’s about to feel what it’s like to have his ass eaten, but before he gets there, he and Cage Kafig enjoy some other foreplay first! They exchange a few hot kisses before Damien goes down on Cage, sucking that cock and letting Cage face fuck him as he pushes that dick deep down Damien’s throat. Cage gives it back to Damien next and turns him over, spreads that ass and rims Damien’s tight hole, flicking his tongue against Damien’s sensitive hole as Damien prepares to get that hole fucked. …

BlakeMason: Luke Tyler, Youri Chevalier


Data Released: Oct 8, 2017 (BlakeMason: Luke Tyler, Youri Chevalier)

The day we first saw Youri we knew he would be making videos for us, and when we told him the first scene would be with handsome Luke he was hard and ready to play instantly! The sexy young man is confident and very horny all the time, so we knew he would be great on video, and he didn’t let us down. As soon as they were on set together they were making out and wanking those hard cocks, ready for more. …

BareTwinks: Sexy Selfie Boys Get Sensual (Chris Summers, Elijah Young) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 6, 2017 (BareTwinks: Sexy Selfie Boys Get Sensual: Chris Summers, Elijah Young)

Oh to be a teenage horndog again! We join gorgeous young stars Chris and Elijah in the bedroom hanging out and taking selfies, but soon enough those lips are meeting and the boys start heating up. Cocks are soon slipping between lips as the hungry young guys lick and suck each other, but it’s the butt fucking as hung Elijah slides in deep and raw that ultimately has them erupting twinky cum loads!


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