CorbinFisher: Rowan Swallows Marc (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 10, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Rowan Swallows Marc)

“Oh! Fuck me! Oh, that feels so good!” Rowan is gasping and even yelling out those words after Marc’s been drilling his hole here and as he finally blows his load. Not only could he simply not get enough of Marc’s hot cock inside him, he then wanted every single drop of Marc’s big load in his mouth and whimpers and moans as Marc feeds it to him. …

RealityDudes (Dick Dorm): Spit Roasted (Aston Springs, Tom Faulk, Zane Anders) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 9, 2017 (RealityDudes (Dick Dorm): Spit Roasted: Aston Springs, Tom Faulk, Zane Anders)

Aston Springs is taking on both Zane Anders and Tom Faulk’s huge cocks by first giving them one of the best blowjobs of their lives. He gets them so riled up that they can’t wait to spread his fine ass and dive right in. The rest is some of the best threesome fuck-fest you will ever see.

LucasEntertainment: Ace Era And Ralph Novak Cuckold Lucas Fox (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 9, 2017 (LucasEntertainment: Ace Era And Ralph Novak Cuckold Lucas Fox)

Lucas Fox doesn’t like sharing his toys, but it’s been a fantasy of his boyfriend Ace Era to have Lucas take on the role of a cuckold and watch his man take a stranger in the ass. It took a lot of convincing, but Ace and Lucas finally find a man to help them play out the fantasy. While Lucas sits by and plays with his dick, he watches Ralph Novak man-handle Ace’s ass and makes him his bottom bitch. Ace can’t restrain himself for long – he loves Lucas’ huge throbbing cock, and he sucks on it while Ralph pounds him from behind. After awhile when Lucas comes inside Ace. (who puckers it out into Ralph’s hand for proof of purchase) Lucas enjoys some sloppy seconds and breeds his man ass to completion.

GayCastings: Shane Omen, Jake Harden


Data Released: Jun 9, 2017 (GayCastings: Shane Omen, Jake Harden)

Shane Omen and Jaken Harden get interviewed and fucked in a gay casting.

MenAtPlay: Protect And Serve (Enzo Rimenez, Diego Summers)


Data Released: Jun 9, 2017 (MenAtPlay: Protect And Serve: Enzo Rimenez, Diego Summers)

WilliamHiggins: Filip Vacek, Mirek Madl (RAW, FULL CONTACT)


Data Released: Jun 10, 2017 (WilliamHiggins: Filip Vacek, Mirek Madl)

UKNakedMen: Wilson Blanco, Ely Chain (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Wilson Blanco, Ely Chain)

TitanMen: Cum Laude (Dirk Caber, Jackson Grant)


Data Released: Jun 7, 2017 (TitanMen: Cum Laude: Dirk Caber, Jackson Grant)

Lounging by the pool, Jackson Grant is joined by professor Dirk Caber: “I knew you looked good under that suit and tie, but damn!” He smiles up at Dirk, whose cock pops out in the bearded stud’s face. Jackson takes it to the root, Dirk smacking the sucker’s hairy pecs. …

NextDoorStudios: First Time Friends (James Huntsman, Jordan Boss)


Data Released: Jun 9, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: First Time Friends: James Huntsman, Jordan Boss)

As they sun by the pool, James Huntsman asks his friend Jordan Boss what’s up with him and his girl. Jordan brushes off the questions with a flip of his wrist, and James tells Jordan he suspects that he isn’t into women at all. Jordan mildly protests but James persists, asking him if he’s ever thought about being with a guy. …

NextDoorBuddies: Taking Every Inch (Jimmy Clay, Chase Klein)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2017 (NextDoorBuddies: Taking Every Inch: Jimmy Clay, Chase Klein)

Jimmy Clay has got a special treat in store for him today, as he introduces Chase Klein, a tall Floridian with an open mind and an eye on the prize. Given a list of potential scene partners, Chase decided on Jimmy, noting that Mr. Clay just had a look that seemed right for Chase. Jimmy takes that compliment and runs with it, showing Chase the ropes as they strip out of their clothes. …


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