EricVideos: A Tourist Visiting Paris Fucks With Darko (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar, 2017 (EricVideos: A Tourist Visiting Paris Fucks With Darko)

While in Paris, a tourist met Darko on an cruising app. He went to his place to get his ass pounded and showed how much he enjoyed his Parisian vacation.

DudesRaw: Raw and Sloppy (Shane Omen, Rave Hardick) (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 9, 2017 (DudesRaw: Raw and Sloppy: Shane Omen, Rave Hardick)

DirtyScout 73 (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 13, 2017 (DirtyScout 73)

I love taking advantage of straight boys who desperately need a job. But sometimes it’s nice to try something a little bit different. This boy came to Prague from Ostrava and needed a job in the city very quickly. He was nice and looked younger than he really was. So far nothing special. …

ColbyKnox: Two Men and a Fuck (Junior Fernandez, Mickey Taylor)


Data Released: Mar 10, 2017 (ColbyKnox: Two Men and a Fuck: Junior Fernandez, Mickey Taylor)

Two Men and a Fuck: Colby and Mickey are finally ready for their big move. Hiring the help of two young men in the area, they are ready to pack up the house. Mickey Taylor and Junior Fernandez are the two movers that have been hired for assistance. As soon as the boys see Mickey and Junior they are blown away. …

CockyBoys: Introducing Skyy Knox with Jack Hunter and Brandon Jones


Data Released: Mar 11, 2017 (CockyBoys: Introducing Skyy Knox with Jack Hunter and Brandon Jones)

Sky Knoxx has always want to take on two partners at once and Brandon Jones and Jack Hunter are ready to indulge him. From double penetration to two men filling his mouth with their cum, Sky is ready to experience it all. Jack takes the lead, slowly kissing Sky before passing him to Brandon. Sky finds himself laid out on the bed where Jack and Brandon are quick to undress him so they can taste every inch of him. …

CockSureMen: Andrew Lewix Barebacks Ryan Volta (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 9, 2017 (CockSureMen: Andrew Lewix Barebacks Ryan Volta)

Ryan Volta gets his hole creamed by euro hottie Andrew Lewix at CockSureMen.

ButchDixon: Hans Berlin, Angel Garcia (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 10, 2017 (ButchDixon: Hans Berlin, Angel Garcia)

I’ve been waiting for this one, that gorgeous, big, broad, bruiser – Hans Berlin, at last gives up that succulent, solid arse, and he gets it good – sweet ‘n’ sexy Angel Garcia does a devil of a job on Hans’ raw hole. …

BrokeStraightBoys: Tanner Kissing Then Fucking Robb Raw (Tanner Valentino, Robb Davis)


Data Released: Mar 12, 2017 (BrokeStraightBoys: Tanner Kissing Then Fucking Robb Raw: Tanner Valentino, Robb Davis)

Just a quick “what’s up” for Tanner Valentino and Robb Davis and then these guys are diving right in, kissing each other and touching tongues while they get undressed. Tanner gives Robb’s nipples some attention and then goes straight for that cock, sucking on it as he holds Robb’s balls and pauses for a few more kisses before using that mouth to get Robb hard as fuck. …

BrokeStraightBoys: Brandon Evans Pounds Mikah Lake Raw


Data Released: Mar 10, 2017 (BrokeStraightBoys: Brandon Evans Pounds Mikah Lake Raw)

Brandon Evans and Mikah Lake have some very sexy chemistry, and it’s obvious that these boys know how to touch each other Brandon kisses his way around Mikah’s body, undressing them both down to their boxers and then rubbing their hard cocks together as they make out. Those boxers can barely contain their hard dicks and when Brandon finally frees his cock Mikah captures it with his mouth and sucks on that sweet prick. …

BiLatinMen: LoPro, Talento


Data Released: Mar 13, 2017 (BiLatinMen: LoPro, Talento)


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