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BarebackTwink: Kevin Lang, Thomas Ross (Bareback)


Data Released: May 8, 2016

These college boys like to study hard. But sometimes they want to hit more than the books. Hiding from teacher, they help each other out with a cheeky wank under the desk but very soon those hard cocks need more than just a helping hard. With the teacher no where to be seen, it’s up on the desk for a blow job followed quickly by some hard raw fucking.


FrenchTwinks: A New Apprentice for Chris Loan (Chris Loan, Nolan Lacroix)


Data Released: May 2, 2016

“A 18 year old twink deeply fucked by his boss”
Chris Loan is back in his favorite workshop & today welcomes his new teenage apprentice Nolan Lacroix, eighteen year old. As usually Chris will find an excuse to berate his subordinate and force him to submit to his raunchy desires to be forgiven. Nolan looks surprised when Chris jumps on him and begins kissing him full on the lips before handing him his huge manhood already hard. The boy has no choice other than to suck that manhood and as the minutes fly he begins to take joy to devour the manhood of his boss. Nolan applies to the task, samples and blows Chris deep-throat who delights in this great suckjob. instants later Chris comes back to Nolan, pulls down his pants and leans him against the barrel to eat his butt. …

FrenchTwinks: A Big Cock for a Greedy Twink (Alexis Tivoli, Abel Lacourt)


Data Released: Apr 23, 2016

“An 18 year old teen gets fucked by a big cock”
Abel Lacourt is as sexy as he is dirty & today it is Alexis Tivoli who will give him a little gift full of innuendo by bringing from Paris some penis shaped chocolates. While the delicious boy enjoys his sweets with a charming smile, Alexis took the chance to tease him and to satisfy his sexual appetite. In a few seconds, Abel discovers himself with the stiff manhood of Alexis in his mouth and begins to suck it greedily. Our charming little twink samples and swallows the dick of his buddy intensely before Alexis comes back and strips him in a jiffy to eat his bottom. …

FrenchTwinks: Piss Break in the Garden (Chris Loan, Baptiste Garcia)


Data Released: Apr 16, 2016

“Our Star couple Chris and Baptiste take a kinky break in the garden”
On a gorgeous spring day, Chris Loan & Baptiste Garcia decided to rake leaves in the yard of the French Twinks Studios house between two shootings. A long and arduous task that promptly tires the two guys. While Baptiste takes a break to smoke a cigarette he also pisses against a tree, and the sight of this beautiful dick exhibited outside instantly delights his boyfriend Chris. Chris Loan then grabs his boyfriend’s manhood, caresses, and kisses. …

FrenchTwinks: Bottom for the very first time (Robin Castel, Chris Loan)


Data Released: Apr 9, 2016

“Robin Castel as a bottom for the first time in his life” Comfortably rested on the living room couch, Chris Loan & Robin Castel are playing sex scene games. good mates and absorbed in their game the guys outright ignore Baptiste Garcia who leaves upset and vexed. When Chris realizes that his beloved boyfriend has left, he takes the chance to be closer to Robin and begins kissing him. Robin and Chris are terribly aroused, their clothes are coming off fast and they are now naked on the couch, manhood to cock jacking each other off. …

FrenchTwinks: Angel Cruz and Chris Loan in the Locker Room (Angel Cruz, Chris Loan)


Data Released: Apr 3, 2016

“An powerful flip-fuck between two muscular, manly and tattooed pornstars”
After training in the gym, Angel Cruz joined Baptiste Garcia & Chris Loan who are stripping in the locker room. The stunning Latino stares at the couple insistently and he appears to have some thoughts in mind. It’s when Baptiste leaves to take a shower that Angel begins to talk to Chris and show him his tattoos. Both athletes then begin kissing and Angel takes the manhood of Chris in his mouth, which is already hard. Chris is more and more thrilled and it is now his turn to suck Angel intensely before Angel leads him to the back of the room. …

FrenchTwinks: Angel Cruz and Baptiste Garcia Sperm Shower (Angel Cruz, Baptiste Garcia)


Data Released: Mar 26, 2016

“Baptiste Garcia hard fucked by Angel Cruz in the showers”
While Baptiste Garcia just finished his gym session he is joined in the shower by Angel Cruz. The gorgeous Latino does a suggestive smile to the boy & looks at him insistently. It doestake much longer for Baptiste to understand the message and to let Angel kiss him on the mouth under the dripping water. Angel, very delighted swiftly dominates the situation and invites Baptiste to suck his cock in deep throat style. The little French lad executes lovingly and Angel pounds his mouth with power before turning him to spread his buttocks and taste his butt. Baptiste is moaning under the samples on his ass and Angel Cruz who’s delighting of this licking session is now hard like a Spanish bull! …

FrenchTwinks: Acrobatics on the billiard table (Baptiste Garcia, Robin Castel)


Data Released: Mar 19, 2016

“A powerful and acrobatic fucking session between our twinks on the pool table”
While Baptiste Garcia is bored, alone, laying on the pool table, when a strange idea hits his mind & he puts a pool cue in his butt… just to pass the time! Robin Castel unexpectedly arrives in the room and surprises the boy his jock-strap while dildoing and groaning. Of course, Robin doesmiss the chance to offer assistance to Baptist to entertain and the two guys begin kissing and sucking. Baptiste delights with Robin’s huge manhood, and while he’s getting sucked in deep throat, Robin starts to play with the little ass of Baptiste molded in his jock-strap. …

FrenchTwinks: Camille Kenzo invites Angel Cruz in Paris (Angel Cruz, Camille Kenzo)


Data Released: Mar 12, 2016

“A passionate date between two famous pornstars”
Camille Kenzo has a real crush on Angel Cruz, a stunning Latino actor renowned for his performances at famous American studios. It’s therefore very exciting that Camille invites Angel to spend a week-end with him in Paris. If Camille is a little shy and impressed by this date at first, Angel promptly does the necessary things to warm up the mood and to lead the dance. Although the language barrier doesfacilitate communication, when Angel says to Camille during making food that he would begin the dinner with the dessert the message is clear. The two guys French kiss in the kitchen when Angel unexpectedly jumps on the work plan to put his hard dick in Camille’s mouth. …

NextDoorTwink: Twink Sandwich (Blake Mitchell, Brad Chase, Grayson Lange)


Data Released: May 3, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers. It’s been quite a week of firsts for slim twink Grayson Lange. Only recently he performed his first on-camera flip-fuck, and now it’s time to explore his first threesome! Sitting around talking shop, he, Blake Mitchell and Brad Chase playfully tease each other. Grayson is nervous, but Blake and Brad take their turns kissing the versatile newbie sitting between them. …


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