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FrenchTwinks: Alexis Tivoli and Jonathan Fabre


Data Released: Jun 4, 2016

A shy twink for the expert cock of Alexis Tivoli.
Alexis Tivoli tries to teach some rudimentary English to Jonathan Fabre, but the cute and young man isvery motivated into grammar and gets angry promptly. What better than a sex break to ease the tension? Thus Alexis begins kissing and touching Jonathan through his boxers. The beardless blonde lets himself going and strips slowly. Both young guys are almost naked and jacking off each then Alexis who’s now hard as wood gives his manhood to Jonathan to gets sucked. …

FrenchTwinks: A Surprise Guest For Baptiste Garcia (Baptiste Garcia, Nolan Lacroix)


Data Released: May 27, 2016

A nice fucking session between two young French Twinks.
One time again Baptiste Garcia waits for his boyfriend Chris Loan to get back home from work & he spent time by jacking off in the living room using a sex toy. Chris arrives accompanied by his new apprentice Nolan Lacroix and the two guys surprise Baptiste who is masturbating. Chris then leaves to go to bed and leaves the cute and young Nolan in care of Baptiste. Both young guys promptly get to know playing with Baptiste’s sex toy, kissing, feeling and then doing a sixty-nine. While Nolan gets sucked he eats Baptiste’s hairless butt and plays with his pink hole. …

FrenchTwinks: Timothe Besse Surprises Abel Lacourt (Timothe Besse, Abel Lacourt)


Data Released: May 17, 2016

A 18 year old twink fucks his roommate.
Abel Lacourt just finished jerking off in his room when his roommate Timothe Besse surprises him, still with manhood in hand & belly covered with jizz. Timothe finds that Abel was watching a gay porn instead of studying and the situation stimulates him a lot. Timothy samples the ht twink juice off the smooth body of Abel and the two charming young guys begin kissing and exploring. Timothe is jacking off the gorgeous dick of Abel that grows slowly and then he begins to suck it. …

FrenchTwinks: Cammille Kenzo In The USA


Data Released: 2016


BareTwinks: Blake Anderson, Connor Jacobs (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 3, 2016

Blake and Connor make an ideal couple, the two are perfectly suited as they make out in the bedroom and reveal those hard dicks for each other to sensuously suck on. It soon becomes clear who’s taking control as Blake eases the head of his naked dick into his lovers hole, with some great angles showing us every little move as he sinks in deeper. With a blindfold adding to the sensuality of the session Connor hops on to take a ride before laying back and getting his cum fucked out of him, all finished off with Blake giving him a delicious treat of a cum shot to the mouth!


FrenchTwinks: Twinks Go To Camping


Data Released: 2016

Five beautiful 18 year old boys go to camp to experience the pleasures of the outdoors and sex in a tent. Featuring passionate fucking in the rain, hot threesomes, fireside blowjobs and bukakke. Semen flows freely in this authentic 100% young French Twinks movie.
Starring: Vincent Tyle, Yoan Desanges, Jeremy Martin, Anthony Sollis, Baptiste Garcia.


Maskurbate: Twins’ Contest (Ricky vs Ricky)


Data Released: May 24, 2016

I’ve been dreaming about how things would be if one of my models had a twin. What would it be like to shoot a scene with identical twin brothers? That fantasy of mine, through advances in technology, I can now make a reality. It is with great pleasure that I bring you Maskurbate’s first twins’ contest, Ricky vs Ricky. The rules are simple, the first one who cums wins. Who will win and how? Which one is the more confident? Which one has the bigger dick? Let’s find out!


BareTwinks: Elijah Young, Jasper Robinson, Tyler Thayer (Bareback)


Data Released: May 20, 2016

Elijah and Jasper are enjoying a game of pool, but it seems the camera they have gives them motivation to enjoy something a little more exciting! Tyler arrives just in time, within moments he’s sucking on both of his friends big dicks, then gets his own delicious boner worshiped by Jasper too, right there on the table. That’s nowhere near enough though, with Elijah filming the action Jasper crams his immense cock into Tyler’s hole while the boy feasts on Elijah’s big dick! Up on the table the boys switch, with Elijah getting that ass while Jasper feeds their bottom. A move to the couch for some more deep dicking takes them to the edge, and we’re treated to an amazingly frantic cum splashing finale as the boys all shoot their loads and Tyler gets a drenching! Wow, what a show these boys deliver.


BarebackTwink: Julian Tomlinson, Tom Nutall (Bareback)


Data Released: May 20, 2016

Our new dorm mates meet, and very quickly get the measure of one another.It doesn’t take them long to start 69ing one another getting a good taste of their meat, before the bottom gets his hole opened nice and wide with a toy, followed by a nice raw hard cock. These two definitely look like they’re in for a fun semester.


FrenchTwinks: Nolan Lacroix Gets Hazed


Data Released: May 9, 2016

“The young Nolan 18 gets hazed in a Bukkake Session!”
Chris Loan, Timothe Besse, Alexis Tivoli & Baptiste Garcia decided to give the new cummer Nolan Lacroix a great hazing. The four guys blindfold the eyes of the 18-year-old boy and knee him on the living room carpet. Chris, Baptiste, Timothe and Alexis then release their dicks and display them in front of Nolan’s mouth who understands instantly that he couldescape this hazing from his new colleagues. Nolan blows each of the four gorgeous cocks in turn, hard as wood and goes from one to the other one while jacking off. The teenage pledge is very talented for deep-throat and he appears to appreciate this bukkake. …


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