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FrenchTwinks: Apprentice Fucked By His Boss (Paul Delay, Chris Loan)


Data Released: Jul 7, 2016 (FrenchTwinks: Apprentice Fucked By His Boss: Paul Delay, Chris Loan)

“A young Apprentice brutally fucked by his boss”.
Today, Chris Loan welcomes a new apprentice in his workshop. It’s the teen Paul Delay, nineteen, who is responsible for painting, but of course the boy chooses the wrong color, & Chris has to make him pay for his mistake! In a few seconds Paul’s ends with the big manhood of Chris in the mouth and gets to licking and sucking it. Chris is full of power and he’s very aroused by these oral preliminaries, he takes Paul, strips him a swiftly and throws himself on this butt. …

FrenchTwinks: Skaters Twinks (Matteo Lavigne, Baptiste Garcia)


Data Released: Jul 1, 2016 (FrenchTwinks: Skaters Twinks: Matteo Lavigne, Baptiste Garcia)

“A 18 year skater boy fucked by Baptiste Garcia”.
After spending the afternoon at the skate park, Matteo Lavigne and Baptiste Garcia go back home to rest in Baptiste’s room. Matteo attempts to repair the axis of his skate and Baptiste, always ready to help, offering him a hand… that will obviously turn into a cock! Both twinks are kissing sensually and undressing and gradually, it is very hot in this summer day and the hairless bodies glisten with sweat. Baptiste is lying on Matteo who’s shirtless and a beautiful erection emerges in his shorts. …

HomeMadeTwinks: Connor Jacobs, Trey Ryan (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (HomeMadeTwinks: Connor Jacobs, Trey Ryan)

We’re getting a front-row seat to some of the hottest twink bareback ever! Trey and Connor invite us into the bedroom as the boys get down to business, filming everything themselves and just having a great time. Connor’s cock is so hard, dripping precum and desperate for that tight hole as his friend sucks and slurps. Soon he’s sliding in raw and filling his boy up with his big solid dick, giving Trey a ride on his cock and making him wank his load out all over himself before Connor pumps his cream deep in his lovers guts! You’ll feel like you’re tight there with them, loving every second of it.


LollipopTwinks: Kyle Wilkinson, Lewis Romeo


Data Released: Sep 15, 2016 (LollipopTwinks: Kyle Wilkinson, Lewis Romeo)

Lewis is the kind of dominant boy who loves to take control, but even though he’s the one calling the shots he’s all about getting that big uncut dick his lover Kyle has to share. The sucking these boys enjoy is a great appetizer, with Lewis working that big hooded helmet and then giving his friend his own leaking dick to enjoy, but there’s no denying it’s the feel of that big cock in Lewis’ ass that really gets their loads building. After all that deep thrusting the boys share their climaxes in a side-by-side wank off!


TwinksInShorts: Tomm Charlie, Sam Thomas (Bareback)


Data Released: (TwinksInShorts: Tomm Charlie, Sam Thomas)

Smooth and handsome masseur Tomm Charlie has a surprise for Sam Thomas. He’s got an outdoor massage planned for his twink buddy and it’s one he thinks Sam will like. Wasting little time, Tomm gets his hands all slippery with oil then gets to work. Moaning all the while, Sam clearly enjoys Tomm’s hands on his back. But not nearly as much as he likes them on his ass! …

HomeMadeTwinks: Bareback Lovers Home Video Fun! (Ricky Boxer, Trey Bentley)


Data Released: Sep 9, 2016 (HomeMadeTwinks: Ricky Boxer, Trey Bentley)

Ricky and Trey love being on camera, and so they should too, these boys are great together and any opportunity to see a couple of real friends enjoying their naked dicks is not to be missed! The boys have a couple of static cameras set up and a go-pro to give us some up-close and personal views as they suck on each others dicks, but it’s the sight of hung Ricky plunging his long naked cock in and out of his friend that really has us all stroking along with the boys! Watch as they fuck all over the bed, with some great shots getting us right in there, all the way to the cum shots! You really feel as though you’re there, able to lick up their loads!


BareTwinks: A Cummy Sensual Bareback Fucking (Justin Cross, Kyle Rhodes) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 2, 2016 (BareTwinks: Justin Cross, Kyle Rhodes)

Handsome young Justin arrives in the bedroom to find his young sweet lover boy Kyle waiting for him. Their loving greeting sets the theme for this sensual pairing as the boys kiss and caress each other, gradually revealing their impressive hard cocks for sucking. Taking turns on each others large members the lovers increase the passion until Justin is easing his sheathed cock into his bottom buddy, but don’t worry, that condom doesn’t last long! …

TwinksInShorts: Joel Vargas, Edy Reed (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 23, 2016 (TwinksInShorts: Joel Vargas, Edy Reed)

In an idyllic countryside setting, smooth and slender twink Edy Reed awaits his massage from tall, dark and handsome, Joel Vargas. The older hunk immediately gets his hands on the pixie-like Edy and his hands are everywhere, stroking and caressing and tweaking. As sensual and romantic as it is erotic, Joel soon has the twink’s cock out, playfully sucking the sweet curved piece of meat. He’s soon feeding Edy his own cock, fucking the slender twink’s face before getting him off the chair to play with his ass. …

BareTwinks: Ravenous Raw Twink Lover Boys (Nick Simpson, Blake Anderson)


Data Released: Aug 12, 2016 (BareTwinks: Nick Simpson, Blake Anderson)

Blond boy Nick is desperate for a fucking, it’s a good thing he has a lover like Blake always ready and willing to get those big cocks out for some mutual sucking and a hard and deep bareback fucking! Watch as the boys share their delicious smooth boners, building up to the hottest action as we see Blake sliding his solid length into that sweet ass! With hung boy Nick taken over the edge and made to squirt Blake finishes off splashing his own load out over the boys face and chest, with a taste to end their encounter!


FrenchTwinks: France VS. Canada: 4 Points Per Hole


Data Released: 2016 FrenchTwinks: France VS. Canada: 4 Points Per Hole

Cast: Camille Kenzo, Anthony Sollis, Theo Ford, Zavier Sibley, Jake Washington, Skylar Dallon, Zac Hunter, Sasha West.



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