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BelAmiOnline – Elijah Peters, Milo Peters & Kris Evans, Primetime


After yesterday’s hot foreplay, the Peters twins and Kris Evans are back to finish what they haven’t. Kris looks fabulous, the twins are real horny, it sure as hell looked like they enjoyed what they are doing. The question we have for you is given the choice, would you prefer to be in Kris’ position, with a pair of hot twins eager to serve up their hole and gulp down your cum; Or would you love to have Kris ploughing you and your twin brother and have him drown in both your hot juices? Answer the poll after the jump, if you haven’t jeezed in your pants watching this scene.


BelAmiOnline – Bobby Clark & Twins – Elijah Peters, Milo Peters, Film Scene


Bobby Clark, the face of CockyBoys, gets to fuck with equally desirable Peters Twins from BelAmi in this long awaited scene shot last year in Amsterdam. We’ve seen Bobby Clark fuck several BelAmi boys thru this BelAmi-CockyBoys collaboration but the tables are turns here as Bobby Clark gets nailed by Elijah and Milo Peters. The scene is available at both CockyBoys and BelAmi.


BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Merry Christmas From KA


Data Released: Issue 11, Dec 2013

with Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Adam Archuleta

Love is supposed to be the universal language. Yet as the boys explore Budapest they find their consummate skills as lovers useless as between them they know about 10 words of Hungarian. Yet they still manage to keep their selves amused as they learn to say “Merry Christmas” in as many languages as possible.


BelAmiOnline: Vadim Farrell, Florian Nemec, Peters Twins

BelAmiOnline - Vadim Farrell, Florian Nemec & The Peters Twins

The popular and controversial Bel Ami Twins, Milo Peters and Elijah Peters, are back in action again Thursday February 3rd in a hot 4-way fuckfest with 2 hung Bel Ami top studs, Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec. Watch as the Twins get tag teamed and even a little brother on brother action too.


BelAmiOnline: Jean-Daniel Chagall, Elijah Peters, Milo Peters (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline - Jean-Daniel Chagall, Elijah Peters & Milo Peters, Bareback

Elijah Peters & Jean-Daniel Chagall are showering off together when their hardons return. This time Milo Peters was not going to miss out on the action. He quickly joins the 2 studs and soon Jean-Daniels big, sweet ass will be fucked royaly by both Twins. See the Peters Twins in action exclusively at BelAmiOnline!



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