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BareTwinks – Colby Klein & Skyler Evans, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 12, 2014

Ball Bouncing Bareback Buddies: Colby Klein, Skyler Evans

Skyler is the lucky boy getting an amazing fuck from his friend Colby, and the fit twink top boy really knows how to deliver what every bottom needs! The boys start making out, but soon their cocks are free for some truly tasty sucking. Colby is rock hard and needing that pucker so bad, rimming his friend and getting his hole wet, and once it is he’s sliding in deep! A ball bouncing bareback slamming ensues, with lucky Skyler taking it all over the bed until his cock is pumping cum out over himself, and all that’s left is for Colby to drain his veiny swollen boner over that pucker – and slide his sticky cock right back in!


NextDoorTwink – Danny Forest & Anthony Scott


Data Released: Dec 10, 2014

Truth Or Suck: Danny Forest, Anthony Scott.

Anthony Scott is VERY excited about his roommate this semester. It’s a boy by the name of Danny Forrest. He’s tall, handsome, and has red hair. It’s still the first week of school, so the two haven’t had a chance to get to know each other very well. But Anthony’s cooking up a scheme that might help them get to know each other intimately! Danny is hard at work, studying, when Anthony suggests they play a game of truth or dare, just for fun. Danny reluctantly agrees, and says he’s not afraid to accept ANY dare. Anthony sees this as a golden opportunity and dares sexy Danny to suck his dick! …

BareTwinks – Daniel Ross & Jamie Sanders


Data Released: Dec 5, 2014

Daniel Gets It Deep And Raw: Daniel Ross, Jamie Sanders

Daniel has a feeling that he might be into boys, it’s a good thing he’s opening up to Jamie about it too! The only way for him to really know is to try cock, and with a little making out that’s exactly what these boys get. It seems Daniel is instinctively good at sucking a hard boner, but it turns out he’s just as talented at being fucked too! Jamie sinks his naked cock into that tight inexperienced hole and fucks his friend in several positions before each of them gets a messy facial! I think it’s fair to say this is a sex ed lesson we would all have wanted to have!


NextDoorTwink – Danny Forest, Ashton Miller & Anthony Scott


Data Released: Dec 3, 2014

Runaway Twink: Danny Forest, Ashton Miller, Anthony Scott

When a boy feels compelled to take to the open road and wander aimlessly, there’s a certain horniness that grows inside him. Being away from home, seeing so many unfamiliar things, learning to be independent…it all can make a young cock hard, and a tight, eager ass hungry. When Anthony Scott happened upon a mansion in the hills, he saw the open garage as an invitation. He didn’t know who lived there, or really even in what town he was, but he was tired and it seemed like a perfect place for a nap. Wealthy young couple, Ashton Miller and Danny Forrest, were relaxing inside their home, and heard items moving around in the garage. Shortly later, they found Anthony curled up under a blanket out there. …

BareTwinks – Colby Klein & Skyler Williams


Data Released: Nov 28, 2014

Skyler Likes It Hard And Mean!

Bareback bottom Skyler loves to have his ass fucked hard and mean by an aggressive top, so it’s a good thing he has his friend Colby ready to abuse his hot butt in this bareback pounding! It all starts with a punishing spanking as Colby beats that boys buttocks, but soon cocks are hard and being gobbled, and Skyler’s sweet ass is ready to be fucked raw! After a punishing slam session all over the bed, Colby unloads his cum over his bottom boys hole and slides his cummy cock right back in. That’s all Skyler needs to be jerking out his own messy warm load!


NextDoorTwink – Daniel Ross & Sebastian Rogers


Data Released: Nov 26, 2014

Bang My Junk: Daniel Ross, Sebastian Rogers

When Sebastian Rogers has chores to do, he’s gonna do them begrudgingly. That’s just how hot, sassy young Twinks are! Daniel Ross, the tasty boy from down the road is in the mood for Sebastian’s sweet ass. Upon approaching Sebastian’s house, he hears Sebastian’s mom yell at him to clean the garage. When Sebastian sees Daniel waiting outside for him, he decides the junk can wait! The boys don’t waste much time before kissing passionately. Then they suck each other’s hard, meaty dicks for a while. …

BelAmiOnline – Julien Hussey, Elijah Peters, Milo Peters & Erik Bouna, Condom Free



LollipopTwinks – Jeremiah Johnson, Phillip Ashton, Shane Allen & Zack Randall


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Zack, Jeremiah, Shane and Phillip know how to enjoy the weekend! The boys are hanging out when dicks start to throb and the need to suck and fuck takes over. All the boys are soon naked and exploring each other, jerking, sucking and building up to a very intense gang bang! Shane and Phillip are the boys most in need, and their holes are soon satisfied as their gorgeous buddies fuck them hard and horny, ending with Phillip getting plenty of juicy cum from his three friends!


BareTwinks – Jason Valencia & Jamie Sanders


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Dramatic twink Jamie knows how to break the ice and get attention, he doesn’t mess around when he wants a cock in his raw ass. Thankfully he has the right boy beside him. Jason is soon sharing a cock sucking with his horny friend, but it’s the feel of that long twink dick deep in Jamie’s hole that’s really gonna have them both splashing their loads out for each other by the end! Jamie takes that hard dick like a greedy pro, ending up with a hot load in his aching ass!


NextDoorTwink – Dakota Wolfe & Tony Spice


Data Released: Nov 19, 2014

Frosh Fuck: Dakota Wolfe, Tony Spice

Fall in, FRESHMEN! This is the story of one Freshman boy, Dakota Wolfe, who showed up to the morning Freshman events SO eager to please, he ended up sucking and getting fucked by a senior guy, Tony Spice. It all started when Dakota ran into Tony while looking for the Freshman meet-up spot. Tony took an instant shine to Dakota. He called him an ‘eager beaver’ and dragged him by the hand over to a secluded spot behind the Senior clubhouse. Tony ordered Dakota to get on his knees and take Tony’s massive cock into his mouth. …


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