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LollipopTwinks – Robbie Anthony & Jason Valencia


Data Released: Mar 31, 2014

Lollipop Underground, Part 3: Robbie Anthony, Jason Valencia

In part three of Lollipop Underground, Jacobey London finds himself in a whole lot of trouble. He heads to a seedy sex club called Man Cave, trying to find the truth behind Danny’s vicious beating and a suspicious symbol left branded on the boy’s ass. After an argument with the bartender, Phillip Ashton, Jacobey gets caught in a shootout in the alley. Meanwhile, “Pops” dealer Robbie Anthony is also in hot water as he tries to explain the situation to the crew boss. Jason Valencia is none too impressed with his little goon’s failure and he accepts Robbie to fix it… and make up for it with a hot fuck, too. After some eager sucking and rimming, Jason fucks Robbie hard across his desk.


HomoEmo – Tyler Bolt, Nate Kennedy & Brice Carson


Data Released: Mar 28, 2014

A Hard Uncut Teacher Dick: Tyler Bolt, Nate Kennedy, Brice Carson

Handsome and horny uncut teacher Nate is not impressed with Tyler’s attitude, so after a forthright debate about his issues the hunky teacher takes matters further with his juicy uncut cock! With cocks swapped in some hot sucking, Nate fucks his students ass with force and unloads a copious cum load all over the boy!


BareTwinks – Bentley Ryan & Leo Long


Data Released: Mar 28, 2014

Bentley Gets A Fresh Bare Hole: Bentley Ryan, Leo Long

Bentley is the perfect boy to show new cummer Leo how to share a bareback fuck on video. The boys kick things off in the usual manner, with some totally greedy mutual cock sucking that almost has them spilling their seed already. But once that hot new ass is rimmed out it’s time for Bentley to sink his length in and give Leo a little help to spew that jizz – which he laps up as Bentley cums all over his fucked hole!


NextDoorTwink – Ace Adams, Trent Ferris & Lucas Owens


Data Released: Mar 25, 2014

Lucky On The Flip: Ace Adams, Trent Ferris, Lucas Owens

It’s a triple threat that’ll make you sweat! Get ready for three hot, sexy boys and an afternoon that’s only got one thing in store: some crazy, hard fucking! Trent Ferris is the coolest guy in school and Lucas Owen and Ace Adams heard he loves cock. Lucas and Ace decided to follow Trent home and see if they can convince him to have a little fun. Trent’s parents are away on vacation, so Trent invites them in. Soon, they’re down to their undies and feeling frisky. Lucas suggests they play a coin-toss game to see who has to suck Trent’s dick. Trent just laughs and plays along, thinking the guys are joking around. …

BareTwinks – Danny Tatum & Cody Walker


Data Released: Mar 21, 2014

Big Dicked Bareback Boys: Danny Tatum, Cody Walker

A perfect match, that’s what this pairing is. Hung twink boys Cody and Danny are all about the big dicks, and Cody can’t get enough of those meaty inches! The shared sucking is just the starter, the dick riding action that red headed boy takes is what really gets the cum loads splashing from their generous tools!


NextDoorTwink – Lucas Knight & Ian Ticing


Data Released: Mar 18, 2014

Connecting Trails: Lucas Knight, Ian Ticing

Lucas is out for a sunrise jog on one of his favorite trails. As he nears one of the homes along the route, he sees another young man sitting down. Lucas sits next to him and the two boys chat for a moment. His name is Ian Ticing and Lucas likes his look right from the start. Ian tells Lucas he’s seen him before. In fact, he’s been waiting and hoping to see him today. Lucas catches Ian’s drift and the two retire to Ian’s home, just a short detour from the trail. Lucas goes right into deeply smooching sexy Ian. They remove each other’s shirts and Lucas pulls out Ian’s fat cock. …

LollipopTwinks – Chris Jett & Jacobey London


Data Released: Mar 17, 2014

Lollipop Underground, Part 2: Chris Jett, Jacobey London

To get his investigation rolling, private investigator Jacobey London visits the victim and his former lover in the hospital. As he looks at a battered Danny, Jacobey thinks back on their turbulent relationship, including the heated affair that ended it. While working another case, Jacobey hooked up with Chris Jett and the sex was hot enough he still hasn’t forgotten about it. The two started by 69-ing, sucking down each other’s cocks, before Chris is hungry for more. Jacobey fucks his tight ass hard until they’re both breathing hard and desperate, blowing their loads all over Chris’ toned stomach. Jacobey gets a lead in the case when, having shaken off the memories, he discovers the card for a sex club in Danny’s personal effects.


BareTwinks – Benjamin Riley & Bradley Prescott


Data Released: Mar 14, 2014

Hungry For That Bareback Dick!

Benjamin loves to get a frantic bareback fucking from his friends, and Bradley is more than capable of giving that sweet smooth ass the kind of stretching it needs with his rock hard dick! With some greedy sucking and face fucking getting Benjamin wanting more, Bradley owns his twink friends ass, slamming him all over the bed and making him cum before splashing out his own hot wad all over his back!


HomoEmo – Andy Kay & Spencer London


Data Released: Mar 14, 2014

Banged On The Teachers Desk!

After almost being caught under the desk sucking on his teachers hard cock, young Spencer gets more than a taste of that rock hard shaft! The horny teacher gives his pet a severe fucking right on his desk, ramming that rigid curved dick in deep and fucking his student until the boy is cumming over himself, then pulling out to shower him with spunk too!


LollipopTwinks – Jacobey London & Benjamin Riley


Data Released: Mar 3, 2014

Lollipop Underground, Part 1: Jacobey London, Benjamin Riley

Private investigator, Jacobey London, doesn’t really give a shit when he receives a cease & desist order; he’s not exactly new to operating outside the rules (he only accepts two forms of payment: cash or sex.) He’s skeptical when pretty young Benjamin Riley turns up on his doorstep asking for his help in finding the people responsible for his friend’s brutal beating. Jacobey decides to take the case, though, when he realizes the victim is his former lover. Little Benjamin doesn’t have the cash to pay for his services, but Jacobey is happy to take his ass at payment. He wets Benjamin’s pink hole with his tongue before stretching it out with his hard cock. The two fuck hard all over the PI’s office before Benjamin ends up laced in hot, sticky cum.



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