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CodyCummings – Private Residence

Private Residence: Cody Cummings


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Cody Cummings, the Next Door Stallion, in a surprising move, is inviting you into his home. Join him in his living room, just after he’s returned from the gym. He’s chatting with you just a bit before getting to a little self gratification. This is the best time to hang out with Cody. He’s done with the errands and tasks of the day and is now letting his nerves unwind and removing his clothes to get more comfortable. It’s this time when he strokes his cock and lets his own hands run all over his body. He’s tugging that enormous dick for both of your enjoyment, making sure you get a candid look at the Stallion in his private dwelling space. Take a little time for the two of you. You both work hard and you deserve it. Let your mind and body decompress as you watch Cody jerk his beautiful, stiff meat right on his couch.


SeanCody – Mindo

Mindo at Sean Cody


Data Released: Apr 14, 2015


SeanCody – Teddy

Teddy at Sean Cody


Data Released: Apr 10, 2015


BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – The Twinkiest Of Twinks

Danny Defoe in Kinky Angels at Bel Ami Online


Data Released: Issue #27, April 2015

with Danny Defoe

Since we showed you one that got away, we thought it only fair to show you one that stayed. Danny Defoe- a twink-lovers treasure- decided, after much hesitation and vacillation, to shoot for us. And we’re glad he did, as Danny proved to be true Kinky Angel’s material. He is the perfect mix of innocence, high sexuality and happy good-humor that you’ve come to expect, and we hope to keep providing. Please like him as we have 12 scenes yet to be released and there is no room for him at the foundling home for abandoned porn-stars!


SeanCody – Cody

Cody at Sean Cody


Data Released: Mar 21, 2015


SeanCody – Anthonie

Anthonie at Sean Cody


Data Released: Mar 17, 2015


SeanCody – Neal

Neal at Sean Cody


Data Released: Mar 13, 2015


SeanCody – Kelvin

Kelvin at Sean Cody


Data Released: Mar 9, 2015


BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – The One And Only

Hoyt Kogan in Kinky Angels at Bel Ami Online


Data Released: Issue #26, March 2015

with Hoyt Kogan

When Adele sings of the “One and Only” it is obvious that she was thinking of Hoyt Kogan, the 2nd in our Kinky Angels trio. The pictorial in our last edition showing Hoyt’s progressing from mere mortal to mega-man proves the maxim that you can’t please everyone. Particularly amusing was Raistu’s statement that Hoyt now looks like an ugly plastic doll. Perhaps we will have a Raistu edition of Kinky Angel’s where we will convince Hoyt to gain 25 pounds and restore his beautiful boyish baby fat. The only person more delighted then Raistu would be Hoyt. Gaining that weight should only take him a month.


CodyCummings – Sultry Getaway

Cody Cummings in Sultry Getaway at Cody Cummings


Data Released: Mar 7, 2015

In a very special installment, Cody Cummings is inviting you to join him just as he’s returning from a formal, social event. He’s staying with a friend in Palm Springs for the weekend. The event, one where Cody was delivering not only a keynote address, but also was expected to give a grand toast, has had Cody’s nerves a bit on edge. Thankfully (for both Cody AND us), the event went swimmingly. The crowd was awed, as usual, by Cody’s grace and charm, and now the two of you are alone. He feels comfortable now, knowing he can be himself and show you his body. He talks to you and the mood becomes light. Soon you’re both nude, and both have growing erections. You both stroke your dicks. …


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