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BelAmiOnline – Photosession Videos: Hoyt Kogan


Data Released: Jun 25, 2014

You first met Hoyt in July 2013 when we presented his casting for you. His first photo shoot followed soon after that in September and he also made his premiere in the Anniversary Orgy.Since then Hoyt has been busy filming and was with us for our last sojourn in South Africa where we also shot the promotional images and video for `Addicted` underwear.. What we have here for you today is his 2nd photoshoot with us and was shot at Rocco Siffredi`s house in Budapest.


SeanCody – Chris


Data Released: Jun 22, 2014


UKNakedMen – Sandro Sanchez


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

Sandro Sanchez is a pure beef Spanish man loosing his porn cherry to us, in style. He’s got a big, weighty, uncut dick with a lot of foreskin to cover that mighty, swollen, sensitive head. You know you’d be in safe, strong arms with this masculine guy. Sandro stands in front of an erotic painting as he disrobes, revealing his hairy chest, hard muscular arse and big, weighty dick, struck with a sexualised Stendahl syndrome he plays with his long foreskin, heavy balls and thick shaft until he’s shooting a creamy, thick load of cum onto the floor.


RandyBlue – Tyler Wolf


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

Tyler Wolf is our newest gay porn model. He is the boyfriend of Austin Wolf. But one look into those steely blue gray eyes of Tyler, and Austin becomes just a distant memory. Tyler has an amazing body, and an amazing cock. And his ass is so bubbly and and round and juicy is just boggles the mind. Watch him as he jerks off in front of a mirror. Touching his fuzzy body and letting a finger go in and out of his hole. Finally he turns over and shoots a hot geyser of cum all over himself. This is one hd hardcore porn solo that you will not forget in a long time.


SeanCody – Kurtis


Data Released: Apr 19, 2014


SeanCody – Dusty


Data Released: Apr 07, 2014


PeterFever – Lunch Time


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Last night was fucking amazing. I had the most mind-blowing sex ever with Evan, a guy I met at the club last night. We sweated up a storm. Then I woke up starving; I realized I slept through breakfast and it was already lunch time. I made a sandwich; but my hunger was getting to me so I pulled out some cheese and a tomato and they were so good. While eating, I was thinking about swallowing Evan’s meat last night. I got turned on I started feeling myself up like the way his hands moved over my body. Meet me for lunch in my new video “Lunch Time,” but don’t come too early.



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