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ChaosMen: Claudio, Ransom (Serviced)

Data Released: Jan 13, 2016

I wanted to showcase Claudio’s amazing body by oiling him up, but didn’t want to do a massage video where he would be very passive. So we start the video with a little oil, and muscle worship. Claudio identifies as straight, but he was hard with only a little attention from Ransom. His cock pops out of his compression shorts hard. Ransom gets him on his back to show-off his cock-sucking skills. He had him fully hard in no time, while Claudio strokes on Ransom’s cock. …

WilliamHiggins: Alex Stan, Nikol Monak (SOFT DUOS)

Data Released: Jan 3, 2016


ChaosMen: Berkeley, Bryan (Serviced)

Data Released: Dec 23, 2015

Berkeley did say that on two occasions he had been sucked-off by guys. They both sounded like down low moments where he did not reciprocate at all. One guy was mature, and the other was his age. So he wasn’t too nervous about getting his dick sucked. Turns out what he was nervous about was someone playing with his ass. The dude had his ass cheeks flexed so tight that he was not going to let me in. You can tell I am really trying to just spread them so we can see his butt hole. Rimming was likely out of the question. I get him doggy style to help get a better view. His cock starts to get hard, but once I try to even show-off his ass, he starts to lose it. No problem. …

FrenchDudes: Diabolik Boy, Sunny Blue

Data Released: Dec 17, 2015

Back in the locker room, we find Diabolik Boy and Sunny Blue exchanging glances at each other; who wouldn’t want to take in this eye candy? It quickly turns into a suck fest with Sunny dropping to his knees’ first followed by Diabolik. Do a little cock docking and then head to an empty room and bed where they devour each others cock some more. This goes back and forth from tea bagging to 69, face fucking to hole fingering. DAYUM my jaws hurt! Ready to take in more than just Sunny’s cock, Diabolik bends him over doggy style on the bed for a good “tongue lashing” before slipping on a condom. We’ll pick back up with that action in part two.


ChaosMen: Kiefer, Noah Riley (Serviced)

Data Released: Dec 16, 2015

If you like furry dudes, this video will surely please! Both guys are totally into each other, and both have amazing oral skills. They take turns servicing each other, then move on to rimming each other. Noah gets Keifer’s feet up in the air to suck on his cock and rim him, so if you like feet, there are some great views. Kiefer said a standing position would be easiest to cum in, so Noah got down on his knees are receives a hot facial. Noah then blows his load on Kiefer’s cock, then laps up the cum. They share their cum with an amazingly wet kiss! Nothing like scruff to hold all the cum in its place!


WilliamHiggins: Ivan Mraz, Milen Petrof (SOFT DUOS)

Data Released: Dec 13, 2015


BelAmiOnline: Kinky Angels (Boy Of Many Talents)

Data Released: Issue #35: December 2015

with Hoyt Kogan, Helmut Huxley, Torsten Ullman, Rocco Alfieri, Raf Koons
Torsten is a boy of many talents. Sexually, he is adapt as both a top and bottom. He is also an accomplished botanist with expertise on every psychedelic plant. He is a gifted hair stylist – provided he doesn’t attempt his trade after partaking in one of his botanical experiments. The boys paid Torsten for his services with a jack-off. This also served to make the scene more interesting.


BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol, Andy McAllister (Photosession Videos)

Data Released: Nov 26, 2015

This is a photoset that we have been looking forward to showing you for some time, Kevin Warhol and Andy McAlister must be quite a handful to photograph when they are together. Both of them have such easy and playful personalities, and look so good together that we decided to give you a few extra photos in this special ‘Model of the week’ update. Eliot certainly had his hands full with this pair and still managed to deliver pictures that are cute and sensual as well as playful and sexy.


ChaosMen: Ransom, Sam (Serviced)

Data Released: Nov 28, 2015

Sam said he had never had any contact from a guy before, and I tend to believe him. He was pretty nervous to get started. Ransom dives in and works hard at keeping him erect. Sam is one of the most expressive models I have had in a good long while. Whatever Ransom is doing, he seems to enjoy it! It is touch-and-go with Sam. He wilts a couple times, but each time Ransom brings him back to hard. Normally Ransom uses his hands, but it seems that all Sam needed was good old-fashion sucking action. Sam watches himself get his ass eaten, and I do believe he liked it! …

Maskurbate: Blowing Carl

Data Released: Nov 24, 2015

I’ve met some great guys over the years and Carl is certainly one of them. Not only does this young guy have an amazing body but he is also very sensitive. We share essential values like the importance of friendship and the need to talk to and care about other people. Carl’s depth of personality is much greater than most dudes I’ve worked with. In addition, he was very open about letting me worship his muscles and go down on his shaft. Once again, it was a great privilege!



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