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ChaosMen: Phillip, Vander: Serviced


Data Released: May 10, 2017 (ChaosMen: Phillip, Vander: Serviced)

Phillip was excited but very nervous about getting head from a guy. He figured if his cock got hard, he would be fine. We took some initial photos and he was hard for those. That was a great sign. After the photos, I quickly got Vander in to the room to keep the inertia going. Phillip quickly pulls his shorts over his hard cock, then Vander asks him if he is ready.


ChaosMen: Michael, Wright: Serviced


Data Released: Apr 12, 2017 (ChaosMen: Michael, Wright: Serviced)

Wright has been showing-up to the shoots a lot more relaxed and confident. He seemed down to work with new guys, so I thought I would pair him up with Michael. Wright likely won’t be working with guys that he would only have to Service, but swapping blowjobs with other dudes really interests him. They both are a little awkward as they get started, smiling and trying to make small talk with their big dicks out. But wow! …

ChaosMen: Ansel, Kodi: Serviced


Data Released: Apr 5, 2017 (ChaosMen: Ansel, Kodi)

It took Ansel a couple weeks to decide to come back and get head from a guy. I assured him that porn would be playing, and it was a pretty chill experience. You may remember how easy it was for Ansel to cum during his solo video, and I was relieved to hear that he said he could easily cum from a blow-job. …

MaleReality: Gaykakke #02 (Ennio Guardi, Chris Hollander, Paul Fresh, Marek, Tomm, Marcos Rue, Benjamin)


Data Released: Mar 30, 2017 (MaleReality: Gaykakke #02: Ennio Guardi, Chris Hollander, Paul Fresh, Marek, Tomm, Marcos Rue, Benjamin)

Cheryl, Chris’s best friend decides to surprise him for his Birthday. She brings him to a room blind folded and tells him to wait. When he opens his eyes he gets the surprise of his life.


ChaosMen: Rebel, Sky: Serviced


Data Released: Jan 25, 2017 (ChaosMen: Rebel, Sky: Serviced)

Rebel was down to get his cock sucked. He really wants to do full- on-sex videos, but he knew had a lot of limits to overcome first. Instead of the traditional Serviced video when a guy just lays there and gets head, Bryan set them up as a side-by-side jerk-off. …

ChaosMen: Antonio Cervone, Borden: Serviced


Data Released: Dec 28, 2016 (ChaosMen: Antonio Cervone, Borden: Serviced)

Borden does kick back and let Antonio Cervone service him. And to be fair, Antonio IS the best at sucking cock. No gag reflex and he just gets in his passive mode, doing everything he can to please his buddy. He slides up and kisses him, and I was a little frozen as we did not discuss this beforehand, but Borden rolled with, kissing him back.


ChaosMen: Ron, Sean Peyton: Serviced


Data Released: Dec 24, 2016 (ChaosMen: Ron, Sean Peyton: Serviced)

I love this Serviced video! At first blush, it is much like any video with a straight guy being serviced. Disclaimer, I just go with whatever sexuality they say they identify with. You and I both will form an opinion, but my guess is Ron has to be at least Bi. Ron was worried about this shoot, but once on set, he was super turned on. He glances around a fair bit as we are filming, distracted by me moving about, but not a glimpse at the straight porn playing for him. A couple of the glances were looking at me, and I believe he was worried he might cum too soon. …

Maskurbate: Carl Meets Manuel Deboxer


Data Released: Dec 13, 2016 (Maskurbate: Carl Meets Manuel Deboxer)

It is Carl’s turn to get interviewed by our casting director, pornstar Manuel Deboxer. He was very confident that his charm & smooth muscular body would please Manuel so he didn’t wait long to tease him with his most appreciated features. No doubt in my mind, Carl is here to stay!


ChaosMen: Ashton McKay, Lorenzo: Serviced


Data Released: Dec 14, 2016 (ChaosMen: Ashton McKay, Lorenzo: Serviced)

This is a hot blow job video! Both guys are pros at sucking dick, though you can tell Ashton loves having his dick serviced. He has great verbal skills! And Lorenzo was excited to taunt and tease his cock with his mouth. Lorenzo is a huge sports fan, so any time I get him with athletic guys, the tension is extra palpable. They take turns sucking each other’s cocks, and then Lorenzo gets his tongue inside Ashton’s amazing ass. …

Maskurbate: HypnoCasting (Manuel Deboxer, Marc)


Data Released: Nov 29, 2016 (Maskurbate: HypnoCasting: Manuel Deboxer, Marc)

Manuel Deboxer is now in charge of our casting crew. He hasn’t been in the business for a while so he’s got some catching up to do. His first task is to personally meet with our models and decide if he wants them or not to make future appearances. No one’s job is safe! In addition, Deboxer’s skills are so good that it is very difficult for anyone to disobey him. Gotta please Deboxer or else you’re out!



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