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ChaosMen: Antonio Cervone, Borden: Serviced


Data Released: Dec 28, 2016 (ChaosMen: Antonio Cervone, Borden: Serviced)

Borden does kick back and let Antonio Cervone service him. And to be fair, Antonio IS the best at sucking cock. No gag reflex and he just gets in his passive mode, doing everything he can to please his buddy. He slides up and kisses him, and I was a little frozen as we did not discuss this beforehand, but Borden rolled with, kissing him back.


ChaosMen: Ron, Sean Peyton: Serviced


Data Released: Dec 24, 2016 (ChaosMen: Ron, Sean Peyton: Serviced)

I love this Serviced video! At first blush, it is much like any video with a straight guy being serviced. Disclaimer, I just go with whatever sexuality they say they identify with. You and I both will form an opinion, but my guess is Ron has to be at least Bi. Ron was worried about this shoot, but once on set, he was super turned on. He glances around a fair bit as we are filming, distracted by me moving about, but not a glimpse at the straight porn playing for him. A couple of the glances were looking at me, and I believe he was worried he might cum too soon. …

Maskurbate: Carl Meets Manuel Deboxer


Data Released: Dec 13, 2016 (Maskurbate: Carl Meets Manuel Deboxer)

It is Carl’s turn to get interviewed by our casting director, pornstar Manuel Deboxer. He was very confident that his charm & smooth muscular body would please Manuel so he didn’t wait long to tease him with his most appreciated features. No doubt in my mind, Carl is here to stay!


ChaosMen: Ashton McKay, Lorenzo: Serviced


Data Released: Dec 14, 2016 (ChaosMen: Ashton McKay, Lorenzo: Serviced)

This is a hot blow job video! Both guys are pros at sucking dick, though you can tell Ashton loves having his dick serviced. He has great verbal skills! And Lorenzo was excited to taunt and tease his cock with his mouth. Lorenzo is a huge sports fan, so any time I get him with athletic guys, the tension is extra palpable. They take turns sucking each other’s cocks, and then Lorenzo gets his tongue inside Ashton’s amazing ass. …

Maskurbate: HypnoCasting (Manuel Deboxer, Marc)


Data Released: Nov 29, 2016 (Maskurbate: HypnoCasting: Manuel Deboxer, Marc)

Manuel Deboxer is now in charge of our casting crew. He hasn’t been in the business for a while so he’s got some catching up to do. His first task is to personally meet with our models and decide if he wants them or not to make future appearances. No one’s job is safe! In addition, Deboxer’s skills are so good that it is very difficult for anyone to disobey him. Gotta please Deboxer or else you’re out!


FalconStudios: Deep Release (Colt Rivers, JJ Knight)


Data Released: Oct 31, 2016 (FalconStudios: Deep Release: Colt Rivers, JJ Knight)

As Colt Rivers soaks his feet in the hot tub, JJ Knight makes himself comfortable on the ledge above. As JJ leans back, the towel wrapped around his waist falls open, revealing his massive cock. Turned on, Colt reaches for his hard cock, and starts stroking to catch JJ’s eye. JJ likes what he sees, and his cock swells. Standing up, JJ walks over and offers his enormous cock to Colt’s eager mouth. …

ChaosMen: Lorenzo, Nolan Stone: Serviced


Data Released: Oct 12, 2016 (ChaosMen: Lorenzo, Nolan Stone: Serviced)

Gulp! Lots of cum eating in this video! Nolan turned up the heat immediately after taking one look at Lorenzo! I think this is the first time Lorenzo has was set to be the “servicer” in a Serviced video. After working with a handful of straight guys, it surprised Lorenzo to have someone who would throw as much energy into it as he does. There is a lot of making out and plenty of cock sucking. Nolan had mentioned that guys are often surprised at how thick his cock is, and when you see Lorenzo sucking it, you finally get to see it in scale. It is indeed THICK! Nolan gets on his back and Lorenzo delivers his load right into Nolan’s open mouth. Nolan needs to ramp up and get himself close, so as soon as he starts cumming Lorenzo jumps on and swallows Nolan’s load! Protein shakes for everyone!


FalconStudios: Wild Weekend, Part 2 (JJ Knight, Wesley Woods)


Data Released: Oct 3, 2016 (FalconStudios: Wild Weekend, Part 2: JJ Knight, Wesley Woods)

JJ Knight and Wesley Woods write out on the wooden terrace having a significant view of the Russian River wilderness. Ripping their garments off, their fingers operate over the cut, physical systems of one another. JJ sinks to skillfully providers and his legs licking the delicate suggestion together with his language, Wesleyis throbbing boner and taking the whole humongous base completely down his neck. JJ grips shots while drawing and Wesley’s penis on Wesleyis delicate cock-head. …

ChaosMen: Malcolm, Sky: Serviced


Data Released: Sep 28, 2016 (ChaosMen: Malcolm, Sky: Serviced)

When I schedule guys to come in to do their oral, I try to have on hand some of my local guys that I think might work best with them. I had Sky setup to do this video with Malcolm and boy do they sure look good together! Malcolm was way in to it, and Sky is having a blast in this one. Both boys have a Dirty Boy vibe and they suck each other’s cocks with pure enthusiasm. Malcolm rims Sky like a pro, and you can tell he is a Top, trying to pleasure his buddy’s hole with his tongue. They take turns swapping facials, both guys eager to eat some cum. Malcolm takes Sky’s load then shares it with a hot kiss.


ActiveDuty: Dante, Chase


Data Released: Sep 18, 2016 (ActiveDuty: Dante, Chase)

This one really warms our heart. We love seeing a real gung-ho cadet like Chase teamed up with a less experienced dude like sweet Dante. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing each of these guys do some serious battle on the frontline, but this time Chase is really stepping into a leadership role. Dante has come to consider himself already a pro at sucking cock. Seeing Chase’s face as Dante bobs on his knob, it’s easy to see that he has indeed come a long way. Claude chuckles as Dante sucks, remarking to Chase that Dante says he knows exactly what a man wants. …


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