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TroopCandy: Time To Deal With The Fresh Meat


Data Released: Feb 28, 2016

So today went to shit when the Sergeant decided to pay us a surprise visit in our tent. We were all relaxing before he came in and started yelling all sorts of shit on our fucking personal time. We all knew he just wanted to feel like a big man, his short ass. Fucker had us strip and do exercises with no pants on, some of us anyways. Motherfucker fucking had us hold each others dicks while we “marched” and had us fuck each other for morale purposes least thats what he claimed. Worst was Jensen taking Alex’s big dick in his ass. Shit if i knew this was the shit i would have been dealing with i’d have stayed back home.


TroopCandy: The Hazing, The Showering And The Fucking


Data Released: Feb 27, 2016

Time to fuck with the fresh meat. Me n the guys decide we will put these little shits through some pain. Going in waking their little asses up and shit. I tell you though they sure got some nice asses i was having some fun and the guys were too. Took them to the showers to clean them off before we had some fun and man can these guys suck a good dick.


TroopCandy: Taking The Recruits On Their First Run


Data Released: Feb 26, 2016

The guys are out for the first time and the guys in charge decide its time to let recruits loose in the wild. Get to see how the new and naked recruits get by in their first time in the jungle before they start going crazy in an amazing orgy. Watch some recruits get punished, give blowjobs and getting their ass fucked.


TroopCandy: The Troops Are Wild!


Data Released: Dec 16, 2015

This is a series of clips I’ve started recording here during my time in the military. A lot of crazy shit goes down in here and I feel like people should get a chance to see it. First, I hid cameras in the guard shack and capture my Sergeant. Every day at 1400 hours he makes me suck his dick. I had to get it on film. Also, I ran into the bathroom for some dick inspection. Hahahaha…. I got kicked out. Shit always goes down when the Sergeant joins for game night. This particular night, he made us play a different sort of game. A game called a threesome! From time to time we do get to have some fun out here.


MaleReality: Men In Uniform #03 (Harry, Chris Hollander)


Data Released: May 12, 2016

Harry breaks out of jail and finds a hide out. Officer Chris finds him and teaches him a lesson.


IconMale: Prisoner Of War 2, Scene #04 (Ty Roderick, Sam Truitt)


Data Released: Apr 26, 2016

Sam Truitt is led back to the basement where he is once again chained next to his comrade Ty Roderick. Ty is happy with the fact that his fellow POW was able to restrain himself from giving away vital information, but isn’t so pleased that he had literally slept with their enemy. Especially rather than a comrade like himself, but Sam explains that his actions merely helped him to avoid sudden death. Curiosity piqued however, he asks Ty what he meant about not choosing his comrade instead. Realizing how ridiculous it sounds, he tells Ty to forget he ever mentioned it. How could it matter anyways, since they probably won’t survive? …

Str8Hell: Erik Drda, Mirek Belan (AIRPORT SECURITY)


Data Released: Apr 22, 2016

Eirk Drda is in charge of Airport Security today and he has Mirek Belan in front of him. Mirek has to complete a form, as he failed some security check. Erik seems very helpful as Mirek fills out the form, but he has some other ideas. Soon overpowering Mirek he strips him naked and straps him to a chair, gagged and blindfolded. Erik begins to torment Mirek, pulling his nipples and his hair and prodding his cock and balls with a nightstick. Mirek is moaning all the while. As he is released from the gag and blindfold he wants to know what is happening to him. But Erik is only interested in some sexy and pulls out his stiff cock, shoving it into Mirek’s mouth. …

IconMale: Prisoner Of War 2, Scene #03 (Ty Roderick, Trent Ferris)


Data Released: Apr 19, 2016

Trent Ferris watches over his prisoner Ty Roderick while his lieutenant Alexander is questioning the other. To make the best of a bad situation, Ty tells Trent that by closing his eyes, he can imagine himself anywhere else, doing anything. Ty’s imagination runs wild, creating a fantasy where his capturer takes advantage of him while restrained. Trent walks over to him and crouches down to his prisoner’s level. Getting so close that Ty feels his breath on him he moves forward, placing his lips on Ty’s. As they make out, Trent reaches for the handcuffs and unlocks the prisoner. Now free, Ty grabs hold of Trent’s head, and passionately makes out with him. …

Eurocreme: Lovers Unite Outdoors (Cris Anders, James Lewis)


Data Released: Apr 19, 2016

Waking up together on the last day of training camp, James Lewis and Cris Anders don’t want to risk losing each other to different regiments, not without a final fuck to say goodbye. Leading his bunk-mate to a clearing outdoors, Cris makes the first move, the tall slim recruit leaning down to kiss the blond virginal James, leading him to more than a kiss, Cris wants dick and James is more than happy to oblige! After some hot deep-throating action under the summer sun, the early risers definitely get the worm, and Cris is fucked hard on all fours by James, the soft romantic sexual encounter his perfect first time fuck, and hopefully not his last between these two smooth blond twinks, both sporting big juicy dicks which spurt their boy juice all over the place as they sit up to make up and jerkoff, giving us the best view possible of them both! Do they both make the cut, and if they do, will they even be stationed together?


IconMale: Prisoner Of War 2, Scene #02 (Sam Truitt, Alexander Gustavo)

Data Released: Apr 12, 2016

Lieutenant Alexander Gustavo and his devoted soldier Trent descent to the basement where two prisoners are held captive. Alexander wants valuable information from them, but neither one will talk. He asks Trent to free the weaker of the two, Sam Truitt, so that they can have a chat alone. He might just get something out of him. He brings Sam into a bedroom. After a series of questions, Alexander offers to save the boy’s life, if he gives him what he truly wants. He leans in and kisses his prisoner. Alexander pulls the young boy’s thick cock out of his pants and puts it in his mouth. After getting it wet, he pushes his enemy’s legs up and makes his way to his tight hole. …


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