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GayPatrol: Silent Alarm


Data Released: Aug 9, 2017 (GayPatrol: Silent Alarm)

My partner and I got a call about a silent alarm going off. Once we arrived at the property, we found an open door. Upon further inspection we discovered a perp inside. The moment he saw, he started to run, and so we took off on the chase. At one point we thought that we we had lost him, but we found him hiding inside of a trash bin by a dumpster. We decided to teach this perp a lesson, but instead he showed us somethings. He pulled out our cocks and started going ham on them. Soon after that our cocks were deep in his asshole.


FalconStudios: Code Of Silence (Sean Zevran, Brandon Evans)


Data Released: Jul 21, 2017 (FalconStudios: Code Of Silence: Sean Zevran, Brandon Evans)

Sergeant Sean Zevran comes up behind his subordinate, Brandon Evans, and grabs his ass. Brandon is taken off guard. ‘I see everything in in this camp,’ Sean says. ‘I know you two have been sneaking out in the middle of the night to suck each other off.’ Sean pulls Brandon’s pants off and asks if he likes sucking dick. Brandon denies it once but after a berating from Sean, he finally admits that he does indeed like sucking dick. …

FalconStudios: Code of Silence (Kyle McMillan, Pierce Paris)


Data Released: Jul 14, 2017 (FalconStudios: Code of Silence: Kyle McMillan, Pierce Paris)

Kyle McMillan has a camera and he’s sneaking up on Pierce Paris in his tent on the military base to see what Pierce is up to. Kyle is in for a surprise when he finds his buddy fully immersed deep inside a FleshJack. Pierce pleads for privacy but Kyle insists that there’s no such thing in the military. …

FalconStudios: Code Of Silence (Ryan Rose, Tommy Regan)


Data Released: Jun 30, 2017 (FalconStudios: Code Of Silence)

This week Falcon Studios releases the first scene from its military-theme gay porn movie CODE OF SILENCE. It features a sex scene where gay porn star Ryan Rose fucks Tommy Regan. Don’t forget to comeback next week on July 7th for the Fane Roberts (aka Forrest Marks) fucks Brandon Evans.


RawFuckClub: Take Him Down And Fuck Him Up (Brett Bradley, Bravo Delta, Cam Christou, Chandler Scott) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 7, 2017 (RawFuckClub: Take Him Down And Fuck Him Up: Brett Bradley, Bravo Delta, Cam Christou, Chandler Scott)

In keeping with the current political climate, Gaytanamo, the notorious secret military detention center, is officially reopened and Chandler Scott is the first to be captured and detained. Mega hung prison guards Delta Bravo, Cam Christou, and Brett Bradley make the sexy prisoner service their cocks and take turns fucking his sweet ass.


NextDoorRaw: Busting The Innocent (Dean Phoenix, Lance Ford) (Bareback)


Data Released: May 3, 2017 (NextDoorRaw: Busting The Innocent: Dean Phoenix, Lance Ford)

With a knock at the door, Lance Ford suddenly finds himself in a very compromising position. Officer Dean Phoenix has found the stash and is looking to bust the guilty party. Luckily for Lance, Dean has a soft spot for good looking perpetrators and a particular hard on for Lance. Dean is willing to look the other way provided Lance can give him a reason to do so. Lance seems confused at first, so Dean unzips his pants and pulls out his baton to give Lance a better idea.


IconMale: Helping Hands! (Billy Santoro, Andy Banks)


Data Released: Apr 13, 2017 (IconMale: Helping Hands!: Billy Santoro, Andy Banks)

Andy spies sexy Billy in the shower and can’t help but jerk off to the image later in bed. However, Billy notices young Andy working his own cock and offers to help. He sucks Andy, taking the young man’s entire rod down his throat. The two make out, sharing wet sloppy kisses until Andy blows Billy’s huge dick. Billy fucks Andy senseless, until they both cum all over each other.


MEN (Drill My Hole): Drill The Sergeant (Aspen, Damien Kyle, Tanner Tatum)


Data Released: Apr 8, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Drill The Sergeant: Aspen, Damien Kyle, Tanner Tatum)

Damien Kyle and Tanner Tatum have their mouths stuffed by Drill Sergeant Aspen’s hot cock. They follow Aspen’s orders, from eating ass to sucking cock and taking his hot hard rod up their tight holes. Aspen ferociously pounds away, putting these privates in their place. This may be punishment, but it’s exactly what they wanted.


GayPatrol: Two Daddies Are Better Than One (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 19, 2017 (GayPatrol: Two Daddies Are Better Than One)

Another day on the beat means another day of cleaning up the streets. We got some reports about pimps and prostitutes working early in the morning. That means we got to be up early working too. Big Daddy wasn’t discrete in his dealings, and his bitch had a big mouth, so busting them was easy. Getting a hardened pimp to talk ain’t easy, though. …

Eurocreme: Do Your Duty (Kamyk Walker, Matthew Anders)


Data Released: Sep 13, 2016 (Eurocreme: Kamyk Walker, Matthew Anders)

Finding any excuse to drop to his knees, slim smooth recruit Kamyk Walker wastes no time in working his pink lips around sergeant Matt Anders’ thick dick, rock hard and waiting for attention. Pushing Kamyk’s head down all the way over his shaft, he does as he’s told and like any good young soldier, takes it like a man. Undoing his shirt, Matt exposes his smooth but muscled chest and torso, ripped pecs and six-pack making way to his delicious dick, turning Kamyk on even more as he hopes for more than a mouthful of daddy cock. …


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