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NakedPapis: Navajo, Frajo (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 6, 2016 (NakedPapis: Navajo, Frajo)


BiLatinMen: Frajo, Juango (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 6, 2016 (BiLatinMen: Frajo, Juango)


MachoFucker: Big Marcos’ Fuck Toy (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 1, 2016 (MachoFucker: Big Marcos’ Fuck Toy)

Large Marcos shifts his humongous, beercan-heavy child producer again, filling it balls-deeply in to the bottom of 1 of his Brazilean fuck-toys. incidentally, the talented Inexperienced Celebrity from Rio is Machofucker’s “Type Of the Month March”.


LatinBoyz: Jae G, Jordan


Data Released: Oct 4, 2016 (LatinBoyz: Jae G, Jordan)

When new LatinBoyz star Jae G. told us he wanted to get fucked we told him we would love to watch and asked him who the luckly guys would be. Without thinking he said he really wanted to get pounded by that cute bisexual papi Katracho. Katracho never turns down the chance to fuck a hot ass and the result was this hot session.


BiLatinMen: Joseph, Jayy


Data Released: Oct 3, 2016 (BiLatinMen: Joseph, Jayy)


BrokeStraightBoys: Kaden Alexander And Chaz Berling Flip Fuck Raw


Data Released: Sep 30, 2016 (BrokeStraightBoys: Kaden Alexander And Chaz Berling Flip Fuck Raw)

Kaden Alexander uses his charm and laid-back attitude to put one of the newbies, Chaz, at ease before beginning their scene. But a few jokes and some small talk and these guys are getting right to it, making out with each other as they lose their clothes piece by piece until Chaz is naked on the bed. Kaden takes Chaz’s dick in his mouth and works that cock, sucking it and making Chaz moan before they switch off and Kaden lets Chaz get a taste of his juicy meat. …

MeninosOnline: Iziz, Andy Star


Data Released: Sep 30, 2016 (MeninosOnline: Iziz, Andy Star)


NakedPapis: Tiguerito, Lazaro (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 28, 2016 (NakedPapis: Tiguerito, Lazaro)


BiLatinMen: Jimmy Fame, Precocious


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (BiLatinMen: Jimmy Fame, Precocious)


BiLatinMen: Rosales, Navajo (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 26, 2016 (BiLatinMen: Rosales, Navajo)



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