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LatinBoyz: Feliz, Chico Valle, Menace


Data Released: Jan 17, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Feliz, Chico Valle, Menace)

We’ve wanted to see LatinBoyz model Chico Valle put his big fat Latino cock to work in a porn scene for a long time. He told us he really wanted to do a scene with Menace but that was a problem because they’re both tops. So we suggested a three way with new model Feliz. The result is this hot new Amateur Action scene. Feliz got what he wanted for his scene which is two big cum shots right on his face after getting fucked by Chico’s big dick.


MeninosOnline: Richard, Pietro


Data Released: Jan 17, 2017 (MeninosOnline: Richard, Pietro)


BiLatinMen: Carlo, $


Data Released: Jan 16, 2017 (BiLatinMen: Carlo, $)


BiLatinMen: Verde, Tronco (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 12, 2017 (BiLatinMen: Verde, Tronco)


BiaggiVideos: Chino, Antonio Biaggi (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 14, 2017 (BiaggiVideos: Chino, Antonio Biaggi)


SeanCody: Asher


Data Released: Jan 9, 2017 (SeanCody: Asher)

Asher is a cute Latin boy with a nice booty on him. “What gets you off? What turns you on?” Asher responded enthusiastically, “I like to play with my hole a lot.” Not only did he play with his hole while jerking off that big, uncut dick of his, but he also shoved a dildo up his tight ass while doing it too! After all that hard work, it was time for dessert…his own cum!


BiLatinMen: Brayam, Roque (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 5, 2017 (BiLatinMen: Brayam, Roque)


LatinBoyz: Conejo, Fabio (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 3, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Conejo, Fabio)

Conejo is a very horny 20 year old with a fat cock that fucks like a rabbit. He fucks 21 year old Fabio in more positions than we can count. He evidently knows how to make our favorite desert ‘tres leches’ too… After terrorizing Fabio’s tight ass he pulls out and starts shooting his load, only to stick it back in, pulling it out thirty seconds later and shooting a bigger load. Our photographer thought he was done but he stuck it back in again and ended up cumming a third time.


MachoFucker: Double-Dosed (Peto Coast, Ex-Boxer Alex, Marcel) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 1, 2017 (MachoFucker: Double-Dosed: Peto Coast, Ex-Boxer Alex, Marcel)

After this movie we were stunned what skinny German boy MARCEL was able to take. Watch PETO COAST and our Cuban EX-BOXER totally unleashed in one of the most brutal fuck-downs ever video-taped. Digitally enhanced and re-edited video-version of an older MF-Classic.. How much can you take!?


BiaggiVideos: Raymer, Chino (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 31, 2016 (BiaggiVideos: Raymer, Chino)



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