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LatinBoyz: Hugo, Nao (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 21, 2015

An independent photographer was doing a solo shoot of Hugo at a sex club in Sao Paulo when they discovered Nao watching. Nao eventually pulled out his big cock which impressed everyone around and this solo shoot turned into a hot bareback action shoot.


RedhotLatinos: Jesus Amado, Peko


Data Released: Jul 16, 2015

Jesus Amado opens the front door and in walks Peko, the cute young delivery boy with groceries, a hungry look in his eyes. After giving Peko a glass of cold water Jesus spills some, wetting the boys shirt. As Jesus begins to undress Peko their tongues explore each others mouth and cocks. On his knees in the kitchen, Peko enjoys servicing Jesus’s cock with his hungry mouth. Now both naked on the floor kissing wildly, Peko bends over the stove enticing Jesus to taste his ass. Jesus devours the nectar oozing from his manhole and swollen dick. With one leg on the counter and the other on the stove, Peko is in ecstasy getting rimmed mid­air. When Jesus’s cock finds Peko’s hole he strokes away. Now bouncing up and down on Jesus’s dick, Peko moans as he squirts a hot load followed shortly by a massive penal emission by Jesus.

BiLatinMen: Benja, Chuck


Data Released: Jul 13, 2015


RedhotLatinos: Arcanjo, Eduardo (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 9, 2015

Arcanjo loves sailing and takes his buddy Eduardo on an excursion. After a while, the sun and fresh have put them in a sensual mood. Soon Eduardo is sucking Arcanjo very aggressively, his own cock rock-hard. After bringing him close to the edge, Eduardo gives his hungry hole up to Arcanjo and the handsome young men fuck intensely, raw cock fililng bare hole until they both shoot their creamy loads.


BiLatinMen: Crave, Joey


Data Released: Jul 9, 2015


BulldogPIT: Studs (Carioca, Thierry Lamasse, Lui Devin)


Data Released: Jul 4, 2015

Awesome interracial threesome, muscle bound Brazilian stud Carioca and his workmate Thierry, a slightly hairy French fucker use fellow colleague Lui, a smooth, slim guy who loves the taste of hard, thick dick. Devouring both whilst they kiss, he’s laid down and the hunky dark skinned bloke squats over his face, allowing Lui’s tongue to get as deep as possible. Bent double, his ass is stretched open as he sucks cock, having both massive cocks inside him at once. Lui’s hairy legs are spread apart and his butt is properly used, stuffed full of pounding meat; Thierry is a rampant fucker who we’d all love to let loose on our own butts!


LatinBoyz: Cidro, Maxxx


Data Released: Jul 7, 2015


BiLatinMen: Bernardo, Jaime (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 6, 2015

Bernardo, a cute Latino with a nice body and uncut dick, is back. This time this “straight” boy agreed to fuck another guy in the ass. Bernanrdo said he wanted a smooth ass (not a hairy manly ass), so we paired him up with the smooth culo of Jaime.

RedhotLatinos: Orgy (Andy Hung, Bruno Bordas, Felix Cohn, Gonzalo Forte, Marcos Allende)


Data Released: Jul 2, 2015

Vampire Bruno drains his prey Martin and shares his dark gift with him before the two settle in with the others for a soulful make out session. The boys kiss and explore each other’s bodies before getting down to business. Martin and Marcos end up seated and servicing the other men. Bruno, Gonzalo, Felix and Andy kiss while the other two open their throats. Hands grab hips and heads bob as the men’s bodies blur together in a whir of endorphins and passion. …

NakedPapis: Albanil, Profundo


Data Released: June 30, 2015



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