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BiLatinMen – ASAP & CC


Data Released: Jul 28, 2014

We discovered new porn super star ASAP online, and the entire Internet is ablaze talking about this cute masculine tatted Latino who is both a great top and an amazing macho bottom. In this sex scene, ASAP kisses, gets sucked, sucks dick, fucks and gets fucked, and he does it all with his sexy masculine boyish charm. Get in line to fuck with the Internet’s newest star…


RawStrokes – Slim Thug & Carlito


Data Released: Jul 24, 2014


FuckerMate – Adam Risso & RED, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 24, 2014

This week Fuckermate is red hot. Our new American mate RED is our latest, hottest and biggest mate. This hot, horny , American guy takes Adam for his own pleasure in an intense and passionate bareback fuck. Adam couldn’t believe how big Red’s dick was inside his mouth, then Red opens his willing tight ass and fills it with his raw red hot american cock. This is one video that will turn your dreams red.


BangBangBoys – Marcelo Mastro & Gustavo Henry


Data Released: Jul 24, 2014

Marcelo Mastro has an insatiable hunger for ass. Its intensity is matched by the size of his big fat cock and Gustavo is the latest piece of ass lining up to be pummelled by the thick beast. They trade blow jobs before getting down to the fucking – its hard an intense as you would expect. Gustavo cops a load of Marcelo’s cum in his eye – a nice present at the end of a satisfying fuck.


BiLatinMen – Jacob & Hemp


Data Released: Jul 19, 2014

When Hemp started modeling, he told us he was straight, but ever since his first shoot he has needed money for rent, so with each shoot he is willing to do more and more for money. In this scene, he gets fucked hard by thick dicked top Jacob (watch Hemp’s grimacing face as the thick dick drills through his tight asshole). Jacob himself told us he was straight too, but when we offered him more money he was willing to suck on Hemp’s huge cock. There’s nothing as hot as a masculine “straight” dude with a thick dick in his mouth!


BiLatinMen – Late & CC


Data Released: Jul 17, 2014

Like many models who tell us that they are straight, cute top model Late needed money, so he agreed to let a guy suck him on video. You can tell this Latin boy really likes getting his dick slobbered on, and he drills CC’s mouth like the horny energetic top that he is.


NakedPapis – Carita, Paulo & Trucho, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 15, 2014

Trucho said no to a big ass thick dildo, but yes to his two friends to fuck him hard. Trucho’s favorite is to get creampied. Carita is back for more of that ass with his friend Paulo.


LatinBoyz – Chulito & Aggie, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 15, 2014

18 year old Mexican cutie Chulito had never done anything with a guy before but admitted to his neighbor he was curious about fucking a tight ass. The neighbor said he would find the guy and even pay him to fuck him if he could film it. 20 year old Aggie was the lucky guy that got to suck on and get fucked by Chulito’s thick dick. Chulito said Aggie’s ass definitely felt as good as a pussy and that it was tighter. Rumor is that they’ve hooked up again since so it must have been.


MachoFucker – Gangsta Loads, Bareback


Data Released: July 12, 2014

“The Mercenary” they call him in the slums of Bogota. Ex-para- military and hardcore gangsta – this dude was a trip, folks. He put a fucking gun on the table when he got naked to breed Lindo`s boipussy. And that he did twice, in a row, non-stop, degrading Lindo to a fuck doll whose only purpose in life is to please his Macho when he needs relief. After the video he told our producer “If you would show my face on video I would have to kill you.” Word!


BangBangBoys – Vitor & Hugo, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 10, 2014

Vitor massages Hugo’s tight ass as his cock grows hard. Hugo kisses his stomach and then takes Vitor’s big fat cock in his mouth and sucks and deepthroats the beast. Vitor turns him over and lubes up Hugo’s hole with his tongue – making sure its wet and ready to receive his fat cock. He slides his cock deep inside Hugo – who winces with the sheer size of it. They fuck feverishly with Hugo begging for Vitor to fuck him deep and hard. Vitor cums deep inside Hugo’s bare ass while Hugo cums all over his stomach.



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