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BiLatinMen – Damian & Jonathan


Data Released: Dec 22, 2014

Damian is a straight Latino guy who had never fucked a guy in the ass before. He is sexy, shy and masculine all at the same time, but once he starts fucking Jonathan in the ass, he fucks him hard and non-stop. Guys usually start fucking slow and then build up speed, but Damian fucked hard right from the start.


RedhotLatinos – Lucas Ronda, Julian Terra & Gerardo Bartok


Data Released: Dec 18, 2014

Gerardo, the gardener is trimming the hedge. He spies Lucas and Julian going at it. Gerardo eagerly watches the two getting more and more turned on. Lucas and Julian put on an unintentional show for Gerardo sucking and tonguing each other. Gerardo starts yanking on his own cock as Lucas gets on all fours with Julian opening his ass up. Gerardo can`t help but soak his load out when the two start fucking. It doesn`t take long before Lucas and Julian have also blown their loads.


Staxus – David Hanson & Manuel Emilio, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 16, 2014

Horny White-Boy Can`t Wait To Give A Big, Black Butt-Picker A Hot, Raw Ride On The Beach!


BiLatinMen – Platano & Colorin, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 15, 2014


BangBangBoys – Gustavo Henry Bangs Miguel, Flip-Flop


Data Released: Dec 11, 2014

Gustavo just wants to fuck and Miguel is ready for his onslaught. They fuck in a bunch of positions until Miguel’s hole is satiated and his stomach is covered in his own cum and his face is covered in Gustavo’s.


NakedPapis – ASAP & Too Much


Data Released: Dec 9, 2014

Too Much hit us up asking for Vergas Grandes, but not for work. We like this guy! Papi ASAP just happend to be that day around when Too Much hit us up. Below is a snippet of the Latino Gay Videos of that day. It was a good day after all.


LatinBoyz – Chulito & Lil Trouble, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 9, 2014

Even though he tells us he’s straight we know Chulito likes to fuck and he likes to make $$$ so he was more than happy to fuck Lil Trouble’s tight ass. Trouble loves getting fucked but had trouble getting used to Chulito’s thick Mexican cock at first although once he relaxed he enjoyed every inch of it.


HotBoys – Jacob & Pedro, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 3, 2014

Jacob Personal: Jacob, Pedro
Pedro é um novinho franzino que resolveu frequentar a academia, ao chegar na academia se deparou com um personal trainer gostoso, sarado grande e um puta corpo.Pedro ficou maluco com aquele homen e logo marcou uma aula. Aqueles músculos não saia da sua cabeça, Pedro chegava a se arrepiar com aquele corpo suado e quente toda vez que encostava nele, aquela pele macia e suada sarrando deixava Pedro desconcertado, Pedro chegava a errar os movimentos propositalmente para sentir o cheiro daquele macho perto dele. Mas na sua mente, Pedro fez tudo que sempre quis com aquele macho viril, lambeu, beijou e realizou seus desejos íntimos, sentando naquele macho e curtindo cada centímetro do Jacob, que o presenteou com muito leite dentro de seu rabo.Jacob não deu moleza e arrebentou o rabo de Pedro e ensinou direitinho como pegar pesado.Compre já seu acesso e confira todo conteúdo Hot exclusivo para clientes VIPs.

BiLatinMen – Ian & Dom


Data Released: Dec 4, 2014

Latino model Ian gets super hard in this gay XXX video, and he fucks new Latin boy model Dom hard in the ass. Dom loved Ian’s hard uncut pito, and his ass was sore after that hard dicking down.


RedhotLatinos – Javier Almada & Juan Cruz Real


Data Released: Dec 4, 2014

Bruno calls to invite Juan and Javier to the party, but they’re already having one. Entwined in each other’s arms, they ignore the phone, answering nature’s call. Javier gulps on Juan’s fat cock for a few strokes. Before too long, Juan turns Javier around and makes it clear what he wants. He tears in to Javier’s ass with his tongue and fingers. Javier’s back arches eagerly. He goes back to slurping down on Juan while sitting his hole on Juan’s lips. At last Juan climbs inside Javier and takes what he wants. They both pop their loads. They get the message about the party head out to meet their friends.


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