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MeninosOnline: Sam, Henrique


Data Released: Sep 20, 2017 (MeninosOnline: Sam, Henrique)


MeninosOnline: Gutto Ferrari, Tony Dias


Data Released: Sep 13, 2017 (MeninosOnline: Gutto Ferrari, Tony Dias)


BiLatinMen: Poppa, London


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (BiLatinMen: Poppa, London)


NakedPapis: Boo Boo, Chaos (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 12, 2017 (NakedPapis: Boo Boo, Chaos)


HotBoys: UBER xXx (Pietro Hoffman, Nobre) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 8, 2017 (HotBoys: UBER xXx: Pietro Hoffman, Nobre)


BiLatinMen: Eloy, Jean (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 11, 2017 (BiLatinMen: Eloy, Jean)


NakedPapis: Fonso, Dano (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 5, 2017 (NakedPapis: Fonso, Dano)


FuckerMate: Raw Threesome At Bears Bar (Ansony, Fabio Toba) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 8, 2017 (FuckerMate: Raw Threesome At Bears Bar: Ansony, Fabio Toba)

Asian power bottom Fabio Toba recently visited Bears Bar Sitges and we caught him inside the cruising area, engaged in sucking a delicious huge white cock. Our cameras have been spying on him and watched how much Fabio loves to work on big tools. After a long sucking session Fabio begged the mysterious guy to impale him bareback right there on a old gasoline bin. …

BiLatinMen: Fonso, Chaos (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 7, 2017 (BiLatinMen: Fonso, Chaos)


MeninosOnline: Richard Vallence, Alan Vinicius


Data Released: Sep 5, 2017 (MeninosOnline: Richard Vallence, Alan Vinicius)



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