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FuckerMate: David Montenegro, Korar Darver (Hot Welcome Back)

FuckerMate: David Montenegro, Korar Darver: Hot Welcome Back

Data Released: Feb 2, 2018 (FuckerMate: David Montenegro, Korar Darver: Hot Welcome Back)

Our most loyal members will surely remember our first videos, back in 2013, where a young innocent-looking mate was destroying asses with his huge thick cock. That cute boy was the gorgeous Barcelonian David Montenegro that now, after few years, is back with us more hungry than ever and ready to pound again insatiable assholes. Today we paired him with the sexy Italian bottom Korar Darver. Our two mates almost look like twins and match a perfect pair. Korar tastes every single centimeter of David’s meat and then they get busy in a long 69 session that leaves both cock hard like stones. …

TimFuck: Jairo, Tom Perez (The Brother Fuckers) (Bareback)

TimFuck: Jairo, Tom Perez: The Brother Fuckers

Data Released: Jan 31, 2018 (TimFuck: Jairo, Tom Perez: The Brother Fuckers)

Some things are worth waiting a lifetime for. If you’re a total perv about real incest (like I am), this is one of those worth-waiting-for scenes. The PEREZ brothers are Mexico City famous. They’ve been cheerfully fucking each other since they were kids. Once they hit their teens, they started getting hired by sex parties and sex clubs. They don’t just share each others flesh, blood and spunk, they’re also both total exhibitionists. While you watch them flip-fuck each other, their muscles gleaming, you’ll have a hell of a time telling them apart. They’re not twins (Jairo is a year younger) but the family resemblance is obvious. …

RawStrokes: Junior, Gabriel Liarh (Bareback)

RawStrokes: Junior, Gabriel Liarh

Data Released: Jan 28, 2018 (RawStrokes: Junior, Gabriel Liarh)


MeninosOnline: Richard, Rick Lovatelli (Bareback)

MeninosOnline: Richard, Rick Lovatelli

Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (MeninosOnline: Richard, Rick Lovatelli)


TimFuck: El Malas and Lalo Santos fuck Jimmy (Mexican Brother-Fuckers) (Bareback)

TimFuck: El Malas and Lalo Santos fuck Jimmy: Mexican Brother-Fuckers

Data Released: Jan 26, 2018 (TimFuck: El Malas and Lalo Santos fuck Jimmy: Mexican Brother-Fuckers)

There’s no shortage of men willing to please topmen south of the border. While some may try to keep their macho front up while with their homies, guys like Jimmy enjoy nothing more than being a cumdump for every bad man he meets in the streets. With a tattoo that reads, “Just Give Me A Reason”, it’s no wonder this boy has a culo that more than one top has called “magical.” Lord knows it’s been rubbed – inside and out – a lot more than Aladdin’s lamp ever was! JIMMY’s ass is so magical that almost the moment El Malas slides inside Jimmy’s hole, he loses control and squirts a first load into it, a load so fucking huge some of it spurts right back out. …

HotBoys: Marcos Goiano, Andy Krugger (O Barman Caralhudo) (Bareback)

HotBoys: Marcos Goiano, Andy Krugger: O Barman Caralhudo

Data Released: Jan 19, 2018 (HotBoys: Marcos Goiano, Andy Krugger: O Barman Caralhudo)

Nos decidimos atender aos inumeros pedidos e trazer para voces um ator que e muito desejado por toda internet! E, vamos combinar?! Ja estava mais do que na hora dele fazer sua estreia aqui no HOTBOYS. O pornstar brasileiro mais adorado pelos fas, Marcos Goiano, chega ao site mais quente da net para uma cena daquelas de tirar o folego. Alias, uma estreia dupla! Andy Krugger tambem esta estreando aqui no nosso site para mostrar todos os seus grandes atributos ao mundo em sua primeira cena de filme adulto. …

BiLatinMen: $, Dee

BiLatinMen: $, Dee

Data Released: Jan 18, 2018 (BiLatinMen: $, Dee)


MeninosOnline: Iziz, Shay

MeninosOnline: Iziz, Shay

Data Released: Jan 9, 2018 (MeninosOnline: Iziz, Shay)


BiLatinMen: Trinidad, Basco (Bareback)

BiLatinMen: Trinidad, Basco

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (BiLatinMen: Trinidad, Basco)


HotBoys: Breno Dias, Bruno Scott (Reveillon 2018) (Bareback)

HotBoys: Breno Dias, Bruno Scott: Reveillon 2018

Data Released: Jan 1, 2018 (HotBoys: Breno Dias, Bruno Scott: Reveillon 2018)

Finally, we arrived at the end of 2017. We at HOTBOYS only have to thank you, our subscriber, for spending this year with us, for trusting in our work and wish that in 2018 you continue with us. Everything that is done here on the site is thought for you and in 2018 will be no different. And to start the year in style, we bring in our first scene of 2018 a couple of actors that is to make anyone thirsty. The beautiful Breno Dias is back to the hottest site on the net (after several weeks being the most accessed model of the site) along with cat Bruno Scott, who made his debut in 2017 and has already shown that he has a lot of talent to be here. In the scene, Breno and Bruno have just turned dawn celebrating the arrival of 2018. The warm weather of the day dawning, the joy of entering a new year and a little champagne beyond the account are enough to awaken in these two the will of make a very welcome entry into the year that has just begun. By the way, is there a better way to celebrate? SIGN UP NOW and watch this and many other exclusive scenes in full. If you are already one of our subscribers, have fun, comment below your wishes here at HOTBOYS for 2018 and have a great new year!



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