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NakedPapis: Rapper, Mono 2 (Bareback)

NakedPapis: Rapper, Mono 2

Data Released: Nov 14, 2017 (NakedPapis: Rapper, Mono 2)


NakedPapis: Cidro, Pee Wee (Bareback)

NakedPapis: Cidro, Pee Wee

Data Released: Nov 7, 2017 (NakedPapis: Cidro, Pee Wee)


FuckerMate: Elia Kisley, Bruno Matarazzo (Huge Splashes) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Elia Kisley, Bruno Matarazzo

Data Released: Nov 9, 2017 (FuckerMate: Elia Kisley, Bruno Matarazzo: Huge Splashes)

This week the young Elia Kisley, that recently you’ve seen bottoming on his first scene with us, comes back to show you all his versatility and to fuck bareback with his thick cock Bruno Matarazzo, a newcomer young mate coming from Brazil that will strike you for his exotic appearance and his sensual look. These two guys matched with a real connection from the first moment: they kiss and lick each other’s body until Bruno’s horny ass is ready to be stuffed with Elia’s huge cock. The hung Italian guy pounds his sex-buddy so hard that at the end Bruno splashes a huge load and then takes Elia’s shower of cum all over his body!


MeninosOnline: Kardoso, Felipe, Ayrton (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 9, 2017 (MeninosOnline: Kardoso, Felipe, Ayrton)


MachoFucker: Peto Doing Casper (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 5, 2017 (MachoFucker: Peto Doing Casper)

Two Dutch studs getting down and dirty in this stunning amateur video. Rough hunk PETO COAST is taking care of CASPER`s submissive needs in his very own special way. Dom Top meets sub Bottom – these two definetely were a perfect match. Classic MF- Video, re-edited with new footage and digitally re- mastered in HD- Quality.


MachoFucker: Socrates Breeds Lindo (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 4, 2017 (MachoFucker: Socrates Breeds Lindo)

Meet SOCRATES, a stunning Brazilean stud who just joined recently our MACHOFUCKER stable. Your typical Bugarron, but more on the playful side. Watch this stunner breeding sexy LINDO. Classic MF- Video, re-edited with new footage and digitally re- mastered in HD- Quality.


BiLatinMen: Connect, Lazy, Dex


Data Released: Nov 6, 2017 (BiLatinMen: Connect, Lazy, Dex)


BiaggiVideos: Bruno Matarrazo: Pig Fuck BB 3 (Bareback)


Data Released: (BiaggiVideos: Bruno Matarrazo: Pig Fuck BB 3)


TimTales: BigDickDaddy, Dano Guerre (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 31, 2017 (TimTales: BigDickDaddy, Dano Guerre)

BigDickDaddy is back at Timtales in this epic raw fuck scene! Such a beautiful massive cock, and a perfect fit for our bottomless bottom. Timtales Dano Guerre loves Daddies. Especially the hung ones that take control of his bouncy ass. So BigDickDaddy was a must for him and as you can see, he was so eager to take that gigantic raw cock. Intergenerational bareback and breeding scene not to miss!


TimTales: Caio Veyron, Jake Cook

TimTales: Caio Veyron, Jake Cook

Data Released: Oct 24, 2017 (TimTales: Caio Veyron, Jake Cook)

Timtales Exclusives Caio Veyron and Jake Cook are up next! You guys ever noticed Jake’s tattoos? Courage and Strength. Well, let’s just say he’s putting these virtues to the test today! Caio Veyron has the biggest, most massive and certainly the hardest cock Jake ever took in his life. It’s an experience between pain and pleasure. At the end of the day, his tight little pink hole will never be the same πŸ™‚



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