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FuckerMate: Interracial Fuckermates (Carlos Leao, Massimo Piano)


Data Released: Jun 26, 2015


PeterFever: Coda’s Confession


Data Released: Jun 23, 2015

What is a guy to do when he begins to miss the single life? He fucks around. I was enchanted by Austin’s alluring smile, deep husky voice, and tall body. Being alone with him I couldn’t help but fall for temptation. Well, screw being in a relationship, if that meant I got to fuck him. Watch CodaFILTHY return to the single life and have his first fuck with Austin Keyes in The Asiancy S9E7 “Coda’s Confession”.


PeterFever: Midnight Snack (Owen Michaels, Jessie Lee)


Data Released: Jun 15, 2015

I was hungry and was looking in the fridge for something to snack on when Jessie popped up from around the corner. He offered up his cock, but I ended up getting even more, his ass. Apparently this was his first time taking it in his tight hole. Owen Michaels fucks sweet Jessie Lee to appease his craving in The Asiancy S9E6, “Midnight Snack.”


PeterFever: Love Redefined (Eli Lewis, Rod Peterson)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2015

I feel that love has been redefined lately with all of the dating apps out there. I have a boyfriend but I think having an open relationship with your fuck a lot of guys is the best way to go. How can you know what you really want unless you get plenty of experience? That’s were Rod comes into play, young and full of cum. He may have been looking for love, but for me he was my fuck boy toy for the afternoon. Watch Eli Lewis and Rod Peterson fuck and have fun in The Asiancy S9E5 “Love Redefined”.


TimTales: Caio Veyron & Dale Cooper


Data Released: Jun 4, 2015

Brazilian heat meets american hollywood charm in this week’s release. We have two new Timtales Men for you today. Caio Veyron is our new Top. A handsome 23 year old brazilian stud with a rockhard XXXL cock, driven by pure Testosterone. And our bottom today is Dale Cooper. We had seen this man on other sites, he was, for example, always our favourite Cockyboy. The beautiful expressive face of a Hollywood Star, the toned body with soft skin and not to forget the deep masculine voice. A man to fall in love with and marry right away. Don’t miss this one. It’s super horny and eye candy at the same time.


PeterFever: Performance Anxiety (Sean Duran & Jessie Lee)


Data Released: Jun 2, 2015

I found out that Sean was going to be a professional ball player but became a model instead. Lucky for me, he made the right choice. He helped me with my ball handling and I showed him my favorite sport, yardstick; where I shove every inch of my cock up his ass. Watch Sean Duran play a hard ball with Jessie Lee in The Asiancy S9E4 “Performance Anxiety”.


PeterFever: Yellow Fever (Eli Lewis & Owen Michaels)


Data Released: May 26, 2015

I was thrilled to hear that we had a new model coming to stay with us. I wanted to get to him before the rest of the guys could so I went to go prepare his room. As he walked in, I could see his chest and arms bulging out of his shirt and I salivated thinking about how thick his cock must be. I wanted to leave to give him a chance to settle in, but luckily he was ready for action and wouldn’t let me go before he got his hands on my firm round ass. Watch Eli Lewis welcome new model Owen Michaels in The Asiancy S9E3 “Yellow Fever”.


PeterFever – The New Couple

Austin Keyes & Michael Cumming at PeterFever


Data Released: May 18, 2015

I love my boyfriend Austin so much and for our three year anniversary I thought it was time to spice up our relationship. I brought us to The Asiancy to flirt and fuck with some gorgeous guys. I could sense a little jealousy burning behind Austin’s eyes when I made him a bet that I could fuck the hottest Asiancy guy here. I got really turned me on and reminded him that my firm ass was his at the end of the day. Watch new models Austin Keyes take control of Michael Cumming’s ass in The Asiancy S9E2 “The New Couple”.


CockyBoys – Eli Lewis & Travis James

Eli Lewis & Travis James at CockyBoys


Data Released: May 12, 2015

Have you ever wanted to rent a hot guy for an hour or two? Do you want to live out your ultimate boyfriend fantasy for a weekend? In CockyBoys’ new documentary series, Love Me Want Me Rent Me, we explore the wildly popular world of escorting through the eyes of some of the most sought after New York City RentBoys. In this installment, you’ll meet Eli Lewis — a 23-year-old personal trainer and aspiring chef who takes up escorting to help pay for culinary school. …

PeterFever – Long Distance Lovers

Long Distance Lovers at PeterFever


Data Released: May 12, 2015

I waited for Diego to come home for an excruciatingly long time. The longer I stared at our wedding photo on my phone the more I missed him. I heard the doorbell ring and there was Rod, a handsome gentleman waiting at my doorstep. It might not have been Diego but his captivating smile brightened up my day and my day got even better when I found out he was here to fuck me. My tight ass was ready to be pounded. Watch new model Rod Peterson give CodaFILTHY the fuck he’s been waiting for in the premiere of The Asiancy S9E1 “Long Distance Lovers”.



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