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BlakeMason: A Perfect Lustful Pairing (Danny Montero, Yoshi Kawasaki)


Data Released: Jun 5, 2016

Handsome and fit boys Yoshi and Danny make a great couple, and we knew they would. When we told each of them about the prospect of working together they both instantly jumped at the opportunity and it’s clear they have lust for each other right from the start. Making out on the bed the guys soon have their hard cocks out for sucking, taking turns to orally pleasure each other. Danny is quick to get his arse up for his new friend to lick and Yoshi wastes no time getting him wet and ready for his dick. Sinking into his perfect hole he fucks him deep and slow, sensually ramming his shaft in and out with some doggy style fucking, then giving the lad a ride on his stiffy too before laying him back and jabbing him until his cum is pumping out! Yoshi tops it all off nicely with his own wanked out mess and the two share a sensual kiss. It certainly seems to us that these guys made a connection, what do you think?


PeterFever: Last Dance (Eli Lewis, Jayden Ellis, Tex Holcum)


Data Released: May 31, 2016

Jayden and I were the only ones one left with clothes. For our strip show we decided to make it different and involve everyone. The guys rushed to us and started grabbing our bodies and tearing away our clothes until we stood there naked. I wanted to share this intimate moment with my fiance but we got into a bit more trouble when Tex joined us in bed. Tex Holcum crashes Jayden Ellis and Eli Lewis intimate tango in The Asiancy Season 10, Episode 16 “Last Dance”.


PeterFever: The Best Stripper


Data Released: May 23, 2016

I couldn’t believe what I had just watched. If they thought that was good, they won’t believe what I have in store for them. I have all the right moves to seduce and tease these boys. Coda laughed and didn’t take me seriously; this was my moment to prove his ass wrong. Watch Jessie Lee dominate Coda in The Asiancy “The Best Stripper”.


DudesRaw: Tristan Mathews Fucks Coda Filthy RAW


Data Released: May 21, 2016

Horny Tristan Mathews fucks Coda Filthy’s horny Asian hole.


SeanCody: Randy, Benjamin: Bareback


Data Released: May 21, 2016

Benjamin was really excited to be back, especially being paired with Randy and his huge dick. “This should be a big day.” Pun definitely intended. Benjamin reached over to touch Randy’s dick, and he laughed nervously. He was worried he wouldn’t be able to take Randy’s big dick but Randy reassured him, “I think you’ll be alright.” Benjamin responded, “I hope so! I saw some of his work, it’s intense!” Needless to say, he took it. He took it like a champ! Randy broke him in real good.


PeterFever: Stripper Inspired


Data Released: May 17, 2016

I needed a new strip partner and I thought Tex has an amazing body. He was shy at first and didn’t want to do it. Once I lifted off his shirt and rubbed my hands down his smooth chest, I was able to persuade him to be a completely uninhibited sexual creature. Watch Markus Ruhl help Tex Holcum reveal his inner stripper in The Asiancy Season 10, Episode 14 “Stripper Inspired”.


PeterFever: Strip Show


Data Released: May 10, 2016

The bachelor party was coming to an end but we had a special surprise for our bachelors, a pair of talented strippers. However, it looked like Markus forgot to hire the strippers. We couldn’t let this crazy and wild bachelor party down so we had to improvise. We turned on the music, strutted our asses’ downstairs, and worked our sexy magic. My ass tempted Dominic out of his seat and he joined in and finished up pounding my ass. Anthony Stevens, Markus Ruhl, and Dominic Pacifico initiate a playful strip tease in The Asiancy Season 10, Episode 13 “Strip Show”.


PeterFever: Too Much To Drink (Jessie Lee, Eli Lewis)


Data Released: May 4, 2016

I found Jessie by himself, drunk on the ground. I thought I would help a friend out and at least get him in bed. I knew he was drunk because he started to let his emotions out and how he wanted me. Before I could get up Jessie grabbed me and pulled me back in. He may be drunk but he wanted me bad. He flipped me over and started eating out my ass and completely overpowered me. Watch Jessie Lee drunk in love with Eli Lewis in The Asiancy Season 10, Episode 12 “Too Much to Drink”.


PeterFever: Never Again (Coda, Dominic Pacifico)


Data Released: Apr 18, 2016

Coda and I both dated the groom in the past. He always wanted to have sex in outlandish scenarios. I would never have sex in public or have sex in my parent’s car again, thanks to him. Coda, on the other hand, would never have sex blindfolded again but he is missing out. He just needed to be with someone with a little more experience to show him the fun. I wrapped a blindfold on him and let him feel the sexual sensations. Coda opens up to being blindfolded during sex again for Dominic Pacifico in The Asiancy Season 10, Episode 10 “Never Again”.


PeterFever: Pin The Cock On The Jock (Jessie Lee, Markus Ruhl, Jayden Ellis)

Data Released: Apr 12, 2016

Markus wanted to play my game so I placed a blindfold over him and let him pin the cock on the jock. After failing once, he managed to skillfully pin the second cock to my jock. As a prize I kept his blindfold on and sucked him off. Then I surprised him with another prize, Jessie Lee. Jessie couldn’t wait to congratulate the hunky winner. Jessie Lee, Markus Ruhl, and Jayden Ellis have a fun threesome in The Asiancy Season 10, Episode 9 “Pin the Cock on the Jock”.



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