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TroopCandy: The Troops Came Ready To Party!


Data Released: Mar 1, 2016

Alright so the guys started goofing around today as they did pranks to each other before they started going wild inside the camp. You get to see some of them dancing and wrestling before everything turns sexual. The guys start sucking on each other and they end up fucking, ALL OF THIS in front of the whole camp.


TroopCandy: A Crazy Training Day Ends With Wild Sex


Data Released: Feb 29, 2016

So it was hot as fuck today and we had to get the new recruits sweating having them run to the outpost. Had some fun though having them strip down to their skivvies to run the rest of the way back. Needed to train their mouths some too cause they like talking a lot so had them plug it up with officer Cole’s big black cock. Cole got into it a little too much though and had one of them eat his ass seems some of the new recruits were into that sorta thing and started fucking his bro’s.


TroopCandy: Time To Deal With The Fresh Meat


Data Released: Feb 28, 2016

So today went to shit when the Sergeant decided to pay us a surprise visit in our tent. We were all relaxing before he came in and started yelling all sorts of shit on our fucking personal time. We all knew he just wanted to feel like a big man, his short ass. Fucker had us strip and do exercises with no pants on, some of us anyways. Motherfucker fucking had us hold each others dicks while we “marched” and had us fuck each other for morale purposes least thats what he claimed. Worst was Jensen taking Alex’s big dick in his ass. Shit if i knew this was the shit i would have been dealing with i’d have stayed back home.


TroopCandy: The Hazing, The Showering And The Fucking


Data Released: Feb 27, 2016

Time to fuck with the fresh meat. Me n the guys decide we will put these little shits through some pain. Going in waking their little asses up and shit. I tell you though they sure got some nice asses i was having some fun and the guys were too. Took them to the showers to clean them off before we had some fun and man can these guys suck a good dick.


TroopCandy: Taking The Recruits On Their First Run


Data Released: Feb 26, 2016

The guys are out for the first time and the guys in charge decide its time to let recruits loose in the wild. Get to see how the new and naked recruits get by in their first time in the jungle before they start going crazy in an amazing orgy. Watch some recruits get punished, give blowjobs and getting their ass fucked.


TroopCandy: The Troops Are Wild!


Data Released: Dec 16, 2015

This is a series of clips I’ve started recording here during my time in the military. A lot of crazy shit goes down in here and I feel like people should get a chance to see it. First, I hid cameras in the guard shack and capture my Sergeant. Every day at 1400 hours he makes me suck his dick. I had to get it on film. Also, I ran into the bathroom for some dick inspection. Hahahaha…. I got kicked out. Shit always goes down when the Sergeant joins for game night. This particular night, he made us play a different sort of game. A game called a threesome! From time to time we do get to have some fun out here.


FuckerMate: Interracial Threesome (Viktor Rom, Alejandro Torres, Dominic Arrow) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 22, 2016

Our amazing Viktor Rom Visser come back this week to Fuckermate to meet not one, but two of our newest mates: the young top Alejandro Torres and the sexy Hungarian with icy eyes Dominic Arrow. Both Viktor and Alejandro are dominant and our hot bottom Dominic is the perfect guy to fit their desire for a obedient slut, able to enjoy two huge cocks at same time, first sucking them off for the pleasure of the two hung tops, then asking to have his willing ass fucked hard and deep.


RandyBlue: Jay Landford, Jacob Taylor (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 20, 2016

Jay Landford makes his bareback bottoming debut on Randy Blue. And he knew exactly who he wanted to give his hot bubble butt up to – Mr. Jacob Taylor. The two start of with some sensual kissing. Then Jacob Taylor takes control and starts to suck on Jay. Then Jay returns the favor with a hot blow job of his own. Jacob and Jay take turns rimming each other next. Jay yells out in ecstasy as he get his hot hole licked. He is nervous for a dick in his ass. It’s been a while. When Jacob first puts it in, Jay yells out. He doesn’t know if he can take it. …

MEN (Super Gay Hero): Captain America: A Gay XXX Parody Part 4 (Alex Mecum, XL)


Data Released: Jul 16, 2016

Captain America lets Bucky get away and runs into Fury. They are in disagreement about who’s side Captain should be on but the one thing they both agree on is how well they work together and Fury wastes no time reminding him. The only exchange needed now involves their rock hard dicks.


TreasureIslandMedia: FILL ‘ER UP (+ Bonus, Bareback)


Data Released: 2016

FILL ‘ER UP is about taking as much jizz as you can in your manhole. And what’s more fun than taking or giving a load? That’s easy. Doing it with other horny sluts. My dick is hard. I need a hole to fuck. I just took a load. I can’t stop until I take another – and then one more after that. You’re climbing-the-walls horny and want me to strip you naked, pin you down, stick my hard dick in you and fuck you nice and deep. FILL ‘ER UP has something for everyone. BILLY BLANCO uses CODY WINTER’s fine hole and cums deep inside his ass. ELI LEWIS gets gang raped by 5 black tops: RAY DIESEL, DEEP DICC, EXCLUSIVE PRINCE, MR. CALI, and SEDUCTION and begs for more. …


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