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DudesRaw: Rio Starr Breeds Dannii Devine’s Hot Hole (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 28, 2016 (DudesRaw: Rio Starr Breeds Dannii Devine’s Hot Hole)


HarlemHookups: BareBack Lust


Data Released: Oct 26, 2016 (HarlemHookups: BareBack Lust)


PeterFever: Wake Up Call (Aidan Wood, Dominic Steel)


Data Released: Oct 18, 2016 (PeterFever: Wake Up Call: Aidan Wood, Dominic Steel)

I was so exhausted working overtime and I had another early shift tomorrow. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. Aiden was gracious enough to give me a wake-up call and I told him to wake me up at all costs. The next morning he banged on my door, barged right in, jumped right in bed with me, and started to passionately make out with me. I was instantly awake with a raging hard on. Watch Aidan Wood gives Dominic Steel a nice firm piece of morning wood in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 14, “Wake Up Call”.


PeterFever: Local Culture (Santiago Figueroa, Dominic Pacifico)


Data Released: Oct 4, 2016 (PeterFever: Local Culture: Santiago Figueroa, Dominic Pacifico)

Dominic wandered into my room looking a little lost. Poor guy was new to town and needed something to do. I suggested visiting the local winery or golf course but both ideas were not appealing to him. When I found out that all he was really wanted was a good fuck, he didn’t have to look any further because my fat throbbing cock was ready to bust a nut in his ass. Watch Santiago Figueroa end Dominic Pacifico’s search for a thick dick in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 12 “Local Culture”.


TimTales: Tim Kruger, Santiago


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (TimTales: Tim Kruger, Santiago)

Fall is on its way here in Barcelona. But we still got time for a terrace shoot. Introducing for the first time: Santiago. A sexy Caribbean with a muscular body and a bubble butt. Tim baptised him deeply on the terrace of a friend. Santiago showcased his knowledge in how to take cock. You’ll soon see more of him on Timtales.


PeterFever: Disciplinary Action (David Plaza, Jessie Lee)


Data Released: Sep 20, 2016 (PeterFever: Disciplinary Action: David Plaza, Jessie Lee)

Jessie had the audacity to show up late and leave early during his shift. I needed him to straighten up his act but nothing I said made an impression on him. To make him understand the seriousness of the matter, I disciplined him the hard way. I gave mister hot shot a good old fashion spanking. Watch David Plaza give Jessie Lee a hard slap on the ass in Novella Series Season 6 Episode 10, “Disciplinary Action”.


BrokeStraightBoys: Chaz Berling Fucks David Hardy Raw


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (BrokeStraightBoys: Chaz Berling Fucks David Hardy Raw)

David Hardy, experienced as he is, is the one that’s a little nervous for his scene with new guy Chaz Berling, but once these two get started David forgets his nerves and gets right into it! He pulls Chaz’s cock out and takes it in his mouth, deephtroating that long shaft and sucking it until it’s hard as fuck! When David gets on his knees to receive some oral, Chaz eagerly sucks David’s dick, letting David facefuck him and then licking David’s balls a little as he strokes David’s cock with his lips. …

PeterFever: Working Overtime (Steven Walker, Dominic Steel)


Data Released: Sep 12, 2016 (PeterFever: Working Overtime)

Steven was stuck at work cleaning up a mess left by a drunken asshole. Dominic came in waiting for his hook up. When Steven finished up, he was surprised Dominic was still here. It’s a shame that some guy would stand up a stud like Dominic. It wasn’t until he asked Dominic where his hook up was that he realized he was waiting for him. Watch Dominic Steel surprise Steven Walker with an after-hours fuck in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 9 “Working Overtime”.


PeterFever: Lunch Break (Dominic Steel, Jessie Lee)


Data Released: (PeterFever: Dominic Steel, Jessie Lee)

I could tell Dominic needed a break. It was a shame to see such a gorgeous guy work so hard all day. He needed a moment to relax and to get his mind off of work. Luckily I had not taken my lunch break, so I went to lay down with him. I could feel the difference instantly as he was already focused on getting my cock in his needy ass. Watch Dominic Steel take a break from work to work on Jessie Lee’s cock in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 8 “Lunch Break”.


TitanMen: Silverlake (Micah Brandt, David Benjamin)


Data Released: Aug 31, 2016 (TitanMen: Micah Brandt, David Benjamin)

During his house hunting, Mark finds a newly-renovated, two-story townhouse in Silverlake. While the view out the window is perfect, the building manager is even hotter to see and before long, Mark and Micah are fucking with abandon in the empty house. Micah’s smooth skin next to Mark’s hairy, tattooed body sparkle with sweat as they fuck right by the front door. Moving to the other side of the apartment, Mark rides Micah’s dick, his muscular chest heaving and puffing to keep up the pace. One final position has Mark on his back, legs in the air as Micah slams this thick dick into his hole. Some cum swapping seals the deal and Mark has a new place to call home.



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