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PeterFever: Oh Yeah! (Gabe, Kai)


Data Released: Jul 14, 2017 (PeterFever: Oh Yeah!: Gabe, Kai)

With Gabe lying on top of me, then sucking my cock, I too am glad he’s back in the industry; today, he will also be in my ass. While wrapping my lips around his shaft, Gabe asks to see my ass; his appetite for my hole is incredible. Getting himself ready to top me, I have to start by riding it; damn, that’s huge; I moan. …

MEN (Super Gay Hero): Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 3 (Henier Lo, Rod Pederson)


Data Released: Jul 5, 2017 (MEN (Super Gay Hero): Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 3: Henier Lo, Rod Pederson)

The intergalactic fuck-fest continues.


PeterFever: The Reunion Episode 6: The Mixer (Armond Rizzo, Snowy)


Data Released: Jun 23, 2017 (PeterFever: The Reunion Episode 6: The Mixer – Armond Rizzo, Snowy)

I had heard these two were once an item. Inviting them to one of my parties, I wanted to check out their chemistry before seeing if they would fuck on camera together. Damn, they could smell one another from across the room. Agreeing to fuck on the site, Snowy’s intensity and passion comes through easily as he eats Armond’s ass. Refreshing Snowy’s senses, Armond buries himself deep, thrusting until they both cum. I do love it when I am right. Snowy’s debut on with his old boyfriend Armond feels “cock-full” of their chemistry.


GayHoopla: HOT Gay Orgy (Collin Simpson with Tyler Smith, Alex Griffen, Forrest Marks and Zach Douglas)


Data Released: Apr 14, 2017 (GayHoopla: HOT Gay Orgy: Collin Simpson with Tyler Smith, Alex Griffen, Forrest Marks and Zach Douglas)

Wow! This scene is finally here. This scene wasn’t ever supposed to be filmed… but the guys band together and insisted. Collin Simpson, Alex Griffen, Zach Douglas, Tyler Smith, & Forrest Marks all got along so well during this weekend, they thought a group orgy would be a perfect way to end things. …

MEN (Super Gay Hero): Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 2 (Jordan Boss, Micah Brandt)


Data Released: Apr 3, 2017 (MEN (Super Gay Hero): Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 2: Jordan Boss, Micah Brandt)

Spock and Uhura are in the mood for some galactic fucking after a dangerously daring mission. Spock pumps Uhura full of his cock, working that hole tight around his rod while they travel at lightspeed where no man has cum before.


PeterFever: Hungover, Episode 2 (Skylar Starr, Coda Filthy)


Data Released: Feb 28, 2017 (PeterFever: Hungover, Episode 2: Skylar Starr, Coda Filthy)

Skylar Starr, the blonde, and Coda Filthy, the bottom, keep finding these places to “deepen” their fun for AsianBoyNation It isn’t “Bangkok,” but it’s hot to watch. After some knee action, Skylar turns and gives Coda his “dark side.” As the bottom rims to his “hard’s” content, he also stiffens the top; wolf pack’s got to work together. Coda turns and does his best impression of “IHOP;” it may not be fancy, but it’s all you can “seat.” Moving to the Meditation Garden, the boys go until Skylar blows; the bottom is “faced” with the cream results. Skylar then opens up his “oral-phis” for Coda’s pleasure.


PeterFever: Hungover, Episode 1


Data Released: Feb 20, 2017 (PeterFever: Hungover, Episode 1)

This “wolf pack” makes a splash as they party for AsianBoyNation. At the resort the next day, each guy awakens wondering what or who “went down” last night; and no, Caesar did not live here. Rave Hardick gives a, “oh shit,” as it all “cums” back to him; apparently they were working in teams and Rave was Coda Filthy’s “spotter.” …

PeterFever: Asian Boy Nation’s Baysian Love Episode 3 (Coda, Dax)


Data Released: Feb 13, 2017 (PeterFever: Asian Boy Nation’s Baysian Love Episode 3: Coda, Dax)

Getting back from his trip, Dax checks his email and finds that Coda’s “been busy.” In for a bit of a spanking, the bad boy bends over. Dax wants the “punishment” to fit tightly in Coda’s hole and has the boy suck him until hard. Swallowing Dax orally is impossible, the guy’s just so big; looks like the bad boy’s going to have to find another “opening” to appease his partner. …

PeterFever: Baysian Love, Episode 2 (Dax, Coda)


Data Released: Feb 7, 2017 (PeterFever: Baysian Love, Episode 2: Dax, Coda)

Right where he likes to be, Dax’s face is all up in Coda’s ass before the bottom hops on for a ride. As Coda maneuvers onto the top’s thick cock, both gasp with pleasure. These boyfriends are so into one another; Coda’s “fucks” are met with more pounding. Dax’s log rams up into the boy’s hole. Rolling to their side, Coda moans, “you feel so fucking good;” “awesome ass” replies the top. …

PeterFever: Sex Club 442 (Coda, Drew Bacchae)


Data Released: Jan 24, 2017 (PeterFever: Sex Club 442: Coda, Drew Bacchae)

I never thought I’d see myself at a place like Sex Club 442 but I wanted to explore this hidden side of my curiosity. I was greeted by Drew in his leather gear. I didn’t know what was going to happen so I didn’t say much and stripped down like an obedient submissive and sucked off his cock through the glory hole. Enthralled by the rush, I couldn’t let him have all the fun being dominant so I threw him on the swing and fucked his ass until I came all over his back.



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