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SeanCody – Michael & Randy: Bareback


Data Released: Nov 23, 2014


HotDadsHotLads – Zion Jay Prescott & Jake Marshall, Flip-Flop


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Zion Jay Prescott and Jake Marshall kiss passionately on the couch. Zion plays with Jakes nipples, then unzips Jake`s jeans to get at daddy`s cock. Jake stands up while Zion blows his prick. Jake pulls Zion`s briefs down and Zion lays on the couch, his ass up in the air. Jake tongues Zion`s ass getting it wet and ready. Jake plows Zion doggy style on the couch.


TimTales – Tim Kruger & Henrique


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

While it gets a little colder everywhere Tim needed some brazilian heat and spent some time with sexy Henrique. He truly enjoys every inch of Tim´s huge cock and they get very passionate with a lot of kissing while Henrique´s hot musclebutt gets a treatmeant that every guy wants when it gets cold.

HotHouse – Jimmy Durano & Micah Brandt


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

Saddle Up, Scene 5: Jimmy Durano, Micah Brandt

Washing the big tractor in the farm yard is hard work on a hot day for Micah Brandt. He squeezes his sponge until water drips down his chest, cooling his sweaty, muscled body. Things really heat up when Jimmy Durano arrives on the scene. He rims Micah’s soft, pink hole, then guides his huge rock hard cock into Micah’s mouth. Spit stretches from the tip of Jimmy’s uncut cock to Micah’s thick, sexy lips. With his jeans gathered at his ankles, Jimmy stands and fucks Micah from behind with powerful, assertive strokes. Micah wants Jimmy’s cock deeper, so raises his legs in the air while sitting on the front tire of the tractor. The action builds and builds until Jimmy blows his load on Micah’s strong, round ass.


PeterFever – Andrew Christian – Slipping Outo f My AC’s


Data Released: Nov 17, 2014

My adrenaline was still pumping after the fashion show. Wolfie and I could not keep our minds off the fucking studs on the runway. I had to get these pair of Andrew Christians off and figured Wolfie could help me, but he fucked me instead. Watch Wolfie Blue and CodaFILTHY sex it up after the fashion show in this week`s episode of the Novella Series S3E16 “Andrew Christian – Slipping Out of My ACs”.

PeterFever – Movie Night – I Am Groot


Data Released: Nov 13, 2014

Rico Romero and I needed to beat the rest of the guys at this game. I was going to be Rocket and he was going to be my Groot. Rico got into character and looked hot when he showed off his abs. He kept saying, “I Am Groot.” I didn`t know what he was trying to say but in my head I heard “I want to fuck you”. Watch Armond Rizzo and Rico Romero become the Guardians of the Galaxy in this week`s episode of the Asiancy S8E6 “Movie Night – I Am Groot”.

PeterFever – Movie Night – Hercules


Data Released: Nov 6, 2014

We got tired of watching movies so all the boys decided to pair up to act out their favorite movie. Coda didn`t know what to act out so I was going to surprise him. He opened his eyes and there I was, in my shorts, showcasing all my muscles. I was Hercules and every god needs a sex slave; Coda better be ready. Watch Jessie Lee as Olympic God Hercules and CodaFILTHY as his sex slave in this episode of The Asiancy S8E5 “Movie Night – Hercules”.

RandyBlue – Scotty Marx & Brandon Foster


Data Released: Nov 4, 2014

Home Of The Best Hardcore Gay Porn Videos With Gay And Straight Guys.

Brandon is sound asleep. Rising and falling with each breath is his massive chest and his thousand ab muscles. Brandon is feeling frisky this morning. He does not care that Brandon says he is straight and has never done it with a guy before. If anyone can convert a man over to the gay side it is definitely our resident bottom boy, the hot latino firecracker, Scotty. He starts rubbing his body and grazes over his big black cock hiding underneath his underwear. …

PeterFever – Halloween – Spellbound


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

There was a weird book on table, a mysterious spell book. I do not believe in this hocus pocus, but after reading a spell Andy started acting really weird. He fell in love with me and was now under my control. He did whatever I commanded and I wanted him to fuck me. Watch CodaFILTHY put Andy Banks under his spell in this week`s episode of The Asiancy S8E4 “Halloween – Spellbound”.

PeterFever – Andrew Christian – Loosen Up


Data Released: Oct 28, 2014

Novella Series S3E13 ‘Andrew Christian – Loosen Up’
Trelino kept going on and on about how nervous he was about this being his first time in a fashion show. I could not see why though, his ass looked so fuckable in those tight pair of Andrew Christian underwear. I could not take my eyes off his bubble butt. All he needed to do was relax and loosen up. My cock could help with that. Watch me prepare Trelino’s ass for his first runway walk in this week’s episode of Novella Series S3E13 ‘Andrew Christian – Loosen Up’.


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