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NextDoorEbony – Jin Powers & Tyce Jax


Data Released: Sep 17, 2014

Naked Lunch: Jin Powers, Tyce Jax

He’s a hard working, white-collar employee who values his lunch time more than anything during his day. That’s why Tyce Jax always spends it wisely. This time he’s run into a handsome stranger right near the freeway overpass. The stranger’s name is Jin Powers and he likes the way Tyce moves. Hungry looks are exchanged and Jin follows after Tyce. They walk underneath a nearby bridge where Jin rubs Tyce’s swelling cock. After some kissing, they leave and find a cheap motel room where they can indulge on each other for a little while. …

SouthernStrokes – Rex & Tanner


Data Released: Sep 5, 2014

It was time for our young college stud Tanner to get his tight little hole punched again and this time Rex and his big mushroomed head cock was the lucky ticket taker. We started out with Rex stripping naked white our shirtless Tanner and his beautiful smooth skin on his knees getting Rex’s dick nice and hard and ready to get inside Tanner’s ass. Tanner bent over and held onto the tree so he could brace himself for what was about to cum. Rex bounced in and out of Tanner’s hole as Tanner’s hard college cock bounced in unison. …

BoyFun – Brody Wilde & Demetri Jackson


Data Released: Sep 5, 2014


WorldOfMen – Butch Grand & Carioca


Data Released: Aug 21, 2014

Hairy hunk Butch teams up with the gorgeously mixed race Carioca in an intense session!! Carioca’s huge dick wins the day as Butch can’t get enough of it!! His buff, hair covered body begs for it inside him, getting face fucked and trying to swallow it down to the hilt!! Exploring Butch’s ass, Carioca spends ages spitting, licking and fingering that hairy hole, tasting as much as he can before that mighty meat is ploughed deep into it, fucking him into the sofa and opening up his butt, the ceaseless fucking gives one of the best times either have had, and watching Carioca’s defined body flex with each thrust is unbelievably horny!


BrokeStraightBoys – Tyler White, Kaden Alexander & Romeo James Orgy


Data Released: Aug 15, 2014

Romeo James, Kaden Alexander and Tyler White are ready to get a little crazy in this super hot threesome scene. These boys certainly don’t disappoint as they fuck, suck, lick, and kiss their way to cumming!


TimFuck – Bruno Knickerbocker & Justin Cox, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 7, 2014

After thoroughly exploring Bruno Knickerbocker’s mouth with his tongue and then his cock, Justin Cox has a pretty good idea of exactly what this boy next door needs. The generous topman takes his sweet time delivering it with a slow, intensive pounding that culminates in gobs of spooge sliming the bottom’s needy, well-used fuck chute. A Paul Morris scene.


SouthernStrokes – Sal & Tanner


Data Released: Aug 1, 2014

Two of my favorite Southern hotties; Sal and Tanner decided to enjoy a hot Texas afternoon out on the lawn. Sal and his big uncut cock couldn’t wait to get inside Tanner’s tight college hole. Sal made Tanner strip naked and then he grabbed the back of Tanner’s head and guided it onto his cock. Tanner gladly took Sal’s hard cock slowly in and out of his wet mouth. Tanner wanted to feel Sal’s fat meat inside him. Tanner got on all fours and presented his hole for Sal to mount. Tanner gasped as Sal slowly opened up Tanner’s tight ass with his uncut dick. …

BrokeStraightBoys – Kaden Alexander & Anthony Hunt, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 25, 2014

Anthony Hunt gets a pretty rough welcome back by Kaden Alexander as Kaden fucks him hard and deep, stretching that ass around his thick cock!


RawStrokes – Slim Thug & Carlito


Data Released: Jul 24, 2014


LucasEntertainment: Taye Knight, Christopher Daniels (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 25, 2014

In Christopher Daniels’ first scene filmed at Lucas Entertainment he rode Colin Black’s cock. Well, Christopher once again has the urge to answer his hunger for some brown sugar, which is where Taye Knight comes in. First of all, take a good look at how beautiful Taye’s body is: his muscles are tightly sculpted and his fat cock is another to make any ass pucker — especially Christopher’s! Taye’s dark skin again Christopher’s fair complexion is a handsome blend as the black hunk slams Christopher’s ass!



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