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PeterFever: Mr. Hardball Part 9: Jerk Off Contest (Cody Hong, Gabriel Dalessandro, Ken Ott, Jessie Lee)


Data Released: Oct 6, 2017 (PeterFever: Mr. Hardball Part 9: Jerk Off Contest: Cody Hong, Gabriel Dalessandro, Ken Ott, Jessie Lee)

Circle ’round boys, today we’re going to help one another as a team. I also know how important it is to improve your stamina. So that’s why we’re going to have a jerk off; first one to cum loses. Giving it their all, Cody Hong, Gabriel Dalessandro, Ken Ott and Coach Jessie Lee are a very sexy team on PeterFever.


PeterFever: Mr. Hardball, Part 7: Sex Party (Ken Ott, Gabe Dalessandro, Cody Hong, Jessie Lee)


Data Released: Sep 22, 2017 (PeterFever: Mr. Hardball, Part 7: Sex Party: Ken Ott, Gabe Dalessandro, Cody Hong, Jessie Lee)

It’s time the PeterFever boys just strip and get wet. Of course, with all this dangling’ cock, Jessie Lee puts it to good use with some lap dancing; working on them to improve. Ken Ott goes first; hmm, he’s so pliable. Gabe Dalessandro gives us a nice show, and his cock seems to continuously be in the batter up position. Cody Hong then follows with a lack-luster job; this boy needs to show more effort. Jessie has Gabe come from behind to help Cody out; they all end up winning this game.


IconMale: Take Me Home (Hans Berlin, Jessie Lee)


Data Released: Sep 22, 2017 (IconMale: Take Me Home: Hans Berlin, Jessie Lee)

Sexy German Hans Berlin seeks solace from his loveless marriage with hot hard-bodied Asian jock Jessie Lee. Watch the two sneak away to Jessie’s hideout for an afternoon fuck session that leaves both exhausted and satisfied.


PeterFever: Mr. Hardball Part 6: Coach’s Crush (Jessie Lee, Ken Ott)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (PeterFever: Mr. Hardball Part 6: Coach’s Crush: Jessie Lee, Ken Ott)

Sore and tight, I get a drink to see if that will loosen me up; Gabe went so deep, all my muscles are tense. Calling Coach Lee for a rub down, he’s a bit pissed but agrees to help me out. On the table, his hands work most of the kinks out; his mouth does the rest. Sucking me fully, Coach looks on while I blow and then he cleans me up, again with his mouth. Having me flip over, he’s not done using his oral skills or his member. Rimming me, Coach Lee has me aroused; he takes his turn. Fucking deep and hard, he goes until he blows, my back is coated. He then leans in and says, “that was a pleasure;” it sure was. Ken Ott is looking great as he continues to improve his muscle tone.


PeterFever: Mr. Hardball Part 4: Team Player (Gabe D’Alessandro, Jessie Lee)


Data Released: Sep 1, 2017 (PeterFever: Mr. Hardball Part 4: Team Player: Gabe D’Alessandro, Jessie Lee)

Damn, sometimes my players go too far, and sometimes they set me up with other guys who push my “buttons” for a shot at the game; works for me. Ken sends over Gabe Dalessandro, a player with prospects; he pulls out his hard cock and deep throats mine. Asking if he can eat my ass, I bend over and show him the “infield.” Getting a full display of his abilities, Gabe fucks me like a real pro so I “take one for the team” and open my pie hole. As I tell Gabe, he’s got a “good shot” at making the team. Jessie Lee is our Coach in this tryout.


PeterFever: Mr Hardball, Part 3: Mr. Hardball and the Heckler (Ken Ott, Gabriel D’Alessandro)


Data Released: Aug 25, 2017 (PeterFever: Mr Hardball, Part 3: Mr. Hardball and the Heckler: Ken Ott, Gabriel D’Alessandro)

In the wake of recent events in the United States, I present a timely video that combats racism with fucking; bullying with tough love. In Part 3 of Mr. Hardball, the boys are trying out at practice on a hot day. The Coach, played by Jessie Lee, is playing Catcher with Ken Ott, aka “Mr. Hardball,” on the mound. …

RawFuckClub: Fuck You Like an Animal (Champ Robinson, Chase Acland, Asher Devin, David-SF, Hans Berlin)


Data Released: Aug 16, 2017 (RawFuckClub: Fuck You Like an Animal: Champ Robinson, Chase Acland, Asher Devin, David-SF, Hans Berlin)

Raw Fuck Club’s mystery man gets a taste of his own medicine when he’s ambushed, stripped and strong armed by 4 men who feed him cock while pounding his ass full of cum-shot after explosive cum-shot.


MEN (Drill My Hole): Disobedience (Cooper Dang, Roman Todd)


Data Released: Jul 31, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Disobedience: Cooper Dang, Roman Todd)

Roman Todd fills Cooper Dang to the brim with his bulging man-meat.


PeterFever: Lets Get It In! (Gabe Dalessandro, Alex Chu)


Data Released: Jul 28, 2017 (PeterFever: Lets Get It In!: Gabe Dalessandro, Alex Chu)

Shit, Gabe Dalessandro walks up to the bed, his cock has all my attention. Happily choking, this is going to be a full-on fucking, I can tell. On my knees, Gabe has me bend and spread; his face buries deep. Showing a bit of my kink, I start licking Gabe’s feet; he returns the sensation. Once Gabe is gloved, I slide down, slowly. …

PeterFever: Oh Yeah! (Gabe, Kai)


Data Released: Jul 14, 2017 (PeterFever: Oh Yeah!: Gabe, Kai)

With Gabe lying on top of me, then sucking my cock, I too am glad he’s back in the industry; today, he will also be in my ass. While wrapping my lips around his shaft, Gabe asks to see my ass; his appetite for my hole is incredible. Getting himself ready to top me, I have to start by riding it; damn, that’s huge; I moan. …


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