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AmericanMuscleHunks: Shawn Andrews, Joey D

Data Released: Nov 6, 2015

Shawn Andrews and Joey D have been waiting to reunite and this is the time for them to get some action like their last time together. The chemistry between these two is unmistakable with Joey eating Shawn’s ass like it’s his last meal and Shawn taking Joey’s monster cock from tip to balls over and over.


AmericanMuscleHunks: Johnny V, Dylan James

Data Released: Oct 30, 2015

American Muscle Hunks released Dylan James and Johnny V‘s first session together about 9 months ago. It was one of the studios most popular scenes. Actually the guys filmed two scenes, and this is that second scene. These hot muscle men flip-fucked and the passion they have between the two of them is unmistakeable.

AmericanMuscleHunks: Justin Dean Rides Joey D’s Hard Cock

Data Released: Oct 23, 2015

This week we introduce Justin Dean as our latest HUNK. Justin and Joey had been flirting on Twitter for months and when they were on location together for an event in California, they finally got to prove how deep that flirting went. These two wasted no time getting naked and Justin could not wait to hop on Joey’s huge cock. All of this culminates in one of Justin’s largest loads blowing all over his face and tight body.


ButchDixon: Julio Rey, Mario Domenech (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 21, 2015

FUCK ME RAGGED, just cop an eyeful of this sweet candy, so handsome, so ripped, Mario Domenech vs new face ( new face I wanna sit on) – Julio Rey – in a sizzling, steaming, spunky, bareback festival of hairy, hunk studs. Mario is stunning and takes a cock like man, really nasty and full on, just watch that meat slide into his taut hole, and Julio Rey is just stunning. Don’t fast forward to the fucking this is just to good a jump to rush, watch Julio in his tracks, with that tantalising bulge, mmmmmm, his body is magnificent even through his clothes, and the unveiling of Mario’s muscular legs – YUM. …

TitanMen: Break A Sweat (Eddy CeeTee, Jesse Jackman)

Data Released: Oct 21, 2015


AlternaDudes: Evil Clown And Gorilla Take Emo (Stagg, Austin Mitchell, Dustin)

Data Released: Oct 20, 2015

Super hung super stud, Stagg, shows up to get ready for a party with his dick inside a pumpkin. After Dustin and Austin Mitchell help him carve two more holes, they set it down and go to town fucking the hollowed gourd. That doesn’t quite do it for any of them so they move onto more important things. After going through their costume bin for the party later, Stagg becomes an evil clown and Dustin settles for a gorilla suit. Watch emo Ausin suck and fuck the two before the evil clown takes over and gives Austin an ass stretching he won’t soon forget!


AmericanMuscleHunks: FX Rios, Johnny V

Data Released: Oct 16, 2015


Alphamales: Worktop Work-Out (Bruno Fox, Nick North)

Data Released: Oct 13, 2015

Hunky and hairy Bruno Fox is going over the floor plans of his latest contact with his buff tattooed builder Nick North in their workroom. The workroom is littered with posters of half-naked ladies, but this proves to be a façade as when Bruno checks to see if the workrooms door is locked, he quickly starts to undress the chiselled Nick from his workman jumpsuit. After revealing Nick’s toned chest Bruno can’t keep his hands off his muscles, rubbing him down while making out. Bruno unleashes his beautiful cut cock to Nick and it doesn’t take long until he is on his knees filling his face with the throbbing slab of meat twitching in his face. …

TimTales: Caio Veyron, Dominique Hansson

Data Released: Oct 8, 2015

We paired Ass Destroyer Caio Veyron and Big Muscle Hunk Dominique Hansson and what came out is a real rough ass fucking scene. Caio didn’t get intimidated by the much bigger Muscle Man, he just fucked him so fucking hard! Muscle Hunk destroyed by young Monstercock. If this sounds interesting for you, check this video.


TitanMen: Break a Sweat (Dallas Steele, Hunter Marx)

Data Released: Oct 7, 2015

Running in the park in their red shorts, Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele cruise each other, quickly heading somewhere private. They take a dip in the pool, their hairy pecs rubbing against each other as they kiss. They continue to lock lips in the bedroom, their boners jutting up in the air. Hunter props up his big cock, showing it off as Dallas engulfs it. He sucks the tattooed stud back, opening wide to take in its thick base. They kiss, Dallas staring at the action in a mirror as he guides Hunter down again. Hunter puts his legs in the air, offering his hairy hole. …


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