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BarebackThatHole: Skott Locke, Runer Hayes (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 29, 2016

Skott Locke and Runner Hayes were super cool about letting us film their hookup in Dallas a few weeks ago. They’d been texting back and forth and when they finally got to the hotel room, the excitement had built up to a fevered pitch. Both guys are definitely new school, hairy bareback fuckers. Tattoos, piercings, beards. They look like the guys you might see any day getting a craft beer or showing off on their fixie in Brooklyn or Portland. …

BackRoomFuckers: Building A Double Load (Chad Brock, Ed Hunter)


Data Released: May 30, 2016

Not everything in this building needs to be “tossed,” well maybe. As Chad Brock sits in the window, hangin’ out the welcome sign, Ed Hunter seeks and finds. In this video, Ed, who will top, is out for some “hidden gem” up in here. With a, “suck my cock,” Chad drops and takes it all in. “Show me your ass boy,” commands Ed as he sniffs out a “will-cum” scent. Sliding in, these two are building a hot fuck; the verbal bottom has the top hitting all the right angles. With the lucky neighbors watching, Ed puts Chad on the table and really goes to work. The top “jackhammers” out a double load from his bottom and Chad gives out one last, “aw fuck yeah.” Adding his “plaster,” Ed fills in Chad’s crack.


AmericanMuscleHunks: Hugh Hunter, Jack Hunter


Data Released: May 27, 2016

Jack Hunter is the hunted in this hot scene. Hugh Hunter keeps his boy locked up and decides to let him out for some pleasure. Hugh forces Jack to swallow his monster cock before taking him to the bed and devouring his hole. After teasing Jack’s hole for a while, Hugh shoves his dick into the puckering pink of Jack’s ass. As Hugh watches his cock push against Jack’s stomach as he moves in and out of his hole. Flipping Jack over, Hugh pounds him from behind until his boy blows and then pulls out and unloads his hot jizz all over Jack’s beautiful ass.


BackRoomFuckers: The Scent Of Bears (Rusty Buck, Justin Cumming)


Data Released: May 22, 2016

I think you can smell where this BackRoomFuckers video is going. As the “skinned” Rusty Buck gets his nose filled, he then sucks the cock of top Justin Cumming; this bear knows where to get his meat. After a good long choke, the bottom gets his face full of Justin’s hole. “Ass-uming” the position, Rusty gets on all fours and pushes his stank out for all the flavor Justin can taste. The feasting continues as the top sucks hard on all of the bottom’s bits. Shoving his cock in, Justin takes his time and goes deep; the musk of one another fills the air. Picking up speed, the top gets an, “aw yeah,” as the camera goes below. Flipped over, Rusty continues to moan and take it. Blowing inside, the top then bends down to eat his boy’s “creamed hole” while the bottom tugs out a load.


TheGuySite: Marcelo Fucks Dick


Data Released: May 14, 2016

Dick makes his debut bottoming on film. He thought at first he was a top but, as the song goes, that boy is a bottom. Marcelo gives him a good pounding.


AmericanMuscleHunks: Jack Hunter, Johnny V

Data Released: Apr 1, 2016

Jack Hunter is back and he’s ready to give Johnny V the ride of his life on his enormous man meat. Everyone knows Johnny loves huge cock so he saddles up and blows Jack as only Johnny can. Then Jack pushes Johnny on all fours and devours his hole until he decides to put his monster member inside Johnny’s tight ass. After fucking Johnny on all fours, Jack then lays him on a table and pounds him until he shoots his huge load. Just as Johnny blows all over himself, Jack says he is going to shoot and forces Johnny onto his knees until he covers him with a warm blanket of jizz.


AmericanMuscleHunks: Joey D, Derek Cross

Data Released: Mar 26, 2016

Joey D initiates Derek Cross as a HUNK this week. Derek’s only request when he hit us up to be a HUNK was that he get fucked and fucked really hard. Joey D does exactly that. The two muscle studs begin by making out and then Derek devours Joey’s monster meat. Before long, Joey does what he does best – bends Derek over and pounds his brains out. As Derek’s face is being smashed into the bed, Joey pulls out and puts him on top and forces him to ride his big cock. Derek begs him for more and Joey throws him on his back until they both blow their loads all over Derek.

TitanMen: OUT!: Coach Jesse Cums Out to Dallas in Live TV (Dallas Steele, Jesse Jackman)

Data Released: Mar 23, 2016

A.J. Benson (Jackman) expresses how good it feels to “be free” with GSPN reporter Jim Weaver (Dallas Steele), who has his own confession: He’s had a crush on the jock ever since they played together 20 years ago. “Wish I’d known,” replies the baseball star, who leans in for a kiss. The two rub the bulges in each other’s pants, the reporter’s shaft popping out of his underwear and into A.J.’s mouth. He sniffs the stud’s groin, rubbing his shaved head on his cock. Jim sucks him back, then eats his hole before fucking him (“You are so fucking tight!”). He then bends over (“Right there!” he moans) before they flip fuck again, their dripping bodies soon even wetter.


BearFilms: Sebastian Sax, Marc Angelo, Joe Hardness, and Guy English

Data Released: Mar 17, 2016

Horny, scruffy bottom Sebastian Sax takes on three daddies. One is beefy muscle bear dad Marc Angelo. The other two are real life husbands, Joe Hardness and Guy English. The bearded furry men have their way with the tattooed cock pig, fucking his hungry hole, each man unloading all over Sebastian until he’s completely covered in hot daddy jizz!


AmericanMuscleHunks: Lance Taylor, Duncan Black

Data Released: Mar 18, 2016

Lance Taylor returns this week and initiates Duncan Black into the ranks of HUNKS. These two ripped muscle studs are very quick to get to some action as they begin by making out and Duncan works his way down Lance’s hard body with his tongue. Duncan goes to work on Lance’s cock until Lance takes Duncan’s meat and devours it. But Duncan’s ass is calling Lance and he flips Duncan around to feast on his beautiful hole before pounding him from behind. Duncan takes every inch and enjoys it from the huge smile on his face. Lance throws him on his back and fucks his hole until he decides to suck Duncan off and blow his own load all over Duncan’s tight abs.



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