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RawAndRough: Piss Tub Orgy (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 5, 2015

Aarin Asker and Lukas Cipriani are taking turns drinking piss while sitting in the Raw and Rough piss tub. This gets the rest of the pigs amped up and wanting more. They turn their attention and cocks to Lex Antoine’s furry ass. Ray Dalton, Nick Roberts, Shay Michaels and Lukas all take their turn fucking Lex. Ray gets the final fuck and dumps his nut deep inside Lex.


RawAndRough: Pig Boy, Jessy Karson (Bareback)

Data Released: Sep 24, 2015

The first scene for Raw and Rough from our UK & Europe director Jason Stormme – and it’s a scorcher! Sleazy rubber skin Jessy Karson is known for his aggressive topping but he’s finally met his match in Pig Boy… Jessy gets pissed over and choked with Pig Boy’s fat dick, thrown on his back and skull-fucked until he’s gagging… Pig Boy rips open Jessy’s bleachers and rams his raw cock deep inside him… Jessy takes a really aggressive hard fucking until both guys shoot over their rubber gear.


HardKinks: Worship (Abraham Montenegro, Dylan Ayrton)

Data Released: Sep 17, 2015

Dylan has lost the wrestling combat and must become Abraham’s slave for one day. He’ll remain immobilized and helpless while his master uses his body as he wants to fulfill his darkest fantasies.


HardKinks: Bondage Beast (Isaac Eliad, Rogan Richards)

Data Released: Sep 10, 2015

Bounded, immobilized, and gagged, he waits patiently for his Master in Attack to do with his mind and body what he’ll want. His existence is based solely to satisfy his powerful owner’s vices and sex fetishes.


Str8Hell: Rosta Benecky, Laco Meido (RAW, DUTY BOUND)

Data Released: Sep 12, 2015

Laco Meido is a lucky guy. He has found himself a really hot guy to use, Rosta Benecky. He has Rosta shackled and gagged, and soon has him naked and sucks on his big cock. Having enjoyed that big dick Laco moves on, turning Rosta and rimming his hot ass. Then, with that ass ready he slides him meat into it and fucks Rosta deep and hard. He turns him over and continues to work his dick in and out of the sexy, and very eager, hole. Rosta loves it, and grabs his cock and wanks it hard and fast. It doesn’t take long before Rosta dumps his load as Laco fucks him hard. Then Laco pulls out and releases his own cum all over Rosta’s balls.


GuyBone: Ruckus Tops Runner

Data Released: Jul 27, 2015

What has Runner done to deserve this kind of punishment? Blindfolded and tied to a chair in what looks like an abandoned building. Wait, here comes Ruckus. Punishment or pleasure? You be the judge after watching Runner’s first action scene. Ruckus wastes no time slapping and smacking Runner while he’s tied to the chair. He buries Runner’s nose in his musky armpit and Runner sniffs and licks…


JalifStudio: Mateo Stanford, Max Duran

Data Released: Aug 20, 2015

Max Duran is Mateo Stanford’s personal trainer, an executive who wants to get more buff. What better way to get results than making a good session with the boss on all fours barking like the dog he is?

Str8Hell: Lorenc Byro, Jirka Mendez (RAW, DUTY BOUND)


Data Released: Jul 31, 2015

Jirka Mendez is one very hot straight guy and he loves nothing more than another hot stud to use. He has found perfect guy in Lorenc Byro, who is a straight stud who is also a sex pig. He loves it anyway he can get it. JIrka has Lorenc tied and shackled, with his legs wide apart showing off his ass. Lorenc’s dick is stiff too and Jirka grabs it to give it a few tugs. Then he starts spanking on Lorenc’s ass, making him wriggle and strain against his shackles. Jirka grabs the dick again and goes down on it for a few seconds, biting it. Then he takes a whip and starts to beat on Lorenc’s hot chest, and thighs and ass. Lorenc moans and strains to avoid the whip, to no avail. Jirka then grabs the dick again and wanks on it. He parts the ass cheeks, inspecting the hole, and spanking the ass. He bites on Lorenc’s cock again. He keeps wanking and biting for a while then he takes some clothes pins and starts attaching them to Lorenc’s balls. …

LucasRaunch: Joey Pele And Craig Daniel Explore Their Foot Fetish


Data Released: Jul 23, 2015

In this outtake from “Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction” Joey Pele and Craig Daniel were caught on camera during their sex scene trying something else out – playing around with each other’s feet!


C1R (Dirk Yates): Glory Days


Data Released: 2015

CAST: Aaron Reese, Mike, Mike Honcho, Hall, Joey Rico, Justin Phillips, Mark Smith, Skyler Hicks, Cooper.
SYNOPSIS: Dirk Yates brand new Glory Days! I don’t care what you look like, because I just love sucking cock! In this new Dirk Yates flick you can expect to see plenty of cock hungry straight military men ready and willing to get down on their knees! Glory Days features Cooper, Joey Rico, Justin Philips, Skyler Hicks, Mike, Mark Smith, Mike Honcho, Hall, and Aaron Reese. All 100% straight, 100% horny, and 100% ready to bust a full load. You don’t want to miss out on this Glory Hole suck fest! Scene 1: Cooper wonders onto his old Military Barracks and decides to take a look around. Remembering his days with his fellow soldiers, he finds himself playing with his swelling cock. As he strokes his throbbing dick, Joey Rico rolls in and catches him in the act. …


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