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FetishForce: Hangin’ Hardcore (Alexander Gustavo, Jaxton Wheeler)


Data Released: May 30, 2016

With a slender cane in his grip, Jaxton Wheeler menaces his sub, Alexander Gustavo. Pulling back the thin rod, Jaxton lets it slap across Alexander’s bare, unprotected ass and legs. Jaxton penetrates Alexander’s tight hole using a cane with a sphere on the end, and then uses a massager to make the cane vibrate inside Alexander’s ass. Grabbing two more canes, Jaxton works Alexander over with both hands. When Alexander reaches his limit with the canes, Jaxton rewards him with cock. Jaxton is as relentless with his cock as he was with the canes. Doggy style allows Jaxton full access to Alexander’s hole. …

StudFist: The Whore Next Door (Nate Gimes, Cory Jay) (Bareback)


Data Released: May 17, 2016

Meet Nate Grimes with his clean-cut-boy-next-door looks. Looks deceive and this is ONE HUNGRY PIG!. His open hole and deep throat are world class slut material. Cory Jay came over to join us and took his turn fucking both ends and fisting Nate’s hole sloppy!


TitanMen: Rough Trade (David Benjamin, Dirk Caber, Nick Prescott)


Data Released: May 18, 2016

Bursting out of their harnesses and jocks, David Benjamin and Dirk Caber lick each other’s pits before swapping sucks. “Fuck my mouth, man!” says David, moaning “Smells like a man!” as he takes a big sniff of Dirk’s groin. David squeezes precum out of his own dick, rubbing it on Dirk’s tongue before taking a taste himself. Dirk eats and fucks David, the two then finding Nick Prescott in a sling. They suck him before David gets in the sling, getting stuffed from both ends: “Gimmie that fucking hairy cock!” he shouts as Nick plows him. “Make your fucking dick feel good!” Nick grabs the bottom’s harness as he fucks him, then dildos David before they squirt on him.


Str8Hell: Roman Hendrik, Petr Zuska (RAW, DUTY BOUND)


Data Released: May 6, 2016

Roman Hendrik is naked, gagged and blindfolded. He is also tied against a thick, hanging beam as Petr Zuska arrives and starts to whip his chest. Roman’s cock is hard and poking out in front of him as Petr whips him. That cock is massive and Petr grabs it and wanks on it a little. He whips it too. Petr then pulls hair from around Roman’s nipples and tries to push them into his gagged mouth. He holds that big cock up and hits the balls with the shaft of his whip. Then clips are applied to the balls too. Roman moans as the clips are then attached to his nipples and pulled . That cock stays hard though as Petr keeps working on the body, whipping it. …

FetishForce: Hangin’ Hardcore (Brandon Moore, Brendan Patrick)


Data Released: Apr 28, 2016

Bearded hunk Brendan Patrick kneels before his master Brandon Moore on a circular, spinning, padded fuck table. Brandon engulfs Brendan’s entire head in a leather-studded zipper mask. After a quick rubdown, Brandon hoists Brendan up by the feet and suspends him upside down from the ceiling. He introduces a giant manrammer into Brendan’s willing hole, fucking him steadily with the massive rubber dong. Continuing to service his sub, they ensue in an acrobatic 69 until Brandon lowers Brendan back down to the floor and plows his ready and willing hole with his huge cock. Brandon unhooks Brendan’s feet from the suspension and drills into him doggie-style until he spews his load onto the floor.


CazzoClub: Michael Selvaggio, Ale Tedesco, Michael Duncan


Data Released: Apr 28, 2016

Michael Selvaggio and Ale Tedesco meet to take on the hot ass of Michael Duncan. Duncan’s asshole has only just recovered from the previous day, as is well expanded by Selvaggio and Tedesco up to the pain threshold, until the two driven kink pigs sink their big man fists in. Duncan turns the tables after a uninhibited Kinky fisting session. With intense zeal he rams his heavy fists relentlessly in the dripping lusty rosettes of tops, until all squirt cream in the face.


BiaggiVideos: Fist Fest (Hogan Wade, Antonio Biaggi) (Bareback)

Data Released: Jan 23, 2016


BoundGods: Dirk Caber and Jessie Colter Share a Night of Pain and Pleasure (Dirk Caber, Jessie Colter)

Data Released: Jan 7, 2016

Both strapped in tight leather jocks and harnesses, Jessie Colter and Dirk Caber pay a visit to the dungeon for a play session. After a rough makeout and rimming on a dingy bed, Dirk commands the situation and fastens Jessie to a pillar to worship his pits. He puts Jessie’s balls to the test with a cruel cluster of weights and canes the eager pain slut. Jessie moans in short relief when Dirk frees his balls, but Dirk punctures the break with sharp electric stings from the zapper. Now it’s Jessie’s turn to dominate. …

BoundInPublic: Muscled Submissive Whored Out by Santa for the Holidays (Rex Cameron, Vinnie Stefano, Connor Maguire)

Data Released: Dec 25, 2015

Santa’s hosting a big party, and he’s invited everyone to help him judge whether this whore called Rex Cameron has been naughty or nice. Bad Santa in a black robe rolls into the party and makes it clear that Rex has been nothing but dirty this year. Proving his point, Rex hungrily gags on Bad Santa’s enormous dick. Made to wear a chastity cage, Rex gets passed around the crowd until Santa’s little helpers show up and stuff two cocks into his mouth. …

HardKinks: Young Pup (Aytor Wilde, Gaston Croupier)

Data Released: Dec 31, 2015

Gaston goes hunting tonight looking for a new pup. He likes submissive young twinks to train them and turn them into real useful slaves. Today has found the perfect doggie.



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