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EvilAngel: Bisexual Pick Ups, Scene 3 (Jeze Belle, Brock Avery, Ruckus) (Bareback)

Data Released: Aug 15, 2015

Bearded, muscular Brock Avery checks out the motorcycle being sold by seriously tattooed and pierced Ruckus … and the dudes check out each other. Brock’s hot gf – pierced, teal-haired Jeze Belle – catches them trading BJs; she sucks both cocks together! Spit flows as Brock deep-throats. He fucks tattooed, natural-breasted Jeze’s pussy as Ruckus fucks her face to gagging, and they trade positions. Brock butt-fucks the masturbating girl, sucking her feet. Ruckus sodomizes Brock as Jeze sits on his face. Daisy chain: Ruckus butt-fucks Brock as he corn-holes Jeze! She licks up the jism Brock pumps into her mouth, and the guys share a cum-flavored kiss! Ruckus plows Jeze’s butthole and cums all over Brock’s beard; Jeze and Brock slurp that mess.


Bimaxx: A Game Of Bi Ball, Anyone?

Data Released: Aug 7, 2015

Getting a bit hot and sweaty from a casual game of kicking the ball is exactly what this sexy trio needs to get in the mood for some outdoor bisexual fun! Sports are always a blast, but not as much as getting some bi ass and letting your real sportsmanship shine as you fuck and get fucked by two sexy dudes and a bangin’ chick in the hottest damn game of MMF soccer ever! Bi fucking under the sun is the way to go!


CorbinFisher: Miles, Eric’s Bi Fuck (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 15, 2015

Miles, Eric, and Jamie go at it in this week’s bi-tag fun. First Miles gets spoiled. In the middle of both Jamie and Eric, his dark cock gets all the attention. Jamie shoves Eric’s head down on Mile’s cock, forcing him to take more. As much as Mile’s loves the attention, he wants to get a go at Eric. Jamie and Miles are no strangers to sharing and Miles enjoys the show at first. Well, for the most part. He has them take breaks so he can suck on Eric every now and then! Watching the two makes him just so horny. Eric gives Miles a turn at fucking Jamie. Meanwhile he feeds Miles his dick. Then Jamie wants to see Miles nail Eric. Miles eases into Eric, but his hard cock still makes an impression on Eric’s ass. Eric’s still new to bottoming, but once again that tight ass of his comes around and he blows his load all over himself! Then it’s Mile’s turn to cum!


CorbinFisher: Edwin Teases Brayden (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 8, 2015

It’s no question that Brayden loves to be teased, and with him pining over Edwin’s big cock since Edwin arrived and we discovered the girthy python he carries between his legs. So I figured, why not let him earn it? Brayden is rock hard from the start, as he loves being in a subservient role. She makes sure to make him as jealous as she when she gets what Brayden wants, but it’s when Brayden takes over that things get really intense! He goes through the steps to tease him, but he keeps going back to the hot ripped guy that’s watching. Soon the tension between them becomes too much and Edwin is finally ready to try out a guy for the first time! Brayden’s in absolute heaven- he’s never had a cock that big! He’s practically in another stratosphere when he cums. His hard load spray’s everywhere and Edwin’s never made a man orgasm before. By the look on his face as he gazes down at Brayden’s jizz- drenched abs is you know he finds it so hot. He can’t hold back any longer and delivers a big load over Brayden!


CorbinFisher: Miles Tops Ellis, Jamie (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 1, 2015

All of us are quite happy to see Miles back in action! This young stud is a natural on camera – he’s incredibly charismatic, extremely sexual, and there’s no denying he’s quite pleasant to look at! We haven’t seen him in awhile, but now we’re seeing him in his hottest action to date, as he gets in to some bi action with Ellis and gets his hard cock buried deep inside Ellis’ hole! Ellis is another stud I’m always thrilled to see in action. It’s always hot seeing him get fucked, as his expressions are priceless and it’s obvious he so thoroughly enjoys it. Joined by Jamie and free to have at one another and go wild, Miles and Ellis suck and fuck and blast out big loads in this scorching hot threeway!


CorbinFisher: Marc, Brooke Initiate Holden (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 25, 2015

Incredibly hot and superbly quirky Holden came to CF expecting to film just a solo and maybe having sex with a girl, but what he got in this third afternoon, with two open-minded and kinky models ended up being much better! Marc and Holden get ahold of Brooke and share her completely, splitting their cocks between her ass and mouth, then invading her simultaneously in both of her holes! When Holden experienced the feel of a tight ass he wanted – no needed – more! Lucky for him, Marc is more than willing to bottom for him. As great as Brooke felt, Marc feels even better and Holden is in a new world of pleasure that he’d never been in before. One that left his cock spent and emptied from a juicy load!


BiLatinMen: Bi Desires (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 23, 2015


CorbinFisher: Jon, Colt’s Bi Fuck (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 17, 2015

Hot summer days bring steamy and naughty thoughts. Colt hits on Brooke in the pool but we all know that he’s the type of guy that prefers to have it all. He asks Brooke if she thinks that new guy, Jon, would be interested. Well there’s one way to find out. Before long they have him in the next room, completely naked, and totally hard. Seeing that Jon is just as like-minded as they are in his fantasies they take advantage of the situation- and him! There is no pretending here, everyone is into it and willing to go the next step- which ends up with Colt on his back getting pounded by Jon! With each thrust, Jon gets more and more into the feel of Colt’s hole. We begin to wonder if Colt will cum before Jon does, but Jon holds off till just seconds after Colt before shooting out another one of those gigantic loads of his!


CorbinFisher: Eric Fucks Marc, Brooke (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 11, 2015

Eric’s back to bring that buff, beautiful body of his and put it to work! He’s nervous but it doesn’t take long for him to get into the swing of things. It helps that he has two attractive partners to break him in. The three tangle themselves together. Rubbing and fucking Brooke, Marc and Eric makeout and as one watches the other, the attention starts shifting to the muscled hunk before him. Marc is ready to be pounded. He bends over and Eric takes a guy’s hole for the first time for a dripping, white, hot finish!


CorbinFisher: Nolan, Colt’s Bi Fuck (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 4, 2015

All horned up and ready to go, Colt, Nolan, and Brooke waste no time in getting undressed and started on each other! Brooke loves the sensation of two men to play with and the guys are love the combination of getting a choice of both a masculine hard body and a soft female one at their full disposal. Everyone moans as they take turns with her while making out and admiring the hot man before them. Then Brooke wants to get a show and watch Nolan and Colt have sex! She tells Nolan to top Colt and Colt presents that gorgeous ass of his to the new handsome young stud. Nolan takes it and proceeds to fuck Colt until they both shoot their loads!



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