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CorbinFisher: Kenny Fucks Brayden and Jamie (Bareback)

Data Released: Nov 23, 2015

Kenny, Brayden, and Jamie move past any pretenses- they’re all there to have a good time and get off! Kenny and Jamie start by putting on a show. Brayden’s cock is out and rock hard before they’re even naked. He vigorously jerks off watching Kenny get his dick sucked, his toes curling and face growing intense. Cautious to not cum just yet he joins Jamie and they share Kenny’s cock. Brayden is totally at Kenny and Jamie’s disposal, worshipping Kenny’s balls while he’s being ridden. Jamie takes a break to make Brayden suck on Kenny’s freshly fucked cock. …

CorbinFisher: Kellan Pounds Truman and Jamie (Bareback)

Data Released: Nov 12, 2015

Kellan is in a sharing mood, and Truman has no problem being a taker! Kellan squats over Jamie’s face so she can get a mouthful of his big dick. Then the guys take turns plugging her up on both sides. They get so worked up getting their dicks sucked and fucked, but they want the full experience. So after Kellan gets ridden- he takes Truman for a ride! Together, he and Jamie prep his horny little hole and then Kellan finishes him off with a good fucking!


CorbinFisher: Tobias, Truman’s Bi Fuck (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 27, 2015

One blond, one dark- both hunks! Our coed Jamie really is a lucky girl to have two muscled jocks to share! She’s pretty aware that she might have too much meat on her hands so she’s glad that there is also some heavy chemistry between them! Tobias hadn’t been in a three-way before where he had full access to both the guy and the girl and he is loving getting the best of both worlds- reaching out and making out with a guy, rubbing on his body and being met with the same level of attraction. The guys show off for each other in a competitive and seductive way- and it works! Truman is clearly turned on by how Tobias fucks and so Tobias lets him feel it firsthand- which drives him positively insane! He wants to be treated rougher than he was with Jamie and Tobias proves himself the man for the alpha for the job!


CorbinFisher: Kellan Fucks Jamie, Harper (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 17, 2015

Kellan has been gone for a while but his warm welcome by Jamie and Harper reminds just why he shouldn’t be gone that long again! Kellan’s body is basically attacked by the both of them and he’s overwhelmed in the best way! Jamie jumps on his dick and rides him as hard as she can. Meanwhile Harper’s rock hard, licking and kissing any skin that’s available to him. Harper jumps on Kellan next and takes control of his own fucking, getting off on seeing Kellan give Jamie his attention while he gets all of his dick’s. Soon after, the emotions start running high between Kellan and Harper and Jamie is all but forgotten. They stare into each other’s eyes as they get closer to climax and Harper blows a huge and messy load! He begs Kellan to seed him – and gets an ass full of cum!


CorbinFisher: Breaking In Dexter (Dexter, Colt, Brooke) ( Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 10, 2015

Dexter, Colt, and Brooke are dying to get into some action. Hungry for cock and to stick their dicks into a hole, they go at it taking turns with each other. It doesn’t take long for the focus to shift onto Colt’s hot ass. Brooke loves watching the guys get it on. She spit’s on Colt’s ass to make it wet for Dexter and then cheers every pump that Dexter drills. Dexter’s dick is at it’s hardest when he’s fucking hunky Colt and of course Colt’s always up for a good time! He greedily swallows up every drop of Dexter’s cum and Dexter is in happy disbelief of how great the sex was.


CorbinFisher: Jensen’s Bi Three Way (Jensen, Ryder, Olivia) (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 3, 2015

Jensen absolutely cannot believe his luck. Ryder and Olivia kneel on either side of him and split him between the both of him. Without a word they undress him, kiss him, and then share his thick juicy cock! She sits on his face while Ryder puts his mouth to work, licking and sucking on Jensen, while stroking himself. Jensen takes the first turn with Olivia, but when Ryder takes his turn Jensen doesn’t sit back- he jumps right in! Jensen is 100% alpha male. He’s handsome, huge, built, and he’s well hung! He takes Ryder’s ass without a second thought. Ryder cries out in pleasure as he’s getting both his dick and his ass stimulated simultaneously. Then Jensen lays him on his back and works a nut out of him with his long uncut cock!


CorbinFisher: Teasing Harper (Colt, Harper, Jamie) (Bareback)

Data Released: Sep 26, 2015

The idea might have been for Harper to be teased- but that’s not what happens here! Although he’s not allowed to touch Jamie, Harper is given free reign on Colt. While Jamie rides Colt’s face, Harper is all over his body- sucking his big meaty cock, licking his balls, and licking all the way up to his face to make out with him before heading down to get a mouthful of cock again! Harper wants it so bad that eventually he just takes it- and Colt is quite a lot to take. Harper’s moans start immediately. Colt loves having a guy that really loves his girth and size. Colt completely dominates Harper, smacking him red. Meanwhile Harper begs to be fucked harder and harder! The bed might break before these guys get off but even if it does- they’re not stopping!


CorbinFisher: Luke Bangs Brittany, Brayden (Bareback)

Data Released: Sep 19, 2015

Brayden is so anxious for this scene to start that he’s practically shaking! Watching Luke and Brittany together gets him hard immediately. Within minutes he just needs to be touched. He asks Luke to suck his dick for a bit, which he does, before he goes back to putting on a show for him. The two tease him while they go at it and Brayden is torn in how much he loves to watch and how bad he wants to join. He licks Luke’s balls while she fucks him. Then gets his dick wet for her to ride. At the brink of no return he gets sweet release! Luke slides his big dick into him and it’s almost too much for Brayden to take, but as he gets loosened up, Luke’s hard rod becomes exactly what he wanted all along. He fires off a huge well-earned load!


CorbinFisher: Finn Fucks Kenny, Jamie (Bareback)

Data Released: Sep 12, 2015

For this week’s hot bi-tag action, Finn gets his first taste of the more masculine side of passion when Kenny joins in on the fun with him and Jamie! Kenny and Jamie are totally comfortable in sharing and it works out marvelously for Finn, as he gets to feel two mouths and two holes for one crazy hot afternoon! First Kenny and Finn poke and prod Jamie. Then Finn stands over Kenny so he can suck his dick. When Finn pulls his dick out of Kenny’s mouth, Kenny offers him somewhere new to put it. Finn takes up his offer and starts working on his ass. Head back, Finn can’t believe how good it feels, but Kenny can – he loves it. Kenny rides Finn and he gives him all he’s got – and they don’t stop till they’ve both shot their loads!


BiMaxx: A View To Bi For (Bareback)

Data Released: 2014

Two couples have just arrived at their lovely bed and breakfast for the weekend, and after checking out the view and all around getting in the mood for some good times it’s a no-brainer that they’re gonna make good use of the bed and try out some fourway bi action! These two lovely couples have been waiting for this for some time, so when it’s time to perform they all do so beautifully, with guys and girls getting fucked and everyone jumping into the action any way they choose! Anything goes for these bi lovers, so check out everything they get up to in true HD!



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