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NakedSword: Greasers, Scene 4 (Trenton Ducati and JJ Knight Flip Fuck)


Data Released: Jan 25, 2017 (NakedSword: Greasers, Scene 4: Trenton Ducati and JJ Knight Flip Fuck)

It’s the clash of the bulls as superstars JJ Knight and Trenton Ducati go head-to-head in this flip-flop fucking, cum eating Greaser battle. These two horse hung studs try to outdo each other in a battle of sexual wits. Who will be the new Greaser leader and who will be left in the dust? All we know is you’ll be shooting some grease of your own when you take on the Greasers!


HelixStudios: Flirty Flipfuck (Noah White, Chandler Mason)


Data Released: Jan 29, 2017 (HelixStudios: Flirty Flipfuck: Noah White, Chandler Mason)

Crazy hot cutie Chandler Mason doesn’t need any help pullin’ ass! However, walking one of most pretty dogs on the planet gives twink super star Noah White a flirty opportunity for an opening line; which brings these two dirty dogs together for one dynamic dicking! After some puppy love and petting in the dog park, the boys bring the heat back Noah’s bedroom where they put every dog IN the park to shame! …

HardKinks: A Total Slve (Aytor Wess, Cristian Martin)


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (HardKinks: A Total Slve: Aytor Wess, Cristian Martin)

Cristian is a straight young man who visits Dr. Wess to stop smoking. But the evil Dr. Wess will use his dominance to humiliate him, making him become his private human dog. He can only obey, and he have no choice but to submit to his desires…


ColbyKnox: Passion and Fire (Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 27, 2017 (ColbyKnox: Passion and Fire: Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox)

Colby and Mickey are truly in love. Nearly 5 years together and they still find the time to make special dinners and romantic nights. Tonight Colby has lit a fire and asked Mickey to come sit by it for a while. Of course they both know what going to happen. Colby is going to bend Mickey over and Fuck him right there in front of that fire. Feeling the warmth on their skin as Colby thrust inside Mickey over and over. It’s a beautiful sight.


AlphaMales: Marco Sessions, Daniel Dias


Data Released: Jan 30, 2017 (AlphaMales: Marco Sessions, Daniel Dias)

Trojan calls Handyman Marco Sessions but he gets no answer. Marco was in the shower and on his return to the bedroom, Daniel Dias (a very hunky piece of beef Marco picked up the night before and still hasn’t let go) informs him of the missed call. Marco doesn’t think it’s time to talk about work but time to get his ass filled again by the chunky cock attached to the mountain of muscles laying on his bed. …

UKHotJocks: Sam Barclay STUFFD by Jack Taylor


Data Released: Jan 27, 2017 (UKHotJocks: Sam Barclay STUFFD by Jack Taylor)

Jack is back! Mr Taylor leans back confidently on an electric blue fuck-box in some smoking hot gear. In a snapback, black & white jock and harness combo, he’s looking hot as fuck, pumped and ready for to take someone on. Out of the shadows walks Sam Barclay, the light hitting his stacked and tanned torso. …

MEN (Drill My Hole): Fuck Him Up, Part 4 (Brent Everett, Tayte Hanson)


Data Released: Jan 27, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Fuck Him Up, Part 4: Brent Everett, Tayte Hanson)

Tayte Hanson and Brent Everett’s make-up sex is hot enough to settle any bad blood between the two former lovers. Tayte chokes on Brent’s cock while Brent preps his hole for a pounding. Tayte opens wide with the help of Brent’s strong fingers and wet tongue-that cock slides right in, turning his sweet ass out.


MenAtPlay: Up A Gear (Klein Kerr, Sunny Colucci)


Data Released: Jan 27, 2017 (MenAtPlay: Up A Gear: Klein Kerr, Sunny Colucci)

When you know what you want you got to move up through the gears quick! Klein Kerr is ready to go before he’s even put the keys in the ignition, when he finds himself seated next to the hot garage manager Sunny Colucci. Picking up his car after a routine maintenance at the local garage, flash suited exec Klein insists that young Sunny takes the passenger seat to check out the performance. …

MenOver30: Coming Out Is Hard (Max Cameron, Jason)


Data Released: Jan 27, 2017 (MenOver30: Coming Out Is Hard: Max Cameron, Jason)

Max is talking to Jason on the phone about his coming out to his family. Max is very emotional because his family has not accepted him coming out and he is fighting back tears. Jason tells Max that he will come home early from work to be with him. Jason arrives and gives Max a big hug that leads into some passionate kissing. …

RagingStallion: State of Arousal (Colton Grey, Bruno Bernal)


Data Released: Jan 27, 2017 (RagingStallion: State of Arousal: Colton Grey, Bruno Bernal)

Their tongues intertwined, Colton Grey and Bruno Bernal let go of their inhibitions and submit to the pull of their heightened sexual arousal. Colton’s huge cock and heavy balls are irresistible to Bruno, who falls on his knees and inhales Colton’s throbbing member. Colton leans back, savoring the sensation and showing off his six pack abs and colorful tattoo. Reaching for Bruno’s ass, Colton works a finger into Bruno’s hole, foreshadowing what is to come. …


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