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HardBritLads: Fraser Jacs, Troy Haydon


Data Released: Mar 14, 2017 (HardBritLads: Fraser Jacs, Troy Haydon)

A hot and passionate video, with handsome, dark, hairy chested footballer Fraser Jacs, and tall tattooed stunner Troy Haydon. From the start these two have the hots for each other, with hardons straining to get out of their shiny sports shorts. They kneel on the bed, kissing and groping each other before pulling off their tops and indulging in some hot mutual nipple play. …

GayRoom: Wet Fuck (Alex Gray, Nate Stetson)


Data Released: Mar 15, 2017 (GayRoom: Wet Fuck: Alex Gray, Nate Stetson)


EuroCreme: Christopher Daniels, Luke Desmond


Data Released: Mar 14, 2017 (EuroCreme: Christopher Daniels, Luke Desmond)

Hairy muscle man Chris, with great blond hair all over his body, teams up with twinky Luke Desmond, the slim, toned young lad with a huge dick. A lover of twink spunk, Chris can’t wait to get in bed with Luke, immediately stripping and sporting a massive hard-on just like Luke. Not wasting any time, Chris gets Luke to suck his hot cut cock, but when Chris gets his mouth around Luke’s 9? you can tell just how into him he is. …

MEN (Str8 to Gay): Undercover Stripper, Part 2 (Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone)


Data Released: Mar 13, 2017 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Undercover Stripper, Part 2: Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone)

Mick Stallone hires undercover stripper Manuel Skye, unaware that he is Manuel’s first true test of his undercover cop abilities. All is a success, with Mick taking Manuel’s cock in his mouth before the pants have hit the floor. After trading blow-jobs, Manuel mounts up on Mick’s long slender rod. He bounces away, taking that dick deeper and deeper until Manuel’s abs are covered in cum.


MEN (Str8 to Gay): Dad Group, Part 2 (Ashton McKay, Aspen)


Data Released: Mar 11, 2017 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Dad Group, Part 2: Ashton McKay, Aspen)

Aspen can’t wait until the next stay-at-home-dad group meeting-he needs to get his dick wet now! Ashton McKay agrees to blow-off his wife’s errands and instead blows Aspen’s long delicious cock. The guys move from the bedroom to the shower where there’s a close call-but nothing will come between them and blowing a huge load.


UKHotJocks: Sharp (Josh Moore, Gabriel Phoenix)


Data Released: Mar 10, 2017 (UKHotJocks: Sharp: Josh Moore, Gabriel Phoenix)

Josh Moore sits perched on the arm of a chesterfield sofa in a grey/brown/mottled suit, looking sexy, brooding, a fireball waiting for someone to try and pick him up! In swaggers Gabriel Phoenix in a midnight blue 2 piece and tie, he catches his eye and walks up to him with confidence. …

RealityDudes (Str8Chaser): Levi (I Offered Him Some Money To Fuck His Hot Ass)


Data Released: Mar 13, 2017 (RealityDudes (Str8Chaser): Levi – I Offered Him Some Money To Fuck His Hot Ass)

While strolling in the park I found Levi having his lunch on a bench. I talked to him for a bit and found out he was a construction worker which got me instantly hard. I offered him some money to show me a bit of that body, and eventually the price was right. One thing led to another, and soon enough I was fucking his hot ass in my hotel room.


RealityDudes (Str8Chaser): Cody (He’s A Bit Of A Freak)


Data Released: Mar 10, 2017 (RealityDudes (Str8Chaser): Cody – He’s A Bit Of A Freak)

Cody was leisurely jogging in the park when I met him. I was instantly attracted to his big arms and bouncing bulge. He was a bit shy when we first started talking but it quickly became apparent that he’s a bit of a freak. So I offered him a decent amount of money and he was game to let me enjoy that hot ass of his.


RagingStallion: Object of Desire (Bennett Anthony, Caleb Daniels)


Data Released: Mar 13, 2017 (RagingStallion: Object of Desire: Bennett Anthony, Caleb Daniels)

Caleb Daniels hails from Philly, loves rimming, and relishes an intense, connective rapport with his sexual partners. Bennett Anthony is originally from South Carolina, enjoys running, and likes to get aggressive. As they make out and stroke each other’s cocks, they establish a deep, intimate connection. …

NakedSword: The Ten Spot, Episode One: The Ten Buck Fuck (Calvin Banks, Micky JR)


Data Released: Mar 8, 2017 (NakedSword: The Ten Spot, Episode One: The Ten Buck Fuck: Calvin Banks, Micky JR)

For years guys have been hooking up and taking their tricks to The Ten Spot, a legendary fuck pad located in San Francisco’s Castro District. Today sexy Falcon Exclusive Woody Fox lives in the apartment next door and runs the operation, where everyone is welcome as long as they leave $10 on the bed on the way out. Some people wonder why it’s so cheap but there’s something they don’t know: Woody has a secret fetish that makes it all worthwhile. If you’re lucky you’ll find out what it is at The Ten Spot.



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