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ManRoyale: Cater To You (Alexander Volkov, Ollie)


Data Released: Sep 13, 2017 (ManRoyale: Cater To You: Alexander Volkov, Ollie)


IconMale: Mom’s Fiancee (Brandon Wilde, Nick Sterling)


Data Released: Sep 12, 2017 (IconMale: Mom’s Fiancee: Brandon Wilde, Nick Sterling)

Gorgeous blonde Brandon Wilde is seduced by his mother’s creepy fiancee Nick Sterling, who gets aroused by the sight of Brandon’s bubble butt walking by in tight little shorts. Brandon resists, but Nick knows just how to turn on the hot younger man, and the two agree to keep their forbidden tryst a secret.


HardBritLads: Alex Lewis, Fraser Jacs


Data Released: Sep 12, 2017 (HardBritLads: Alex Lewis, Fraser Jacs)

Tall sexy hard lad Alex Lewis gets his massive 9-incher fully serviced by fit hairy footballer Fraser Jacs. Alex is super tall and towers over Fraser. They kiss passionately and get a feel of each others bulges. Alex lifts his vest to reveal his toned body. Fraser licks and sucks on his big nipples. They kiss again, and Alex removes Fraser’s top. Fraser is a more muscular and his chest is nicely hairy. Alex licks Fraser’s nipples and rubs his bulge, then slips his hand inside Fraser’s shorts to pull out his uncut dick. …

GayHoopla: Bodybuilder Dorian James FUCKS Adrian Monroe


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (GayHoopla: Bodybuilder Dorian James FUCKS Adrian Monroe)

Dorian James makes his GayHoopla hardcore debut. We paired him up with Adrian Monroe who absolutely one hot partner. Dorian James has had one other male encounter in his life when he was picked up at the gym. He ended up topping this hunk who supposedly looked just like him. He loved the experience so much, that he contacted us ready to fuck. After he fucked Adrian Monroe, he told us fucking guys is way hotter then his past experiences and can’t wait for me. He’d even consider bottoming…


GayHoopla: Russ Logo First-Time Gay Sex with Lucas Garza


Data Released: Sep 11, 2017 (GayHoopla: Russ Logo First-Time Gay Sex with Lucas Garza)

Russ Logo was definitely in a bind and contacted us asking if we could hook him up with some extra money. I suggested the hardcore scene which at first, he was really reluctant about. After some thought, he obliged and we set up a shoot with uncut Lucas Garza. You can tell in the beginning of the scene, Russ was super up-tight. He’d never even kissed a guy before so this would all be brand new to him. …

GayHoopla: Nick Harper FUCKS James Manziel So Hard He CUMS


Data Released: Sep 8, 2017 (GayHoopla: Nick Harper FUCKS James Manziel So Hard He CUMS)


GayHoopla: Julian Rodriguez First Time Gay Sex with Zach Douglas


Data Released: Sep 1, 2017 (GayHoopla: Julian Rodriguez First Time Gay Sex with Zach Douglas)

Julian Rodriguez makes his hardcore debut teaming up with Zach Douglas. Although Julian was quite nervous for this scene, he was certainly excited. When Zach first felt his heartbeat in the pre-interview, Julian was pumped. It didn’t take much to get Julian’s big cock hard. Zach gave him a great blowy then let him penetrate those cheeks. Julian’s first time in a man was amazing. Much tighter then he ever expected and plans on coming back for more!


GayHoopla: Ripped Zach Douglas FUCKS Caden Carli


Data Released: Aug 28, 2017 (GayHoopla: Ripped Zach Douglas FUCKS Caden Carli)

Zach Douglas loved the fact he got to bend Caden Carli and direction he pleased. The former gymnast Caden let Zach Douglas in nice and deep hitting places, most bottoms can’t reach. Zach Douglas drenched Caden’s ass with his tongue before fucking him senseless.


CockyBoys: Levi Karter Fucks Danny Montero


Data Released: Sep 8, 2017 (CockyBoys: Levi Karter Fucks Danny Montero)

Who has a stripper pole in their bedroom?? Levi Karter, of course! On the night after the CockyBoys pool party where he and Danny Montero were reacquainted, they sneak away to Levi’s sultrily red-lit cottage to see the pole… and more. Levi shows off his acrobatic pole skills which has the intended result of turning on both Danny AND Levi. As they sit on the bed Danny then shows HIS favorite skill of making out and after lots of kissing, Danny is making out with Levi’s cock. …

BlakeMason: Jack Taylor, Leander


Data Released: Sep 10, 2017 (BlakeMason: Jack Taylor, Leander)

Jack Taylor and Leander were going to head out with a friend and get on the beers, but the big ginger stud has clearly got other plans for his boyfriend’ his arse is out for Jack to eat! While their friend is in the shower, the two are left alone in the kitchen, and with Leander’s hangover horn getting the best of him it’s not long before he has Jack’s perfect uncut cock up his ass. Watch as big and buff Leander gets his hole fucked, sucks his buddy’s dick, gets his own big meat gobbled and slides into Jack to return the favor before the pair finally wank out their splashing cum loads and share a creamy treat! Looks like they won’t be leaving the house anytime soon!



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