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NextDoorBuddies: Taking Every Inch (Jimmy Clay, Chase Klein)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2017 (NextDoorBuddies: Taking Every Inch: Jimmy Clay, Chase Klein)

Jimmy Clay has got a special treat in store for him today, as he introduces Chase Klein, a tall Floridian with an open mind and an eye on the prize. Given a list of potential scene partners, Chase decided on Jimmy, noting that Mr. Clay just had a look that seemed right for Chase. Jimmy takes that compliment and runs with it, showing Chase the ropes as they strip out of their clothes. …

MenOver30: Massage Journey (Trey Turner, Ali Liam)


Data Released: Jun 9, 2017 (MenOver30: Massage Journey: Trey Turner, Ali Liam)

Ali has come to Trey for a massage as his arm and lower back are really bothering him. Trey has him strip down and lie on the table face down as he begins massaging him. As Trey begins massaging Ali, we get to see how beautiful Ali’s body is. …

MaleReality: Gay Frathouse 4 (Michal Lope, Robbie Masters)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2017 (MaleReality: Gay Frathouse 4: Michal Lope, Robbie Masters)


IconMale: Fix Me, Handyman (Roman Todd, Troy Accola)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2017 (IconMale: Fix Me, Handyman: Roman Todd, Troy Accola)

Troy Accola is having a hard time at home, he decides to crash at Max Sargent’s house. While he’s studying in his room, gorgeous Roman Todd, Max’s handy man interrupts the two are instantly attracted to each other. They start making out on the bed within seconds. It’s a wild boy on boy fucking session! Deep and dirty dick sucking, ass destruction from pounding to licking there is nothing these two won’t do to satisfy each other’s cravings! Leaving them both cum shooting their loads in to climax!


HotHouse: Overpowered (Dakota Rivers, Gabriel Cross)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2017 (HotHouse: Overpowered: Dakota Rivers, Gabriel Cross)

Cute ginger, Gabriel Cross, is a house boy whose only job is to make his sugar daddy happy. Gabriel is enjoying an orange soda on the couch watching some porn when his hot muscle daddy, Dakota Rivers, storms in the room. Dakota is mad as hell because Gabriel has racked up his emergency credit cards buying frivolous toys for himself and his friends with Dakota’s money. …

GayHoopla: Blonde Stud Sean Holmes FUCKS James Manziel


Data Released: Jun 9, 2017 (GayHoopla: Blonde Stud Sean Holmes FUCKS James Manziel)

Sean Holmes is back to stick his long dick in the power bottom, James Manziel. I love watching both of these guys fuck because they clearly fuck often in their personal lives. Both Sean Holmes & James Manziel know what the hell they’re doing. …

FalconStudios: Intimate (JJ Knight, Ian Greene)


Data Released: Jun 9, 2017 (FalconStudios: Intimate: JJ Knight, Ian Greene)

Ian Greene and JJ Knight are completely head over heels with each other. Their passion transcends lusty physical instincts and they take their attraction a whole new level when they explore the electricity in each other’s gorgeous bodies. They’re lounging on the couch together in their tighty whities when Ian initiates the fun by arousing JJ with his toes. …

DominicFord: Vegas Domination (Jaxton Wheeler, Alexander Gustavo)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2017 (DominicFord: Vegas Domination: Jaxton Wheeler, Alexander Gustavo)

In our Vegas Domination series, we filmed hot tops dominating sexy bottoms. Jaxton is the perfect Dom for this series: he’s masculine, hairy, forceful, and he fucks like an animal. And we paired him with Alexander, an insatiable, sexy bottom who takes Jaxton’s dick like no other.


DominicFord: Cody Kross, Javier Cruz


Data Released: Jun 1, 2017 (DominicFord: Cody Kross, Javier Cruz)

Dominic Ford EXCLUSIVE model Cody Kross has a huge cock and knows how to use it. In this scene, he and Javier Cruz (who was in our blockbuster movie ‘How To Get Away With Murder’) have passionate sex. Javier loves Cody’s huge cock and takes all of it in his tight bubble butt.


DominicFord: Scott Demarko, Cody Kross


Data Released: May 11, 2017 (DominicFord: Scott Demarko, Cody Kross)

Love, Passion, Tenderness. This is an amazing scene with Scott DeMarko and Cody Kross. Scott and Cody spent a lot of time kissing and fooling around. Then Scott uses his huge cock to make love to Cody. Cody cums in the middle of the scene, he likes it so much. Then Scott cums on Cody’s ass and fucks him again.



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