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NakedSword: The Layover, Scene 1 (Brian Bonds, Mickey Taylor)


Data Released: Apr 12, 2017 (NakedSword: The Layover, Scene 1: Brian Bonds, Mickey Taylor)

British flight attendant Mickey Taylor celebrates his 21st birthday with a quick trip to Las Vegas. His main objective: to see how many cocks he can get in a 24-our layover. As luck would have it the owner of his Airbnb (Brian Bonds) stops over and Mickey gets a jump start on his goal. …

MenOver30: Risky Sex Is Hot Sex (Dustin Steele, Tyler Phoenix)


Data Released: Apr 21, 2017 (MenOver30: Risky Sex Is Hot Sex: Dustin Steele, Tyler Phoenix)

Dustin and Tyler have entered the locker room and Dustin is explaining this article that he recently read that says if you have risky sex or public sex it increases the pleasure of your ejaculation. Tyler says he just likes sex, so anyway is fine with him. …

MaleReality: Gay Gapes 2 (Georgio Black, Luke A)


Data Released: Apr 20, 2017 (MaleReality: Gay Gapes 2: Georgio Black, Luke A)

Luke wants Georgio to bulk up and build some muscle. When Georgio takes off his pants, Luke is quick to learn just exactly how big and bulky Georgio’s man muscle really is.


IconMale: Massage Me (Billy Santoro, Roman Todd)


Data Released: Apr 20, 2017 (IconMale: Massage Me: Billy Santoro, Roman Todd)

Straight Boy Billy Santoro hires the gorgeous Roman Todd for a massage at his house. Once Billy feels Roman’s hands rubbing down his naked body he is completely turned on. He starts jerking off, then pulls Roman’s hands towards his hard cock. The massage quickly turns into a hard-core guy on guy fucking session! With dick sucking, and ass slamming, till the two are exploding with dripping cum! After a massage this good, Billy may not be so straight after all!


HotHouse: TKO Total Knockouts (Sean Zevran, Micky Jr)


Data Released: Apr 20, 2017 (HotHouse: TKO Total Knockouts: Sean Zevran, Micky Jr)

Sean Zevran has the muscle and the size advantage, but sneaky Micky Jr. can dodge and weave to stay one step ahead. Who will be the winner? Sean’s dominance serves him well as he takes down his agile opponent, and Micky rewards Sean’s victory with a wet, sloppy blowjob. But Sean’s eager to taste Micky’s ass, so he makes Micky do a handstand to get his ass right in Sean’s face! …

HardKinks: Don’t Wake Me Up (Alec Loob, Angel Garcia)


Data Released: Apr 13, 2017 (HardKinks: Don’t Wake Me Up: Alec Loob, Angel Garcia)

Alec is sleeping but his slave is eager to serve him, he needs to smell and lick his feet, and it have to be now, he’s addicted to them, and they are the reason for his pathetic existence.


GuyBone: John Mack and Mason Dane Flip


Data Released: Apr 18, 2017 (GuyBone: John Mack and Mason Dane Flip)

Fuuuck. John and Mason totally have that big bro, little bro vibe going on. Similar looks, glasses, bodies. They started the scene in their near matching boxer briefs and spectacles. They lost both pretty quickly and showed off the equally impressive hardons they’d been concealing. They took turns swallowing each other’s stiff cocks and I was beside myself at how insanely hot the two of them were together. So insanely hot, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!


GayHoopla: Blonde Stud Sean Holmes FUCKS Collin Simpson


Data Released: Apr 21, 2017 (GayHoopla: Blonde Stud Sean Holmes FUCKS Collin Simpson)

Sean Holmes is finally back. It has literally taken me years to get Sean Holmes on board to partake in some hardcore action. What better partner to start him off with then Collin Simpson. Schedules are normally crazy and tight and the guys don’t get that long to hang out prior to filming. …

FalconStudios: Property Lovers (JJ Knight, Beau Reed)


Data Released: Apr 21, 2017 (FalconStudios: Property Lovers: JJ Knight, Beau Reed)

After a long day, JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan collapse into bed. Brent excitedly tells JJ about how he caught Alex and Dustin fucking on the job, and the sexy story inspires them into a nighttime quickie. The next morning, Beau Reed arrives to finish some work as JJ is still wrapped in a towel, finishing shaving. …

ExtraBigDicks: That’s a Monster Cock (Van Wilder, Juan Carlos)


Data Released: Apr 20, 2017 (ExtraBigDicks: That’s a Monster Cock: Van Wilder, Juan Carlos)

Juan Carlos has followed Van back into the locker room and he is obviously staring at the large bulge in Van’s shorts. Van notices and asks what he is staring at. Juan Carlos asks what the fuck do you have in there and with that Van whips out his massive cock. Juan is shocked by the size, but cannot help but grab it and start stroking it. He can’t believe how great the thickness of Vans shaft feels in his hands. He then drops to his knees and tries his best to suck his cock deep.



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