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MEN (Str8 to Gay): Runaway Groom (Cliff Jensen, Damien Kyle)


Data Released: Jul 23, 2017 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Runaway Groom: Cliff Jensen, Damien Kyle)

This groom isn’t looking for a wife, he’s looking for a cock to suck and a hole to fuck.


BlakeMason: Mickey Taylor, Michael Wyatt


Data Released: Jul 23, 2017 (BlakeMason: Mickey Taylor, Michael Wyatt)

It’s been a couple of months since we last saw sexy boy Michael enjoying some fun with Jason, so when Mickey called asking if he could get some time on camera with the lad we were happy to call him up and invite him in. The lust between these guys is clear early on as they make out and suck dick, with Michael’s uncut shaft throbbing and solid as Mickey gobbles him. …

MenAtPlay: Pool Service Remastered


Data Released: Jul 21, 2017 (MenAtPlay: Pool Service Remastered)


PhoeniXXX: Jack Cums Hard With Twink Boy Alex (Jack Masters, Alex Silvers)


Data Released: Jul 22, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Jack Cums Hard With Twink Boy Alex: Jack Masters, Alex Silvers)

Young Alex needs an experienced top to give him a proper pounding, Jack is the perfect choice. He loves tight young holes to slam his cock into, and Alex loves being dominated and used by older men. After swapping their cocks and making each other drool precum Jack slides in, taking it slow at first but soon pounding his length in and out of the boy until Alex can’t stop the jizz leaping from his dick! With some friendly ball licking to help his older friend along Alex gets Jack splashing out a thick and heavy load of his own!


AmateursDoIt: Harvey, Randy Slaughter


Data Released: Jul 20, 2017 (AmateursDoIt: Harvey, Randy Slaughter)

After this episode we’re going to give Harvey a new nickname – Deepthroat! Randy can hardly contain his erect cock in his footy shorts and Harvey promises that he will take care of it. And boy does he – that big American cock goes all the way down Harvey’s throat. Randy looks fucking sexy as hell in his football gear and with Harvey hanging off the end of his huge cock the whole scene looks even hotter. …

NextDoorOriginals: Cheat The Cheater (Dante Martin, Ethan Slade)


Data Released: Jul 21, 2017 (NextDoorOriginals: Cheat The Cheater: Dante Martin, Ethan Slade)

When Dante Martin discovers that boyfriend Ethan Slade has been cheating on him, he quickly realizes he has one of two options. He can either end it all immediately, or he can try to fix the problem between them. Dante settles for option 2, and figures the main reason Ethan is stepping out is because he’s not satisfied with their sex life. So creeping his way back to bed, he begins to kiss on Ethan’s neck, waking him up as his cock begins to poke Ethan in the back. Ethan stirs awake and rolls over, as Dante works his way down to Ethan’s cock, taking it into his mouth and sucking him off.


RealityDudes (Reality Thugs): Austin Chandler, Shawn Heart (Flip Fuck)


Data Released: Jul 21, 2017 (RealityDudes (Reality Thugs): Austin Chandler, Shawn Heart)

Birds flying high, you know how they feel. Austin Chandler and Shawn Heart are living the L.A. dream. As Shawn just moved in to the city, he’s got much to learn, like sucking Austin’s dick and the joie-de-vivre of pounding a hot white lad.


GayCastings: Angel Duran


Data Released: Jul 21, 2017 (GayCastings: Angel Duran)

Angel Duran gets interviewed and fucked in a Gay Casting.


IconMale: Need A Hand (Kory Houston, Jaxton Wheeler)


Data Released: Jul 20, 2017 (IconMale: Need A Hand: Kory Houston, Jaxton Wheeler))

Even Though Kory Houston is creeping in Jaxton Wheeler’s Area he Begins Jerking off to the notion of fucking Jaxton. In the midst of his Jerking off session Jaxton occurs to walk in and grab him. He’s Extremely turned on and decides to offer him a hand. He then gives him His mouth, ass and cum. a reality!


HotHouse: The Trainer: No Excuses (Rex Cameron, Arad Winwin)


Data Released: Jul 20, 2017 (HotHouse: The Trainer: No Excuses: Rex Cameron, Arad Winwin)

Rex Cameron is giving a sports massage to Arad Winwin after a long, hard workout. Arad is oiled up on the table as Rex works his muscles with a deep tissue massage. All the work from Rex’s strong hands is getting Arad worked up. It’s hard for him to relax as Rex works his way down Arad’s bulging body. Rex can see that Arad has popped a boner that’s splayed out on the table like a tail between his legs. …


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