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MaverickMen: Just The Tip Dude! (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Just The Tip Dude!, Bareback

MaverickMen – Just The Tip Dude!, Bareback

Data Released: Feb 23, 2013

There’s nothing better than a masculine, hairy, lean, tattoo-covered top that is willing to let you at least stick the tip of your cock in his delicious hole! Just the tip! Oh wait; the only thing better is when he says, “Hmmm that feels good, stick it in deeper!” Meet our buddy, Joey. He’s been a good friend of a few years now. He wanted to get into our bed and knew that the only way was to do a video. …

EricVideos: Yan Gets Fucked by Darko in a Basement (Bareback)

EricVideos - Yan Gets Fucked by Darko in a Basement, Bareback

EricVideos – Yan Gets Fucked by Darko in a Basement, Bareback

Data Released: Jan 23, 2013

Yannis was cruised on the street to go suck off Darko in a basement; The hottie got plowed and got his ass and mouth filled up.


MaverickMen: We Are Muscle Fuckers! (Bareback)

MaverickMen - We Are Muscle Fuckers!

MaverickMen – We Are Muscle Fuckers!

Data Released: 2012

Hunter has been on me to get us a BIG JACKED MUSCLE MAN to top together. We saw this guy at our gym many times and Hunter has been DROOLING over him, lol. I could have sworn I knew him from somewhere and it turns out I did. More on that at another time. As you guys know, I am not really into mountain climbing, or at least I thought I wasn’t until now. Low and behold; I discovered I do enjoy dominating and dicking-down a big jacked guy like our new buddy, Angelo. I never thought there would be much of a difference when it came down to actual dick-to-ass penetration, but there is! It would seem that BIG ROCK HARD MUSCLE ASS is harder to drill than other butts. Or I guess it could of been me; maybe it was the fear that Angelo might squeeze his massive ass cheeks together and squash my cock as flat as a pancake! …

MaverickMen: Railing Ray! (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Railing Ray!

MaverickMen – Railing Ray!

Data Released: 2012

Ray contacted us a while back about doing a video and he said he was interested in getting into the porn business because he loves sex and he’s a BIG fan of MaverickMen I am so glad he hit us up! We first met up with Ray at an OnTheHunt shoot (and this was not just any shoot; it was the same shoot where we met Carter and the muscle bears!). After we had our fill of straight boys, we got to throat raping Ray. It was late at night and three of us blasted down his throat – but we didn’t let him cum; we made him wait till the next morning when we fucked the hell out of his tight hole. I was surprised at how hard core Ray was for such a newbie. I mean, this guy liked it ROUGH and raw. Hunter and I liked fucking Ray so much that we later went to his home town, rented a hotel, railed him again, and yup we filmed that, too!


MaverickMen: Pool Party Gang Bang! (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Pool Party Gang Bang!

MaverickMen – Pool Party Gang Bang!

Data Released: 2012

This is the newest MaverickMen Directs video called, Pool Party Gang Bang. It has lots of fun and funny moments with hot guys but the best part is the rough ass-fucking, throat-slamming, cum-eating action. I know you guys will love this, leave some comments here…


MaverickMen: Fuck that Hole! (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Fuck that Hole!

MaverickMen – Fuck that Hole!

Data Released: 2012

In our travels, we have CUM across quite a few hot little holes, aka o-rings, starfish, balloon knots, cinnamon rings, etc. BUTT in this specific case, Hunter and I have to say that our boy Mac here has a hole that is as close to perfect as one can get! It almost winks at you when you stare it. I found that if I stared at it for too long, I would start French kissing it, lol. And on top of all that yumminess at the back door, Mac decided to step it up a notch by bringing along a big, fat, juicy, uncut cock. WOOF! This boy has some amazing man junk! We spent three days in Miami with him and when he finally let us into his sweet hole, we went OLD-SCHOOL-SAVAGE on it. We almost felt bad for stretching it out…well, almost. This guy is a great bottom and believe it or not he LOVES to top, too. And as I’ve always said, “a great top should know how to be a great bottom.” This is a great video if you like to see cocks slide into a sweet ass over and over again (and who here doesn’t!?). I think you will love the beautiful deep hard penetration and gobs of hot sticky cum explosions in this winner of a video. Mac will no doubt be reading your comments here under this post so leave him some love and try to get him to cum back to give us that sweet hole again.


MaverickMen: Jacked Jock Dick Down! (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Jacked Jock Dick Down!

MaverickMen – Jacked Jock Dick Down!

Data Released: 2012

The Maverick Men, Hunter and Cole Maverick, has teased us with this sexy video with hot jock Carter Jacobs. Today they just released this video Jacked Jock Dick Down in which the Maverick Men introduce straight jock Carter Jacobs to the joy of gay sex.


MaverickMen: Brutal Fuck! (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Brutal Fuck!, Bareback

MaverickMen – Brutal Fuck!, Bareback

This video is pretty hard core and might not be for everyone. A lot of you may not know this but Hunter and I LOVE to brutally penetrate straight “gay-for-pay” guys that work in the porn industry. Yup, it’s true; just ask Carter and Benny G, lol. There are a few glaringly-obvious things we’ve discovered about fucking men: when it comes to bottoming, both straight and gay-for-pay guys are big pussy cry babies and real-deal gay boys are tough as nails and beg for more! I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again, “it takes a REAL MAN to take a cock in the ass!” I say all this because in this video, we had our gay-for-pay buddy Roman come over to fuck. And no we did not pay him to be in this video; he was part of a deal we had with OnTheHunt – they hired us to film some content for them and in exchange we could have our pick of the models to fuck. Since we hit it off with Roman and we loved his hot ripped Italian muscle body, we decided to nail his sweet hairy hole. Man oh man was he a PUSSY! He was yelling and screaming and crawling away from us throughout the entire fuck session! You guys will love the dialogue in this video and you will LOVE the nasty raw hot slippery hole fucking and close up penetration shots. Let us know your thoughts on straight men doing gay-for-pay stuff. We’d love to hear what you think.


MaverickMen: Two on Sean: Virgin Cherry Pop (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Two on Sean: Virgin Cherry Pop, Bareback

Two On Sean is one of the hottest videos we have done this year because this insatiable hot 20 year old boy is so so cute, with his Canadian accent, huge sparkling blue eyes, tight little body fat uncut cock and furry little round bubble VIRGIN ass (Hunter was in hog heaven). He is a ten in our book! He has been a fan for a while and had written to us many many times proclaiming his love and lust for us haha. He has been sexually active since he was 18 and has only done oral and topped some local boys and he never bottomed before us; and it showed. His ass was SOOO TIGHT! We definitely could tell his was truly a virgin ass. This is what he said in one message to us, “Hey Cole and Hunter, I am saving my virgin ass just for MaverickMan domination!” Needless to say, we were very flattered because as you all know, we love a nice ass but we do love it even more when a top lets us teach him how to bottom. We greatly appreciate it when a little hottie like Sean gives us the privilege of popping his butt cherry…

MaverickMen: Return of Caleb (Bareback)

MaverickMen - Return of Caleb, Bareback

YES! Caleb is back for more hot fucking! This jock puppy is so so hot and you guys liked him so much that we decided to have him back for more fun. He’s a local boy that just can’t seem to get enough MaverickMen love. He casually hit us up one afternoon to say hi and I knew what that meant; he wanted some more. I suggested that we do another vid and he was very eager to show off his gym-boy bod and freshly-shaved mohawk haircut. And he wore his new jock strap, complete with sweaty cup! Caleb is just too fucking sexy and cute for words. Hunter and I can’t stop eating him up! I loved teasing him as he checked out my basket; he turned bright red. It’s so so hot when a horny jock gets all shy. After our fun little photo shoot, we took him upstairs for some long over-do fucking. Hunter could not get over how good this boy smells – sweaty balls and jock scent is heaven on earth to us…


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