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FrenchDudes – Matt Surfer & Greg Diesel


Data Released: Jul 31, 2014

When going through the videos this week, I spotted a video that was numerically out of place. Out of curiosity, I had to see what it was and glad I did. This video features a young Matt Surfer with Greg Diesel and Co-Stars a couple pair of Nike’s. The scene opens with Matt already hard and face fucking Greg before Greg worships a pair of Nike’s. While Greg is down on all 4’s with ass in the air, Matt is quick to move in. First a tongue, then a socked foot while tugging on his cock. …

CzechHunter 152, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 29, 2014

With all the fuzz going around me I was worried if I am gonna find someone I need for my special “project” today.Then I’ve spotted a young, well built hunk walking in my direction. I didn’t hesitate and approached him. He wasn’t one of the festival guests, just getting back home from a shopping. I was impressed by his size. After a short chat I found out that he studies at the Army Academy. Perfect catch for me cause I love uniforms. I got him into selling me his undies and I knew this was the time for me to strike, and go straight to the point. Was hard to come up with a right amount as a reward for what was about to come. But I’ve said to myself, that I won’t regret even if I pay him more than usually. I knew there is something very special and sexy about him.


FrenchDudes – Lyam Dylan, Kader Jawell & Romain Alabien [Full]


Data Released: Jul 28, 2014

Double Dose For Newcomer Romain Alabien: Lyam Dylan, Kader Jawell, Romain Alabien

Starting out on the couch, from left to right, we have Lyam Dylan, in the middle, our new’cummer’ Romain Alabien (lucky guy) and Kader Jawell. With Romain sitting in the middle, he’s got a handful of Lyam’s crotch and Kader’s. when Kader stands up, we can’t help but see his hard cock under his runners. Lyam is a slow starter, but finishes strong. Down come Romain’s pants to expose his hole for a little finger play before playing with Kader’s cock. Then Romain takes a turn servicing Lyam’s cock while Kader stands back and jerks his. Sizing up the situation, Kader sees an opening and moves in giving Romain access to both hard cocks. …

DebtDandy 45, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 25, 2014

Today’s little brother in debts looked really really young. He lived in a nice building so I expected a nice flat. But it was a dirty and ugly place, with disgusting smell. He even wanted to smoke in front of me! Once again, he wanted to live higher standard than he could afford so he took out a loan to buy a brand new plasma TV and a PC. And guess what happened ?! He didn’t have enough money to pay installments plus he got unemployed like the majority of young people in this country. We summed up his debts to 25 grand. Not that much as I thought, but he was in big need of money so he didn’t have any other option, but to say yes … to my offer. I was so horny and looking forward to punish him and fuck his brains out. Gents, DD45 : check!


FrenchLads – Killian Dhias & Enzo Di Karina


Data Released: Jul 24, 2014

Pissfest In The Club Bogs With Enzo Di Karina: Killian Dhias, Enzo Di Karina

Killian Dhias is hanging around the toilet of the club hoping for a stream of hot piss and gets what he wants from hung Enzo di Karina. The macho fucker spreads his knees wide on the john to get Killian’s mouth as deep down his pole as he can.


CzechHunter 151, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 23, 2014

Train stations are not my favorite spots to hunt. But they have one advantage: a lot of guys passing by. Just after I switched on my cam I’ve met a well built and handsome dude. Talked him into showing me his cock, but unfortunately his train just came, he couldn’t miss it. Such a shame. Then I’ve spotted another one. Young, slim and smiley cute face. Bit shy but easy to talk to. After some usual chat, I went straight to the point. Showed him my huge pile of cash and that really attracted his attention. He was a party-goer, therefore I knew he will go with me to the end of the world for that money. After we found a nice and quiet place, he started to jerk me off. He was so concentrated, it almost made me laugh. I became so horny and couldn’t wait anymore…


FrenchLads – Theo Sartera & Stan Lacoste


Data Released: Jul 21, 2014

Sneaker Wankers’ Afternoon Fuck: Theo Sartera, Stan Lacoste

After finding a quiet corner of a wrecked building Theo Sartera soon has his little skater buddy Stan Lacoste on his knees and slurping at his heavy fucktool before he jams it in for a round of assfucking before seeding up his sneaks.


FrenchDudes – Kevin Sportswear, Tony Rekins, Alex Kiffeur [Full]


Data Released: Jul 21, 2014

Getting Some Strange At BeKool: Kevin Sportswear, Tony Rekins, Alex Kiffeur.

Kevin Sportswear and Tony Rekins are at the local lounge ‘Be Kool’ enjoying a drink together. When Tony is involved, you know it’s going to get a bit rough. In the mood for some ‘strange’ these two give new meaning to the way you go about getting it. Enter Alex Kiffeur or should I say dragged? The action is fast, hard and furious as Alex sucks on both of cocks before Kevin goes around and starts fucking Alex up the ass while he sucks on Tony’s big cock. From the sound effects, Tony is enjoying this blowjob thoroughly. The cameraman backs away to give us a clear shot of the action with Tony up on his knees shoving a Nike in Alex face while Kevin continues pounding the backdoor. …

DebtDandy 44, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 18, 2014

It was a rainy late afternoon when I had a meeting with a young man who apparently was in financial needs. So far nothing new. But usually people don’t let me wait. And actually I was almost about to leave again when he finally showed up. He was just shopping for a soft drink as he just came back from work. And indeed he has been wearing rather nice clothes. Well, the trousers have seen better days already… but a very nice shirt. Anyway. He told me that he works for an insurance company and somehow he has to pay back provisions as many customers cancelled their contracts recently. Then there was a private loan and so on. Not a huge sum but all had to be paid soon. Hmmm… would he agree to my special offer?


CzechHunter 150, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 16, 2014

„Straight and Proud“ that’s how today’s catch called himself. He worked as a florist for a monthly salary of 15,000 crowns. Very bad money here in Prague. But it was hard to even buy his undies for 2,000. He continuously called me a pervert and a freak. But as you know me guys, I don’t give up like this. Calling me names even motivates me – cause I am „gay and proud“. Anyway, he finally agreed to at least give me a blow-job. We went to the hotel but after he started with a hand-job he again started to question the whole thing. My goodness, as he told me that he wanted to become a football-player I convinced him to give me a foot-job. But naked. That very moment he had lost 🙂



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