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GayHoopla – Jason Keys & Jeff Niels


Data Released: Jul 11, 2014

Have you watched the live sex show on GayHoopla where Jason Keys gets fucked for the first time on camera by Jeff Niels? If you missed the live show, don’t worry. I have some sneak peek photos for you and the recorded video will be available to download on GAYHOOPLA soon.


DebtDandy 43, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 11, 2014

I am always curious how the boys look like who called me to come. And I am always looking forward to see how they are living. When the stairs lead downstairs towards a cellar-apartment I already know that nothing good is going to expect me. Like today – what a shitty place. Both dirty and a bit smelly. The boy living there was well-dressed and educated. He was just in debts. And without a girlfriend. That was obvious from how the flat looked. He owed a lot of money to several banks and even the landlord. But it took me a while to convince him that taking such amount in return for a special favor is a good deal for him. When he finally realized that he didn’t really have a choice he at least tried to perform well and bring this to an end as fast as he could…


DebtDandy 42, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 5, 2014

Another boy who claimed to be straight as hell. Well, the only straight thing I have seen was his erected dick when he had to jerk in front of me. But let me start right at the beginning. I got a call from a certain boy who wanted to meet me at daytime. Quite unusual but I realized that he didn’t want his girlfriend to find out about his financial situation. When I came there I had to wait almost 3 minutes for him to come down and open the gate. …

FrenchDudes – Matt Kennedy & John Scott


Data Released: Jul 3, 2014

This Repairman Knows How To Use His Tool.

Looks like Matt Kennedy has been having some problems with the dryer and makes a call for repair. Wish more repairmen were this fast! Within minutes, our new’cummer’ John Scott appears on the scene to have a look at the dryer. The dryer John, not Matt’s ass; although Matt’s ass can generate plenty of heat to dry even the biggest “loads.” Scott give Matt a shove with his foot to move him out the way and takes a quick look at the dryer. It’s obvious the dryer isn’t what’s on John’s mind as he starts to undress Matt and props him up on the counter. …

FrenchLads – Jordan Fox & Eddy Crunch


Data Released: Jul 3, 2014

Porn Audition For Ripped Eddy Crunch: Jordan Fox, Eddy Crunch

Any audition for Frenchlads is going to be hot, but Jordan Fox really puts newcomer Eddy`s mouth and ass to the test. Jordan`s monster cock would be a challenge for most, but Eddy gets his business kit off and is quickly deepthroating like a pro.


CzechHunter 148, Bareback


Data Released: Jul 2, 2014

Nice weather again for my favourite park. I wonder if they ever thought about this park being a perfect porn location when they planned and opened it? Sunshine usually means also a lot of hot guys. So it didn’t take me too long to get into contact with the first one. He was willing to show me his private parts but too greedy when I asked for more. So I went on and I finally found Mr.Right for today. Cute, shy, just 18 years old and… virgin. Oh my goodness. Even if I would have been a virgin with sweet 18 I would never have admitted it. So that made him even more cute. I offered him a career in erotic photo-shooting and as he was unemployed and not even from Prague – he “followed” me.



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