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MEN (Drill My Hole): Alex Mecum, Blake Hunter, Diego Sans (Couples Counseling, Part 2)

MEN (Drill My Hole): Alex Mecum, Blake Hunter, Diego Sans: Couples Counseling

Data Released: Mar 11, 2018 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Alex Mecum, Blake Hunter, Diego Sans: Couples Counseling)

Couples counseling is underway once more only this time Diego has a new approach and both partners are sure to be satisfied.


MEN (Str8 to Gay): Casey Jacks, Connor Maguire (Imaginary Boyfriend, Part 2)

MEN (Str8 to Gay): Casey Jacks, Connor Maguire: Imaginary Boyfriend

Data Released: Mar 10, 2018 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Casey Jacks, Connor Maguire: Imaginary Boyfriend)

Connor Maguire is in on the ruse too and pretends he doesn’t see Casey. They both wait for Teddy to leave so they can finally get some fucking in.


SeanCody: Dillan, Randy: Bareback

SeanCody: Dillan, Randy: Bareback

Data Released: Mar 10, 2018 (SeanCody: Dillan, Randy: Bareback)

As Dillan and Randy played around skateboarding and joking around, playful touching quickly turned into wanting something more… Dillan takes Randy straight to pound town, where both studs blow their hot loads all over each other!


CorbinFisher: Lane Dicks Wesley (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Lane Dicks Wesley

Data Released: Mar 10, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Lane Dicks Wesley)

It’s a beautiful, clear winter afternoon – what better time to toss the pigskin around in the park with your buddy? Lane and Wesley get their blood pumping with some drills, putting on a show for each other as they free-ball in their sweatpants. By the time they get back to the house, Wesley’s begging to gag on Lane’s cock and Lane’s happy to oblige, fingers firmly clenched in Wesley’s dark hair, before he bends the lean stud over and treats him to a very different kind of drilling! Lane’s still a newbie, but he takes to fucking hot ass like a natural and definitely shows Wesley who’s boss, here. This hair-pulling, throat-gripping, ass-slapping pounding is exactly what both of them need, and Wesley takes everything Lane dishes out like a champ, until he’s totally drenched in both of their loads!

BlakeMason: Jonas Jackson, Youri Chevalier

BlakeMason: Jonas Jackson, Youri Chevalier

Data Released: Mar 11, 2018 (BlakeMason: Jonas Jackson, Youri Chevalier)

When we called Youri and asked him if he fancied making a video with muscled young hunk Jonas he paused for a moment and we knew he was checking the website. He came back and almost screamed “Yes Please!” down the phone! And who can blame him, muscled young hottie Jonas is the kind of former military guy we would all love to share some stiff-dicked fun with. The lads definitely had a great time, swapping their juicy cocks in some amazing oral before Youri bends over to get in the arse. Jonas sinks in deep and fucks his new friend in what can only be described as a genuinely passionate session of pleasure between two very horny men, finishing up with Youri getting a splashing as they both shoot off their dicks over him. Every now and then we end a shoot certain that the guys will be meeting up again off camera, and that’s definitely true here.


ActiveDuty: Ryan Jordan, Jaxon D (Bareback)

ActiveDuty: Ryan Jordan, Jaxon D

Data Released: Mar 11, 2018 (ActiveDuty: Ryan Jordan, Jaxon D)

Jaxon jumps right on to Ryan’s cock with his mouth and starts deep throating every inch of his big dick. Jaxon loves to gag on cock and Ryan’s is no different. He gives Ryan a great sloppy BJ with gobs of spit dripping out of his mouth making Ryan’s hard cock very nice and wet. Ryan loved how Jaxon blew him so he thought he would repay the favor and give him an amazing vet BJ. Ryan is just too horny today to keep sucking on cock so he bends Jaxon over and pushes his meaty cock into his tight ass making him squirm with pleasure. …

HelixStudios: Ben Masters, Angel Rivera (My Boyfriend’s Birthday) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Ben Masters, Angel Rivera: My Boyfriend's Birthday

Data Released: Mar 11, 2018 (HelixStudios: Ben Masters, Angel Rivera: My Boyfriend’s Birthday)

It’s latin hottie Angel Rivera’s birthday and all he wants is a nice and naughty day of pleasure with real life boyfriend Ben Masters. Thankfully the sexy couple allow us into their real life romantic romp with this boner filled, ass banging birthday blowout! Be a fly on the wall with two of THE hottest boys on our roster as Ben Masters celebrates his BF’s special day by giving into his every wet, b-day dream! Even though it’s Angel’s day, he gifts Masters’ meat with a severely sexy, deep throat suckathon. Hard and horny, Ben is anxious to please his boy. He unwraps Rivera’s rock hard package to give him the birthday blowy he deserves. Hot as hell and hard as nails, Angel offers Ben the best and biggest bareback seat in the house. The boyfriends clasp hands as Ben bounces his beautiful bubble butt on Rivera’s raw rod while whispering “I love you.” That tasty tender moment turns raunchy when it’s Angel’s turn. He’s down for a birthday bottoming, BUT…. Our boy has some terms. Masters must fuck him rough AND eat that heavenly hole first. …

Staxus: Jake Stark, Rudy Stone (Bareback)

Staxus: Jake Stark, Rudy Stone

Data Released: Mar 11, 2018 (Staxus: Jake Stark, Rudy Stone)

Football training can be thirsty work – which explains the amount of drinking bottles that young Jake Stark is having to look after at the start of this delicious escapade with STAXUS favourite, Rudy Stone. But it can clearly also be a very sexually stimulating exercise too given the way that these two lads quickly take the opportunity to enjoy an open-mouthed smooch together. Not that there’s anything lingering about this kiss, it must be said. Fact is Stone can’t wait to get inside his mate’s shorts to admire the handsome bulge in Stark’s pants; and to then explore even deeper, as he pulls out his buddy’s swollen shaft and sucks on every thick, meaty inch that’s now pulsating before him. Indeed, Stone’s ardent desire to pleasure his teammate continues apace, as he teebags his pal’s ball-sac and then invites Stark to join him for a hot, raunchy session of 69-ing. …

RealityDudes (Dudes In Public 20): Brent Walker, Brogan Reed, Justin Dickson (Flower Shop)

RealityDudes (Dudes In Public 20): Brent Walker, Brogan Reed, Justin Dickson: Flower Shop

Data Released: Mar 9, 2018 (RealityDudes (Dudes In Public 20): Brent Walker, Brogan Reed, Justin Dickson: Flower Shop)

Butts are at full blossom inside this blossom shop and way of payment is extremely negotiable. Justin Dickson sees something unique in Brent Walker who’s the previous patron on at the evening. However, the activity is hot for just two men. Co-worker Brogan Reed is encouraged to sign up for a horny cum infused three manner.


NextDoorRaw: Leo Luckett, Colton Cain (The Best Cheap Massage) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Leo Luckett, Colton Cain: The Best Cheap Massage

Data Released: Mar 10, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Leo Luckett, Colton Cain: The Best Cheap Massage)

Newbie Colton Cain hasn’t had too many happy ending massages, so when he sits up from Leo Luckett’s table and finds Leo naked and hard as a rock, he’s a little shocked. Leo assures him this is all standard, and for $60 Colton concedes Leo’s pricing is hard to beat. So he relents, letting Leo do what he does, and from there Leo takes over. Having already rubbed Colton from head to toe, Leo begins to focus his efforts on Colton’s hardest area, as he works Colton’s cock with his mouth. Colton immediately begins to feel the tension easing, but in order for a full release, he’ll need to do some deep intensive work with Leo. …


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