FrenchTwinks: Slutty HighSchool Boys, Episode 2: The Marguet’s Method (Doryann Marguet, Jonathan Garnier)

FrenchTwinks: Slutty HighSchool Boys, Episode 2: The Marguet's Method: Doryann Marguet, Jonathan Garnier

Data Released: Oct 8, 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Slutty HighSchool Boys, Episode 2: The Marguet’s Method: Doryann Marguet, Jonathan Garnier)

In this second episode of “Slutty High School Boys” Ryan tells Jonathan about his sexual adventure with his teachers. After a day of classes during which a game of seduction began between Paul Delay and his Professor M. Marguet, the teacher finds the insolent Jonathan Garnier leaving in the hallways. In order to avoid punishment, the pupil tries to blackmail his teacher and threaten to reveal to the Principal his very particular teaching methods but more is needed to impress the beautiful Doryann Marguet who then decides to demonstrate by practice the effectiveness of its pedagogical techniques. …

It’s in a deserted corridor that Mr. Marguet will have a perverse pleasure in submitting the young Jonathan to his desires. The teacher will first get sucked in deep throat before starting an intense anal work that will quickly dilate Jonathan’s pink hole. The student, who’s always so insolent, will dare to tell his teacher, between two groans and with a hand almost completely introduced in his ass, that the treatment is not intense enough! It doesn’t take much more for the pervy professor to let himself explode with all his power and to show the teen who’s the master. It’s first standing against the lockers that Doryann fucks the ass of Jonathan wildly before lying on the floor to pound him even harder and deeper. After long minutes of intense fucking Mr. Marguet sends a memorable facial ejaculation on the angelic face of his pupil. Jonathan will leave the anus well open and the t-shirt covered with his own sperm.




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