FrenchTwinks: Slutty HighSchool Boys, Episode 1: Blackmail and Perversion (Doryann Marguet, Ryan Marchal, Fabien Cortes)

FrenchTwinks: Slutty HighSchool Boys, Episode 1: Blackmail and Perversion: Doryann Marguet, Ryan Marchal, Fabien Cortes

Data Released: Sep 28, 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Slutty HighSchool Boys, Episode 1: Blackmail and Perversion: Doryann Marguet, Ryan Marchal, Fabien Cortes)

In this first episode of our mini series “Slutty High School Boys” Mr. Cortes, the physics-chemistry teacher, faces a particularly mediocre and insolent class. Paper planes, pens throwing, phone ringing: Enzo, Ryan, Paul, Jonathan and their comrades do everything possible to make their teacher crazy. Gabriel who’s the only one to try to work in this hubbub is called teacher’s pet by the others and triggers the heck again.Mr. Cortes tries to command discipline in vain, when a much more vicious educational idea crosses his mind. The bell rings and he then holds Ryan Marchal to give him a very explicit proposal to get his diploma. …

Disconcerted at first, the twink will take the deal and kneels before his teacher who’s unzipping his pant. Mr. Cortes’ big cock hardens in Ryan’s mouth, then the teacher raises his pupil and undresses him to start playing with his ass. Ryan almost forgot that Mr. Cortes is his teacher and begins to moan of pleasure by feeling an expert tongue licking his little hole. Busy fingering and eating Ryan’s ass, Mr. Cortes doesn’t hear coming his colleague Mr. Marguet who bursts into the class to grab his manual of biology. The situation could be embarrassing, but the two teachers who are as well colleagues as sexfriend are not embarrassed and then decide to give a very private lesson to young Ryan. If it’s at first Ryan who takes pain in ass getting fucked deeply by Mr. Marguet, he will then be able to apply the lesson using his chemistry professor as guinea pig. Indeed, Mr. Cortes will be used to unfold his pupil full of energy and resentment. The teacher gets fucked in turn until to the exhaustion by Ryan and M. Marguet before taking a masterly cumshot right on his glasses.




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