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MEN (Str8 to Gay): Fuck The Phony (Alex Mecum, Brandon Cody)


Data Released: Oct 14, 2017 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Fuck The Phony: Alex Mecum, Brandon Cody)

Brandon decides to go see a medium to reach his ex-girlfriend, Tonya. Alex plays along and convinces Brandon that what Tonya really wants, is for them to hook up. Anything for Tonya.


MEN (Drill My Hole): Skin Diving (Bellamy Bradley, Jack Kross, William Seed)


Data Released: Oct 13, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Skin Diving: Bellamy Bradley, Jack Kross, William Seed)

Bellamy turns an innocent snorkel session into a full-on fuckfest when William and Jack catch him spying on them and decide they are going to take his more-than-willing hole.


SeanCody: Jayden, Brendan: Bareback


Data Released: Oct 14, 2017 (SeanCody: Jayden, Brendan: Bareback)

Talk about sexual tension! Jayden & Brendan were immediately into each other right from the get-go! They just couldn’t stop touching each other while trying to cool off in the pool. Brendan’s ass was as hungry as ever, so Jayden gave that bubble butt a hard pounding until cum was everywhere… especially on Brendan’s face!


CorbinFisher: Barron Deep Dicks Baker (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 14, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Barron Deep Dicks Baker)

Knowing Barron has the ability, and quite likes, to fuck deep and hard, it was a must we pair him up with Baker. Fans have been asking to see more of young hot Baker getting fucked silly! I too wanted to see Baker get fucked hard and long, and to see Barron be the one to deliver the intense fuck only adds to the appeal! Both of these studs seemed quite happy to have been paired up together, as well. Barron clearly loved every bit of having Baker’s holes to work over, and Baker looks better than ever bent over, eaten out, and stuffed full of dick!


WilliamHiggins: Nikola Donoval, Igor Tapak (RAW, FULL CONTACT)


Data Released: Oct 14, 2017 (WilliamHiggins: Nikola Donoval, Igor Tapak)

Sexy straight guys Nikola Donoval and Igor Tapak are enjoying some volleyball, with a couple of friends. Then Igor and Nikola leave the others and go off to take a shower. As they wash and chat Igor leans forward and begins to kiss Nikola. Leaving the shower they move into the barn and Nikola is soon on his knees sucking on Igor’s cock. His hot mouth works on Igor’s dick, making it rock hard. …

TimFuck: What I Can’t See 4: Tommy Haine (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 13, 2017 (TimFuck: What I Can’t See 4: Tommy Haine)

TOMMY HAINE is the 18-year-old kid who was taken to a hypnotist to lose his inhibitions by Liam Cole in his debut movie BAD INFLUENCE. You can check out that movie to see what happened immediately after the session. The hypnosis must have worked because six months later the kid showed up in San Francisco, wanting to be blindfolded and fucked. What happened next is probably every bottom who has every watched a TIM movie’s ultimate fantasy. Three of our hottest exclusive alpha top men: DEREK ANTHONY, DAN FISK and BRAD MCGUIRE are joined by COLEto fulfill the kid’s deepest darkest desires. Careful what you wish for.


RealityDudes: Dudes In Public 11, Parking Lot: Jack Kross Fucks Tobias James (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 13, 2017 (RealityDudes: Dudes In Public 11, Parking Lot: Jack Kross Fucks Tobias James)

Have you ever thought you were alone for a parking lot wank, then caught someone filming you? From what we can see, it should be on everyone’s bucket list. These guys don’t hold back, with one backing up on a dildo & giving head, while his new buddy films every detail. Watch as they scandalize passerbys to the point where you’ll wonder: will this public fuck land these two in jail?


RagingStallion: Trapped (Sean Duran, Jason Vario)


Data Released: Oct 13, 2017 (RagingStallion: Trapped: Sean Duran, Jason Vario)

Tegan Zayne has been missing for a week and the police are baffled by his disappearance. Jason Vario is a detective from the city who is forced to work with local officer, Sean Duran, on the case. The two disagree on how to tackle finding Tegan and when their words get heated, Sean tells Jason to prove that he has the bigger dick. Jason is cool as a cucumber when he whips out his big monster cock. Officer Sean can see that he’s been outsized and gets on his knees to get the whopper down his throat. …

NextDoorRaw: Homeless Breeding (Logan Cross, Connor Halsted) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 14, 2017 (NextDoorRaw: Homeless Breeding: Logan Cross, Connor Halsted)

About a block from his house, Connor Halsted notices a fine piece of ass walking on the side of the street, and when he stops, Logan Cross turns out to be too good to be true. Cute as ever and freshly naive, Logan is also currently without a place to crash, on account of his parents kicking him out. Connor eagerly invites Logan back to his place and once there, he tells Logan he’s gonna rock his world. …

MenAtPlay: The Elite (Dato Foland, Enzo Rimenez)


Data Released: Oct 13, 2017 (MenAtPlay: The Elite: Dato Foland, Enzo Rimenez)



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