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MEN (Drill My Hole): Shameless Tutor (Jacob Peterson, Will Braun)


Data Released: Oct 3, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Shameless Tutor: Jacob Peterson, Will Braun)

Just before Will enters college, he hires Jacob to help prep him for what’s ahead. Jacob learns quickly that Will means practice sucking his thick veiny cock over hitting the books.


MEN (The Gay Office): Consulting Cock, Part 1 (Diego Lauzen, Theo Ford)


Data Released: Oct 2, 2017 (MEN (The Gay Office): Consulting Cock, Part 1: Diego Lauzen, Theo Ford)

Theo Ford takes office management to the next level when he starts a chain of command beginning with Diego Lauzen’s hole. Their leadership leads the other muscled men in the office to service each other to a sweaty semen explosion.


CockyBoys: Ricky Roman and Taylor Reign Flip Fuck!


Data Released: Oct 3, 2017 (CockyBoys: Ricky Roman and Taylor Reign Flip Fuck!)

It’s the end of summer at CockyBoys where Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign talk about all the fun times, but also about something they didn’t get around to doing: each other! And so, on the cusp of fall the guys finally pursue their pent-up attraction with sex outdoors. After climbing down from a lofty perch atop a ladder tree stand, they make out and instinctively their hands grope their bulging crotches. Ricky can’t even keep his shorts on. …

IconMale: Overnight Stay (Michael Delray, Danny Gunn, Dane Stewart)


Data Released: Oct 3, 2017 (IconMale: Overnight Stay: Michael Delray, Danny Gunn, Dane Stewart)

Danny Gunn and Michael DelRay head out on their road trip journey to find Danny’s stepfather. They stop for a rest in a hotel parking lot and soon find out you don’t necessarily need money for a room. The two young men put on a nasty sex show for the big, burly, tattooed Dane Stewart. It’s Soon turns into a fat cock sucking, ass banging, cum drenched three-way!


MormonBoyz: Elder Land, The Calling (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 1, 2017 (MormonBoyz: Elder Land, The Calling)

Elder Land stared up at his ceiling all night. His companion was fast asleep, long mellowed by the mundanity of their day. But Elder Land was stuck thinking about what had he’d learned. Following his invasive meeting with President Faust–a meeting in which he was aggressively fondled and milked–the older man told him about a secret organization known simply as The Order. Elder Land was barely able to catch his breath from his exhaustive climax and couldn’t stop looking at his load as Faust took a cloth and wiped it from his hand. …

LatinBoyz: Cristian, Diez


Data Released: Oct 3, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Cristian, Diez)

Sexy Latino twink Cristian texted us a photo of Diez’ cute hairless ass and said he wanted to fuck one just like it in his next video. Of course we said we could hook him up with the real thing if he let us film it. The two of them really hit it off and rumor has it they’ve been fucking on a regular basis since the shoot. Check out the photos today. The video is coming soon.


JasonSparksLive: Brogan Reed and Scott DeMarco Bareback in Austin


Data Released: Oct 2, 2017 (JasonSparksLive: Brogan Reed and Scott DeMarco Bareback in Austin)

Brogan and Scott are taking a walk at Hippie Hollow near Austin. Being close to nature they have discarded their clothes and walk naked through the trees beside a picturesque lake. They stop to kiss but want so much more. Back at their hotel they trade blow jobs and Scott then buries his tongue between the rigid mountains that are Brogan’s buns. Wet with spit Brogan’s hole is ready to receive Scott’s big bare dick. And Scott gives it to him with an increasing intensity. Brogan grabs his own cock and strokes it as Scott delivers a huge load deep inside that muscled butt.


HardBritLads: Jeff Stronger, Chase Reynolds


Data Released: Oct 3, 2017 (HardBritLads: Jeff Stronger, Chase Reynolds)

Big beefy bloke Jeff Stronger gets a hot horny servicing from fit handsome hottie Chase Reynolds, getting sucked, then fucking his face, stretching his hole wide with three fingers, then giving him a good fucking! The lads start off in their sports kit. Jeff is a big guy, tall, huge shoulders, powerful beefy build and rugged looks, whilst Chase is classically handsome, with model features, a hot body, and an eagerness to please and pleasure a dominant guy. Chase rubs his hands over Jeff’s beefy thighs, then gropes his bulge. …

GuysInSweatpants: Mateo Vice, Jaime Steel (Flip Fuck Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2017 (GuysInSweatpants: Mateo Vice, Jaime Steel)

There’s no quicker way to get boys naked than to take them to a nude beach, and tell them it’s a requirement 😉 Luckily, it took no convincing. After Jaime Steele’s solo, we wanted to have him back to fuck our newest model, the super cute Mateo Vice. From the ride from the airport until jumping in bed together, these two were all about each other. So we literally just turned on the camera, and let them devour each other’s bodies, asses, and cocks. …

DylanLucas: Boner (Timothy Drake, Kristofer Weston)


Data Released: Oct 2, 2017 (DylanLucas: Boner: Timothy Drake, Kristofer Weston)

Kristopher has been waiting up all night for his stepson to come home. The sun is up and finally, Timothy comes walking in and Kristopher startles him by demanding to know where he has been and why he is home so late. Timothy disrespects him and so he gets sent to his room but his stepdad is hot on his trail. Kristopher grabs Timothy and they begin kissing. Timothy starts to enjoy it and becomes hard and his step-dad pulls his pants and begins sucking on his hard young cock. …


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