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MEN (Drill My Hole): When The Sun Hits, Part 1 (John Anders, Will Braun)


Data Released: Aug 30, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): When The Sun Hits, Part 1: John Anders, Will Braun)

When the sun hits, these men’s sex drive ramps up. Will Braun and John Anders let instincts take over as they hump and pump those hairy holes and pulsing cocks.


MEN (Gods Of Men): Just Enough (Ian Frost, Michael Roman)


Data Released: Aug 29, 2017 (MEN (Gods Of Men): Just Enough: Ian Frost, Michael Roman)

Michael Roman and Ian Frost work each other’s cocks to a cum bursting conclusion.


CorbinFisher: Marc and Kennedy Swap Loads (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 29, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Marc and Kennedy Swap Loads)

By the time Marc and Kennedy were done with their passionate, cum-soaked fuck here, we almost had to pry them apart with a crowbar. These two did not want the action to end, and you can see through the length of this episode that they were beyond in to one another. A truly remarkable thing that happens to many of the guys at CF is they go from having absolutely no sexual experience with another man at all, to not only having such experiences but really bonding with the guys they do it with. …

TimTales: Vadim Romanov barefucks Dano Guerre


Data Released: Aug 29, 2017 (TimTales: Vadim Romanov barefucks Dano Guerre)

Vadim Romanov deep-dicks Dano Guerre’s eager hole hard and raw!


PrideStudios: The Glory of Being Versatile (Chandler Scott, Peter Marcus)


Data Released: Aug 29, 2017 (PrideStudios: The Glory of Being Versatile: Chandler Scott, Peter Marcus)

Peter and Chandler are lovers who are looking for some adventure in their sex life. Chandler has heard about this bathroom with a glory hole and brings Peter to check it out. Neither has ever had sex in a bathroom or used a glory hole, so they are excited yet are keeping an eye out encase some body walks in. Chandler sticks his cock through first and Peter sucks it. Peter then sticks his through and Chandler sucks it. Chandler then comes out and they do some more sucking before Chandler rims Peter’s ass and fucks him bent over the trash can. Peter then lies on the floor and Chandler rides his cock until both shoot their loads.


NextDoorRaw: Busted Brother (Alex Tanner, Scotty Zee) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 30, 2017 (NextDoorRaw: Busted Brother: Alex Tanner, Scotty Zee)

Stuck at a vacation rental for the summer, Scotty happens by his step-brother’s room and notices a rather prominent dildo sticking out of his travel bag. When he confronts him, Alex is nervous, pleading with Scotty not to tell his mom. Alex tells Scotty he’ll do whatever he wants, and in a shocking plot twist, Scotty actually wants to see Alex use this massive thing. Better yet, he says he’d like to try it out on him. Alex agrees and moments later they are back in the bedroom giving it a go. …

IconMale: Father Figure (Rodney Steele, Troy Accola)


Data Released: Aug 29, 2017 (IconMale: Father Figure: Rodney Steele, Troy Accola)

Watch the impressively hung older/younger pair exhaust each other in this passionate, intense sex scene. Filled with cock sucking, cum swallowing, and ass pounding! Nothing like a mix of ages and experience to expose the most mind blowing sex! There is nothing these two studs miss out on. Pleasing every inch of each other’s tight bodies.


HelixStudios: Fired Up (Evan Parker, Jeremy Price)


Data Released: Aug 28, 2017 (HelixStudios: Fired Up: Evan Parker, Jeremy Price)

You’re invited to a bonfire on the beach at night with some of Helix’s hottest models! Joking around with their buddies as they roast some wieners, a fire of different sorts heats up inside Evan Parker and Jeremy Price’s pants. The rock hard raging heat engulfs their own wieners and these boys need to be hosed down. The toasty, tasty twosome tantalize one another with their tongues, tasting the salty bonfire beach air on every inch of their hot flesh and thick cocks. …

GuyBone: Back 2 Bareback Beach (Brayden Wolf, Dieter Red, Hyden OToole, Lance Bennett, Topher Michels)


Data Released: Aug 29, 2017 (GuyBone: Back 2 Bareback Beach: Brayden Wolf, Dieter Red, Hyden OToole, Lance Bennett, Topher Michels)

Back 2 Bareback Beach: Grab your swim trunks, even though you won’t be wearing them for long! It’s our 6 Year Anniversary and we’re celebrating by going Back 2 Bareback Beach! We’ve been here a few times, but most recently and notably for our 4 Year Anniversary’s Bareback Beach Gangbang. The scene was so much fun to film AND watch, we figured it was high tide… time… we poured ourselves a refill of sex on the beach. This time, we’ve got an all new cast of beach babes and changed the scene up a bit with one extra GuyBone Guy and two bottoms! …

CzechHunter 316 (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 30, 2017 (CzechHunter 316)

My friend recommended me this beautiful park at the outskirts of Prague. I arrived there pretty hungry so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I went for a nice junk food lunch while watching for boys. I found two very funny guys. They just got fired from work and were furious. One of them was pretty hot, innocent looking teenager. I asked them to show me the park. …


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